Running in place

Running in place

Running in place : I started running from the park near my house.

When it comes to running
It probably doesn’t mean that you run 2 miles a day for the first time.

Move a little slower
And try to gradually increase the length of your path.

Don’t push yourself into difficult situations at once,
Be careful in choosing the places you want to run.

Go from easy to hard to get used to the power of your body.

To start running – running in place
This is the best approach for you in the first place
Always follow this simple point;

Just walk for a while
And just run another time during your walk
And walk a little bit again.

Continue this process and gradually increase running times without completely eliminating walking.

Increase your commitment- running near me

Try to run 2 times a week.

Keep track of your progress.

Try to write down some things to remember on what level you worked today
And try to improve yourself.

Write down how far you’ve walked, how long you’ve run, where you’ve gone.

Summarizing these details can make you more eager to continue.

On days you don’t know you will feel empty over time
And you look forward to your running days.

In these cases, you should plan well for your exercise days.


running in placeRunning in place

Stay safe

Always have a mobile phone with you
Use it for emergency situations.

The best and safest way, of course, is to run with one group or at least one companion.

But if these are not available to you, you should be more careful with yourself.

Many people do not take this seriously
But sometimes nature itself is dangerous to humans,
From the possibility of wild animals on the path.

there are some things to consider.



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Pains and cramps

You will initially experience pain and cramping in your muscles.

Of course, the pain between a pain and a muscle cramp is very different.

If you have severe cramps, we recommend that you take a day off and rest.

At this time of compressing the ice on the areas with cramps
Do not neglect physical fitness exercises at home.

Keep yourself hydrated

It is very important to keep your body hydrated.

Especially when you run out of the water,
you can get more water out
And you have to bring it back to your body somehow.

The best thing is to always take some water with you
And use a small bottle to do this.

When you feel thirsty
Especially on hot and dry days,
You must be able to make up for lost water.

If you stay outside for longer
And exercise, for example, is limited to 5 minutes.

That is to say, and if you have been exercising for more than 5 minutes,
Your body also starts losing electrolytes,
So it should be in the event of an extended run of sports drinks
And used electrolytes to compensate for them.

Take care of your food

You may experience fluctuations in your weight as you start a new exercise,
and your appetite Increase.

You have to take care of your health,
And try to meet the criteria for healthy eating in any situation,
And don’t eat extra food.

Sometimes doing new exercises make it overweight,
Because the athlete is more tired,
Wants to make up for calories burned,
And it gets overeating.

So plan the amount of food you want to have,
And eat as much as you had every day.

Try not to be distracted by your plan,
To achieve the fitness you want.

Conclusion – Targeting- running near me

Consider your goals in this regard,
To continually strive to reach them,
And keep improving.

Having enough awareness of your goals for the sport will make you more enthusiastic and motivated.

Take your goals for example,
At the end of the year,
I want to be able to run 2 kilometers a day,
Or you can have it as your mental goal at any time.

Think about your goals every day and evaluate yourself to achieve it.

Specify small goals.

In the middle of the path,
set short and easier goals as well.

This will greatly increase your confidence and passion.



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