finding the right running shoes

Finding the right running shoes

Running shoes

Finding the right running shoes
running shoes : If you have never been to a club or class for a second race and now you are planning to do so, you should choose a suitable shoe in the first place that does not put too much pressure on your feet.
There are several brands on the market that you can choose from, but first of all you need to get the necessary information about them to be able to make the best choice.

Many stores that sell products related to various sports and running shoes can offer you the best pair of shoes.
In this article of updatebody, we try to teach you the solutions that will work for you.
Important and main techniques for buying the right running shoes

finding the right running shoes

Part 1: Choose a suitable type of shoes

  1. Look for a pair of shoes that you can walk on as long as you want. Choosing a shoe is very relevant to where you are going to run and makes the job easier for you.

Road shoes are different from shoes that are on the treadmill and make it easy to cross road obstacles.
If you go to a specialty store, you will find that most of the shoes are for these two road shoes and they are also a good choice for beginners.

  1. If the place you choose for runing is too long, you should consider the right shoes for the subject.

Longer, so-called trailing shoes can make walking easier for you. These shoes usually feel comfortable on the foot, but they are not suitable for normal walks, and you should be a little realistic and take a little distance from the subject of beauty and look for more comfortable shoes.

  1. If you want speed, be sure to use speed shoes

These shoes are not designed for regular use and instead are very light and will increase your performance at high speeds more than ever, unless the person is skilled enough to be able to walk or trail shoes.
It should also have a high speed and if you are going to compete in a speed race and you do not have separate shoes for it, do not worry. Many marathon runners do two with the same ordinary shoes and win.

  1. You can use two pairs of soccer shoes, especially if you want high speed. These shoes are great for high speeds but may hurt your feet when walking. Most runners who compete in different countries use these football boots for fast times.

finding the right running shoes

Important points for choosing the right running shoes
Part II: Choosing running shoes features

  1. Choose shoes with appropriate endurance and arch characteristics that are not too high or low.
    Endurance features include the support structure of the shoe, which keeps the foot in a normal position.

These features can cover your entire foot and also make it easier to cope with running, and endurance features are designed for people who maintain the full ability of their feet while running and do not suffer from leg pain.

  1. If your foot arch is high, use shoes with neutral features.

These neutral features give you the most balance and make your legs more stable during the runing.
Neutral shoes are those in which the middle part is normal and the edges are protruding.

  1. Choose a shoe that gives you motion control features. especially if you have a low arch or a flat foot.
    These shoes are especially designed for those whose foot arch is a little difficult and can protect the safety of the feet when running, and because the legs with low arch may face rotation when running.

Movement control features include a proper mid-arch that increases leg length in a proper position and prevents foot rotation when running.

  1. Choose shoes that do not prevent your feet from breathing and do not absorb too much heat.

There are some shoes that trap heat inside and cause your feet to sweat and smell bad, and worst of all, you may get foot fungus, the socks you wear play a big role.
It is when running and always has a very important effect on your ability to work so that you can transfer airflow.
Suitable shoes for those who like to run

  1. If you are going to run in rainy places, use waterproof shoes.

Your shoes are often not breathable, but you can keep your feet dry in them, and if you live in a place where it is rainy most of the year, you should use waterproof shoes because it causes water when it rains. Do not penetrate into it.

  1. If you want your feet to breathe, use shoes that have wide toes.

Such shoes allow your toes to breathe and make you feel better.


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Part 3: Choose the right running shoes for your feet

  1. Use a measuring device to find the best size and width for your foot.
    Many people know the exact size of their feet, but they may buy shoes that are big or small for them.

This happens when you have not measured your foot properly and you can also use measuring equipment in a specialized shoe store, but you should try to write down the length and width of your foot at home with a pen first and foremost.
Your feet should also be different, which is perfectly normal, and you should choose the right size for each of them.

  1. If you want to buy shoes, you should try many shoes.

This may be obvious to you, but the only way you can find the right shoes for your feet is to try on a lot of shoes.

If you are shopping online, be sure to read reviews about this product to see what people think about the size of their feet after receiving the product, and you can also contact a central store and see if you can find shoes. Try them at home or not.

Suitable and standard running shoes

  1. Measure the distance between the big toe and the little toe.

Usually the distance between these two parts is about 0.95 cm and its maximum is 1.3 cm and it is for people who have very large sixty feet and this distance is very important for the correct size of shoes. Different companies have different size standards, so you need to know this distance carefully to be able to choose the most suitable shoes.

  1. You can run on the treadmill to test the shoes and measure its comfort.

You should not just put on your shoes and sit on a chair in the store and finally see yourself in the mirror.
This will make you measure the comfort of the shoe and it is best to walk with the shoe on the treadmill for a few minutes.


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