Running for weight loss

Running for weight loss

Running for weight loss : You want to lose weight by exercise running.
There are things that are more important than the kind of sport you choose.
First, perseverance and pursuit are more important than anything else.

This means that you need to choose a type of sport.
so you can keep it on a regular basis.
Then you need to pay attention to the intensity, frequency,
and the duration of your sports sessions.
Exercise is essential to burn calories,
but not so severe to be injured your body or you want to surrender and do not try to do.

It is essential to have the duration of each exercise session,
Sufficient fats and exercise sessions are sufficiently frequent and continuous.
Have a calorie in the long run.
If you are overweight or, This effect can bad over.
Now to start…

Running ways to lose weight
If you have begun planning to run and you have earned it a lot,
Do not change anything.

If you finally decided to be a runner,
Think about walking and running.

If you are healthy enough to practice hard and severe.
It can even be formed as a very intense (HIIT).
The HIIT exercises are very intense.
Compressed are extremely effective in weight loss.

Running in the water
You can also try running exercise in water.
This exercise will prepare your muscles for exercise without your primary weight gain on the ground.

running for weight loss
Running for weight loss

5 Mistakes in running that increase weight! running for weight loss

First mistake: Spend food with excess calories – Running for weight loss

Even if running a few minutes a week,
But you do not burn more than your calorie intake,
You do not lose weight!
Maybe you get hungry as before you start your exercise and get more calories than you need.

A strategy that many runners find useful
Split calories consumed throughout the day.
Try five or six meals a day;
You will not become greedy or fat.
Make sure you eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetarian dishes.

Also, after running, avoid the temptation “you can take yourself” with high-calorie foods.

To celebrate your progress,
Choose a non-edible bonus like a massage or a new dress for running.

Eat and plan your feed,
you should Be Making snacks better and healthy.

Some runners prefer to choose their food from a specialized magazine to know exactly how much calories they eat.

You should also be aware of the exact amount of calories you need daily.
Knowing the number of calories you need per day.
will help you determine how far away you are from reaching a reduction of 3500 calories (equivalent to one pound) per week.


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So if you are running for 15 miles a week;
It burns about 1,500 calories a week.
(Assuming you do not do any other sport)

To achieve a reduction of 3500 calories is necessary.
You lose about 2,000 calories a week or about 280 calories a day to get a pound a week.
If you are absorbing calories to your desired or even higher levels,
It’s quite clear why you’re not seeing your weight loss.

The second mistake: do not running far enough – Running for weight loss

If you’ve been running for a while and you have not had a weight loss,
or even your weight loss is one-two pounds.

When you lose weight,
There’s really no magic number for running weekly ranges.

At the same time, the more calories you lose,
It is more likely to lose weight or at least stay constant.

A weight-loss study as a research group that shows people who are successful in weight loss and keep it stable.
To successfully lose weight, you need to constantly burn 2800 calories per week.

In terms of running, 2800 calories for a typical runner are roughly 28 miles per week.

This does not mean that you have to run 20 miles or more each week,
But if you do this (or you do another exercise to complete the running effect), you’ll probably be more successful.

running for weight loss
Running for weight loss

Third mistake: Drink high-calorie drinks while running

Another issue for especially runners,
Like a marathon or marathon,
Eating too many calories.

Unless you run long distances for more than 90 minutes,
You do not need to drink a sports drink while running or after.

If it runs longer than the above amount,
You can use sports drinks to compensate for lost body electrolytes.

To hydrate the body (adjusting the body water) when running it after running, drinking simple water is good.

But when you’re not running, try to limit the consumption of sports drinks, juices, and soft drinks;
Because they also eat a lot of calories in your diet without feeling heavy.

Fourth mistake: no change in running condition – Running for weight loss

If you always run a constant distance of the same speed, your body may get used to it somewhat.
Your muscles are always compatible with the tasks you assign them to yourself.
So, if you do not raise your expectations,
you will not get much progress.
By exercising, your body becomes more skilled in running.

So if you continue running in the old way,
You may gradually burn fewer calories.

That is why,
Some novice runners initially lose some weight, and then there’s no progress.
(Or perhaps even a few pounds of lost weight)

If it always running with a duplicate mode,
It is recommended that you use a combination of speed steps at least once a week.
You can increase the speed of a mile within a warm-up time,
Then run faster for a minute.
(So ​​that breathing is hard and still under control)
Then one minute slowly running.

Continue with this template for 2 miles, then relax for 5 to 10 minutes.
When this template was too simplistic for you.
You can always increase the duration of your speed periods or instead.
Repeat that pattern on steep land.

