reduce stress

Reduce stress : The best treatment by pressing 7 areas of the body

Reduce stress

With acupressure, relieve stress in seconds
We all experience stress in our daily lives, and everyone is trying to somehow get rid of stress, or rather, do their best to reduce stress.

Of course, we can not always do the strategies.
The best strategy is to do it in an instant.

The important thing is that you can do different movements with your body parts to control the pressure.

1- Pressure behind the head to relieve stress
The head is full of pressure that can directly and effectively reduce its stress level.

To do this in the workplace, you can sit on a chair and lean and massage with two fingers on the back of the neck that is connected to the head for 20 seconds.

Most of the stress during the day accumulates in the shoulders and neck and massaging these areas relieves stress.

2- Squeeze your ears to reduce your stress
Many experts claim that the ear is the best point for treating stress and that is why it is used in reaction therapy to reduce swelling and pain in the body Kill.

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Reduce stress

3- Spot pressure on the chest to relieve stress
This helps to reduce the stress accumulated in the chest with normal breathing.

When breathing, rub on the chest with 3 fingers.
Do this in the middle of your eyebrows to calm your nerves.

4- You can also reduce stress with the abdomen
Many experts prefer to use this area because it creates movements that release the chest and improve breathing.

Patients who do this and take deep breaths are in a good mood and quickly relieve stress and tension.

5- You can also press the forearm to reduce stress
Anger stress creates the opposite energy in the body.

By doing this, we help you to supply energy in the right way and reduce your stress.

Make sure that with the right massage, you will quickly relieve this stress point.

6- Reduce stress with the palm of your hand
Another special point for relieving stress with the help of acupressure is the palm of the hand, which is enough to reduce the stress with the pressure of the palm when you recognize the stress.

Reduce stress

7- Press your toe to reduce stress
You feel stress in the upper body, massage this area is great.

This area is useful for people who are very stressed, especially women.

Release stress from the mind with pressure on the foot, which is one of the best treatments for the pancreas.

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