Rubbing the eyes

Rubbing the eyes 100%

Rubbing the eyes

Reasons that prove rubbing the eyes is dangerous
Rubbing the eyes, depending on the amount of force applied, can damage the blood vessels and, as a result, experience severe redness of the eyes.
In addition to beauty, safety and health risks, rubbing your eyes can cause more serious problems that may even damage your eyesight.
Also is harmful, so to understand this we start with a little information about the structure of the eye in this part of Updatebody.

injuries of eye rubbing
Rubbing the eyes

Does rubbing the eye damage the cornea?
The supporting structure of the eye, including the cornea and sclera (the outer layer and whites of the eye) is made of collagen. This collagen sinks every time you squeeze or rub your eyes, and it comes out when you release it.
According to ophthalmologists, rubbing the eye with either a hand or a tissue can deform the cornea and weaken it.
The cornea becomes swollen and a number of negatives may occur.

Rubbing the eye also causes damage to the ocular arteries and bleeding of the internal and superficial arteries in the eye, which will be absorbed on their own, but if the bleeding is so severe that it needs to be treated, it can usually be treated with a laser. Damage to the eye tissue due to rubbing occurs in people who have an underlying disease or whose eyelids have soft tissue and the possibility of damage due to rubbing the eye is more likely in adolescents and children who have thinner tissue than adults.

Healthy Body …

Complications and injuries of eye rubbing
In addition to damaging the structure of the eye, rubbing the eye can cause other problems, including:

Beauty problems:
Excessive rubbing of the eyes can cause dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

Safety problems:
If you have something like a lens in your eye, rubbing it can do more damage.
In this case, it is better to let the tears naturally relieve itchy eyes.

Health problems:
Your hands have more bacteria than any other part of your body, so rubbing your eyes with an infected finger is a bad idea.

How does eye rubbing damage the eyes?
Has your eye condition worsened?
The culprit is rubbing your eyes.
Find an ophthalmologist near you to have your eyes examined.

Corneal hump
Most severe condition caused by rubbing the eye apart from blindness is keratoconus (a structural abnormality in the cornea that causes poor eyesight).
This problem causes irregular astigmatism that cannot be corrected in severe stages with glasses or even lenses.

Hard contact lenses (hard gas) are usually a temporary treatment for keratoconus, but since these lenses are very uncomfortable, they are the only option for many corneal transplant patients. Although this method is often successful, it may also threaten vision.

Rubbing the eye not only causes keratoconus but can also worsen the severity of underlying conditions such as myopia and glaucoma.

You also disrupt the vitreous gel inside your eyes as you put pressure on your eyes and release them, which can cause retinal problems.

Frequently Asked Questions about eye rubbing
Why do we see light when we rub our eyes?
If you’ve ever rubbed your eyes too hard or aggressively, you’ve probably seen twinkling stars or colored twinkles called phosphons.
The pressure you put on the eyeball by rubbing too much affects blood flow.
This pressure, like the light method, stimulates retinal signals, but since the brain is not aware of this difference, it activates color changes or flashes due to external stimuli.

By stopping rubbing the eye, the phosphons are removed, but the pressure of the eye causes pressure on the retina and sometimes causes the retina to rupture or detach.

eye rubbing
Rubbing the eyes

Why does rubbing the eyes feel good?
How can something very bad feel good?
There is a gland in the eyelids called the meibomian that secretes a liquid similar to olive oil in the tears, adds moisture to the eyes and evaporates the tears.
When you rub your eyes, more tears are released from your eyes, which is why You can feel good.

See an ophthalmologist if you feel dry eyes regularly and rub your eyes to moisturize.
Many of the dry eye treatments available do not pose a risk of damage to the cornea.

Is there a safe way to rub your eyes?
The problem is the pressure you apply to your eyes by rubbing, which requires you to touch only your eyes lightly.
The appropriate pressure for the eyes is to gently wash and dry it with a tissue.
Anything more than that is unhealthy for the eyes.

What should you do if you rub your eyes regularly?
If you rub your eyes often, you should try to find the cause and eliminate it.

Causes of eye rubbing
Digital eye fatigue
Maybe it’s from working too much with the computer and looking at the screen.
Digital eye fatigue may be the cause of rubbing behind the eye, in which case rest your eyes regularly or have an eye exam to make sure you do not have a new vision score.

Allergy to season or food
Avoid allergens if you rub your eyes during the allergy season. Allergic conjunctivitis can also provoke rubbing of the eyes but can be dangerous.
According to a study, allergic conjunctiva increases the risk of corneal deformity by up to 37% due to itching and rubbing of the eye caused by the disease.

Rubbing the eyes releases histamine, so even if rubbing the eyes feels good, it actually makes the itching worse, which can lead to severe rubbing of the eyes.
This is like biting a mosquito.
In these cases, the only solution is not itchy eyes, but you must find the cause and seek treatment.

Other causes of eye rubbing:
Dry eyes
Various contaminants (contaminated hand contact, cosmetics)
Rubbing the eyes, although it feels great, can increase the risk of eye damage or vision loss.
It does not matter if you rub your eyes once or twice a day and have no other problem, but if this happens several times a day, you should see an ophthalmologist.

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