Keep in mind that weight loss is not measured by the number of scales.
If you have avoided the mistakes and have had good nutrition,
you are still in high weight.
Do not rely on the number of scales.
Depending on when we weigh from our day or month, our weight will vary.

So this number may not be accurate.
Exercise may also increase the weight of the relatively lean muscles of the body that are heavier than fats.

So, with the exception of the scales, consider other measures to measure, such as the size of your clothes, the feelings you have about your stomach, the percentage of fat or body lost.

And if you really want to lose weight, try to be patient.
Keep in mind that weight loss with health requires time.
Even if you run a lot, try not to lose more than a pound a week.

False Fifth: Failure to change the program despite injury – Running for weight loss

Some runners when they are injured and unable to run
they do not continue to practice their diet plan.
Even some of them are more eat food.
Because they spend their free time traveling with others and doing things that go along with rest and eating.
This way, they absorb most of the lost calories,
Undoubtedly, it will increase weight.

Here are some ways to prevent injuries, which will help you avoid weight gain associated with the course of treatment.

It is recommended to integrate hard exercises into your normal workout.
Basic physical exercises are important, especially as they prevent injury.
Many traumatic, especially knee and hip problems, are due to muscle weakness and disorientation.

How to do running for weight loss? running for weight loss
Running for weight loss

Symptoms of serious injuries
If you try to deal with your pain, it can make your injury worse.
One or two days of rest does not really affect your workout.
Avoid exercises too much or too early, avoid running with old or inappropriate shoes, and other mistakes related to running that cause injury.

If you do the best to get rid of the damage,
But you are still out of practice,
talk with your doctor or your physiotherapist about the two-way reciprocal (double) exercise activities that you can do during your rehab.

When you are in full-time running,
the weight loss process may still be active (and burn calories).

benefits running for Health-running for weight loss

Because Running is a low-cost sport
If you do not have a lot of time or money to sign up for a sports club.
you can not ski for example, and do something like this.
The fact is that in some clubs,
Educated educators are not present and we can not be easily convinced of any coach.
But when you just running, it without having to pay,
you’re comfortable.

Fortunately, you only need a pair of shoes and a decent place to do this sport.
Few minutes of healthy physical activity with the lowest possible cost.
If you can not walked for a long time,
It’s best to start running for few minutes.

Running to strengthen memory – Running for weight loss
If you’re forgotten for a while and feel that your memory is weak.

The results of the research,
It shows that exercises such as regular Running reduce the risk of memory loss.
Protects the brain from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

To strengthen your bones and joints

One of the main causes of cartilage destruction is inactivity.
Running is a combination of cardiovascular exercise with bodybuilding for strengthening your joints and bones.
If you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym and gym.
Know that the plan also has the necessary effect to strengthen bones and joints.

Running Utility to Boost Memory

Have you ever heard that taking an apple a day will take you away from the doctor?
Today we tell you that running daily will also take your tone out of cute medicine.

Research results from the American Cancer Society show that simple exercise such as walking and two,
Reduces the risk of some cancers, such as breast cancer and colon cancer (colon) by 30%.

The use of running to increase longevity

Regular running is one of the easiest ways to increase longevity.

Researchers at Stanford University have concluded that people who are more physically active,
Longer and better than people who do not exercise, live.

How to do running for weight loss? running for weight loss
Running for weight loss

running is a collective exercise
If you are looking for a group activity to spend hours with your friends or loved ones,
be sure to do it.

We usually get along for a walk or run.
You can start this exercise with your spouse or children or a member of your family.
In order to increase your health level.
Do not worry if someone does not get with you.
Always in the parks, there are good companions like you to do this.

Wherever and whenever you want – Running for weight loss
Running is one of the sports that you can do anywhere, whenever you want.
Undoubtedly, running is a simple and easy exercise.
You can have a treadmill, etc.
At your next home park, on weekends, and whenever you have time.

Let your poisons get rid of
When you running, your sweat comes, you don’t like it.
But you should know that this sweating, through the skin, repels your body’s poisons, which, if folded,
It does not cause acne and other skin problems.

Conclusion-running for weight loss

If you choose running for weight loss,
Remember to coordinate your activity with the amount of food you consume.
You have not done anything yet!
then you’re not even running a white check in the kitchen!
Before you start any program,
Have a nutritional magazine that gains an understanding of your daily calorie intake.
Then measure the calories you need.
Match your physical activity level.

Of course, you can get help from a dietitian or sports coach who is qualified to guide you through this process.
And in the end, remember that you may be more likely to love sports that you love.
If you love running, then start slowly,
Set up a matching plan that keeps your body healthy for a long-term habit.
But if your running is not your sport,
There are many other ways to lose weight and have a better body.

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