Running heart rate

Running heart rate

Running heart rate : Running is the most natural and useful type of exercise to strengthen the heart and lungs.

As long as you keep it at a pace,
To keep your heart rate in the range of 50 to 85 percent,

You may also run to avoid muscle damage instead of exercising.

But if you plan to consume as much energy as possible at certain times,
Running practice will be the right choice.

An hour of jogging consumes about 300 calories of energy,
If it’s just 30 minutes to burn the same amount of calories.

Also, walking is considered a low Injury type

Because walking puts less pressure on the joints than running.

Also, those who walk are less Facing a loss than those who run.
For the elderly, especially for those who have been suffering from overweight for many years,
Walking is more convenient for you,
Get weight so your bones and muscles can handle your weight safely.

If you are restricted for medical reasons,
Such as bones or joint pain,
You may be completely exempt from running.

In such cases, hiking will be the best choice for you.

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running heart rateRunning heart rate

Running and Fitness-running heart rate

For those who want to run a fitness program,
Long-running, gradually increasing speed and distance, is the most appropriate exercise.

So start with the usual easy steps first.

That is, heels first and then your feet touch the ground.

Your arms are hanging freely from your sides with a slightly angled elbow,
Swing in the opposite direction of the corresponding foot.

Keep your head high while running and keep your body Smooth.

After some practice sessions,
On the muscles,
Align your respiratory rhythm with the rhythm of your steps.

When you feel comfortable running,
Increase the speed of your steps.

If increasing the length of the steps seems natural to you,
Increase your steps gradually until you are good enough.

Don’t add them any longer,
Instead, increase the speed of your steps and the heavy movement of your arms.

Also, strengthen your heart and lungs so you can get more muscles of your body.

Keep this activity within the targeted heart rate range.


A basic program for running- running heart rate

One minute of running and one minute of walking,
The most effective exercise is strengthening the heart and lungs and consuming energy.

Running is a simple exercise for body participation.

The only tool you need,
A pair of bumpers are a good fit.
(Running shoes)

Most importantly, you can run at any time during your program.

Even bad weather should not stop you from running.

If you wear proper clothing and take precautions.

A walking program can be used alone to strengthen the heart and lungs,
And it can also be the basis for participating in a running training program.

How do beginners get fit?
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Conclusion-How do you run for fitness?

It often happens that a beginner runner around a yard,
Or running along a street without instructions،
But it doesn’t result.

The repetitive track of an experienced runner looks simple and natural.

Proper body posture while running is essential for good body mechanics.

Getting it right requires muscle and endurance.

People who are muscle weakness,
They go out of their vertical position.

(running heart rate)

Such a way of running will prevent running.

So keep your spine straight and straight,
Lift your head,
Keep your shoulders and buttocks straight,
Your arms are folded in the elbow area and make an angle of approximately 90 degrees.

Running your body directly a little leaning forward.

Many beginner runners start this way,
However, they do not realize that this method is suitable for fast running for a short distance.

How do beginners get fit?
What exercises burn fat?
Can I get fit without a gym?

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