Running exercises

Running exercises

Running exercises : Find a specialized running store,
And pay for the equipment you need to get started strong.

These are some of the essentials.

Running shoes that are sized fit- running exercises

Don’t just go to a chain store,
Don’t buy the first shoe that looks good.

It’s worth it to find a running supplies store,
Try to do more with the gait analysis.

This test tells you how you run.
That is, your foot tends inward when it hits the ground,
Or out and about, your arch is big or you have straight legs.

This information will help staff offer you shoes that will compensate for your weaknesses in the proper running.

They may even recommend you orthotics without a prescription.

Orthotics is an attachment that heats up on the stove for softening,
In the way he wants it to be,
Put it in your shoes and then simply wear the shoes.

running exercises

For people with weak legs,
orthotics can help,
The risk of a lot of common and painful injuries,
Like the iliotibial band syndrome and reduce leg pain and swelling.

(A type of resistance puller) to prevent running injuries

Keep this simple tool for the day in your bag,
It can save you from a lot of damage.

You can use a mini strap to strengthen,
the muscles around your hips and smaller stabilizing muscles that are often injured.

Dumbbells for strong central muscles

Strong muscle is a fast muscle.

If you do not have a dumbbell, buy a pair of dumbbells for about 7 to 9 kg.

With these, you can combine Weight Exercises, to strengthen your core muscles.

Do these exercises that make you a better runner.

Don’t jump like a rabbit,
spend two weeks walking,
While doing these movements three days a week,
Then you do it once or twice a week thereafter.

Sidestep with mini strap

This movement is the best hip enhancer,
Put a mini strap around your legs just below your knees.

Keep your body about 6 meters to the right by keeping your trunk high,
Then 6 meters to the left.

This is one set, 3 sets to do.

Rhythmic movements – running exercises

Take solid steps,
Holding a dumbbell in his right hand,
As you move the weight in front of you,
Take a step back with your right foot and go into reverse mode.

Suddenly stand backward.

This is a repetition.

Do it 10 times and change sides.

Make 3 sets of 10 for each side.

Back leg, using a Resistance Bands

For bulletproof legs,
Lie on your back with your hips
And your knees should be bent 90 degrees.

Tie a mini strap around your legs.

Straighten your right foot.

Turn around and repeat with your left foot.

Apply 3 sets of 10 for each leg.

Stretches before each run

You need to prepare your body to relax your muscles.

Before you start running,
Perform these routine exercises.

Stretch your leg

Prevent Achilles tendon swelling and leg swelling,
On a step on the front foot,
And stand with your heels suspended from the edge.
(You can use a fence or wall to maintain balance.)

Do not eat too many carbohydrates

Avoid pasta.

Novice runners often eat a lot of food and don’t realize that a 5km run only burns about 500 calories,
That is about the same as the calorie content of two candies or energy chocolates.

Gradually hydrate

Read more——–>which One carb Cause fat loss ?

What is the best exercise for running? running exercisesRunning exercises

How to start running – running exercises

Your first runs are crucial.

Learn the proper running techniques early,
So that you can make faster progress,
Protect yourself from harm.

Don’t take too tall many steps

Try to shorten your steps walk,
And speed up steps walk.

This will help prevent your heels from falling too much.

If you have a larger body,
This can make the effect on your lower back muscles even milder.

Relax in advance

Try not to move like Frankenstein’s monster.

Imagine holding an egg in each hand,
You should not push hard enough to break them.

This helps to keep your shoulders relaxed everywhere, including your upper back muscles and shoulders.

Be efficient-running exercises

Shake their arms from side to side.

This movement wastes energy.

Move your arms back and forth naturally.

The movement should be perfectly in balance with your legs that will move you forward.

How to run fasterrunning exercises

With a solid foundation and a plan to get stronger and avoid injury,
You’re ready for the long haul.

Follow the rules of the road.

Slowly increase the distance traveled

Now let’s run fast.
Working fast can help you burn more calories,
Practice yourself so that you don’t have enough breathing,
Run fast.

Conclusion – running exercises

Take a friend for yourself.

If you have a running partner,
You are more likely to pursue exercise.

If your friends hate running, join a club.

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