Running diet

running diet

running diet : For runners, food is not just a simple diet,
Rather, food is fuel for them.
Knowing when to eat,
It is necessary to have a proper diet.

Should be eaten food before or after running?

What drinks should you drink?

If the distance to run is a few kilometers, how much food should be eaten?

When should we eat more?- running diet

If you are training for long-distance racing,
It is best to incorporate some tips into your diet.

You burn a lot more calories than you used to during a marathon and you have to replace them.

First of all, you need to know how many calories you burn.

Of course, if you calculate this based on some calorie burn guidelines,
You should know that the number of calories your body burns can vary depending on the gender, size, and intensity of the exercise you do.

You should now replace the number of calories you burn with Proper protein and calories.

running diet

When should we eat less food?- running diet

If you want to lose weight,
it may be a bit surprising, but running long distances is not a good plan to lose weight.

It burns about 100 calories every 1.5 kilometers,
but that doesn’t mean you can lose half a kilo every 50 kilometers.

Many studies have shown that running increases appetite, especially in novice runners.

The body seems to like to maintain its weight,
and releases hormones that increase the desire to eat nutrients in runners.

If your goal is not to lose weight,
all of the symptoms will make you eat more food, but if you want to lose weight,
you need to know how much calories you burn and how much you consume.



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Fight hunger- running diet

When you run with an empty stomach,
The body is forced to use stored fats as fuel to prevent weight gain.

When you run a marathon,
You have a feeling of hunger, a feeling commonly known as a runner in a cycle.

If you always feel hungry,
It’s time to change your diet.

Conclusion- running diet
Food is definitely your fuel, but we are not made in one production.

The amount of time you spend practicing for the race,
And also to help you know and grow your body type,
And Increase your strength, achieve an optimal diet.

During exercise, try a variety of foods
And find out which type of food is best for you
And it saves you the most energy.

Eat this ideal meal on race day.

Many runners can identify their ideal diet with trial and error.

But with the help of a guide, the time lost in this trial and error to succeed is reduced.



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