Running routes

Running routes

Running routes : What points to consider on the running routes?

One of the biggest challenges for beginner runners,
It’s their running distance.

As for running longer distances,
They try harder,
Novice runners often face physical and psychological obstacles.

Just keep in mind that to avoid injury,
You should not increase your weekly mileage by 10% each week.

Always start warming up-running routes

A good warming up
Can protect you from many problems,
Like side pain, muscle stiffness, which can have a negative impact on your running.

Combine your running with walking

Do not push yourself the path you are planning.

Combine your running with walking to get more.

You’re still doing a great job.

with the slow adaptation of your body you will see increased mileage,
which you can run without walking.

Running – new routes

Running on a treadmill can be frustrating at times.

Running on the treadmill can also be physically easier,
But mentally harder.

Fresh air, scenery, and new routes may cause
To distance more than running on a treadmill.

There are times when you need to run on the treadmill for your safety and convenience.

Do not jump on the treadmill and do not start running at once.
(Walk slowly on the treadmill for a few minutes, then slowly increase your speed)

Make sure you have a plan to combat fatigue,
And making running on the treadmill more enjoyable and fun.


 running routesRunning routes

Stop run -longer route-running routes
Stiffness in muscle types is one of the common reasons that makes beginners,
(and even experienced runners)
finish their running early.

If you feel stiff in your muscles,
Stretch your muscles for a few minutes,
To run a longer route.

Stretch every part of your body that you feel stiff for 5 seconds
And then try to keep running.

If the pain doesn’t continue even when you warm up,
You may need to stop running.

Make sure you don’t run into your pain,
Otherwise, stop running.

Run with other people
Many novice runners say they can never run long distances without their friends.

Whether it’s because of other people’s pressure,
It’s distracting by talking, motivational support,
combination of these three,
Runners with their friends,
They can usually run longer distances.


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Run fast enough to be able to speak
One of the most common reasons why runners can’t reach a designated distance,
It is that they run very fast.

When you start running,
Have the right speed, to be able to talk,
Which means you can say perfect sentences while running.

Fight mental obstacles-running routes
Some beginner runners really have the physical ability to run longer distances,
But they do not have the self-confidence they need,
Or the mental power to run more.

In most cases, it’s very simple,
“The mind is beyond matter.”

Try to distract yourself with your mental games,
Choose new routes or run with other people.

Change the path of the running
Trying to run new routes,
Can distract your mind,
So the temptation to stop running is exhausted in your mind.

If you usually run on a runway,
Try running on the street
Or choose routes near where you live.

Even after a while you can try the rural routes.

Conclusion-running routes

Having small goals available,
It can be your launching pad for running longer routes with mental challenges.

By setting accessible goals,
You can increase your body’s capabilities,
To get ready for long runs,
You can also be mentally prepared for more distance running.

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