Protein in diet

Protein in diet

Top 5 protein myths that hurt your diet

You know you need protein for a healthy diet and body. However, there are some myths about protein that can confuse and lead you down the wrong path. Not everything you hear about protein is true.

Protein is an essential nutrient for the whole body.

Protein in diet
Protein in diet

Beware the fall of these protein myths:

Myth 1: muscle proteins form magically. A common myth revolves around eating protein such as peanut butter, meat or other foods and magically get big or strong muscles.

• Unfortunately, simply eating protein is not going to do a great job overnight. If you do not exercise, consuming protein will not become muscle. You have to exercise regularly, in addition to consuming proteins to see results.

  1. Myth 2: All proteins is the same. The protein is decomposed into amino acids in your body. Does it really matter if it comes from a chocolate bar with nuts or a protein shake?

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• The truth is that the source of protein is important.

• For example, animal and vegetable sources of protein are not identical. The main difference is that many plant sources do not have all the essential amino acids that the body requires. In addition, it is harder for your body to extract some of the proteins from plant sources.

  1. Myth 3: You can not eat too much protein. This myth focuses falsely believe that you can eat as much protein as you want without any consequences.
    • many warnings about eating too many carbohydrates and fats is heard. However, how often do you hear warnings about eating too much protein? On the contrary, many believe that protein can not be exceeded. This simply is not true, and there are consequences to eat too much protein.

• Some of the common problems surrounding excessive protein intake include weight gain. The additional protein can become fat stored in the body. In addition, eating too much protein can cause kidney damage and bad breath.

  1. Myth 4: You should eat protein after each workout. You may be tempted to eat protein after workouts because of this myth. The idea behind the myth is that protein is needed to rebuild the muscles being used.
    • Protein can refuel your body after a long day in the gym. However, if you forget to eat or just not want to eat, then it’s not a problem.

• Research shows that have a lot of protein right after a workout does not offer long-term benefits. While you are getting enough protein in their meals and snacks throughout the day, you do not have to run to eat more protein right after running a mile.

  1. Myth 5: The protein will help you lose weight. The protein may be part of a weight loss plan, but eating alone will not be enough to lose weight.

• For example, if dramatically increases the amount of protein you eat but do not exercise or change other habits, then you can not lose weight.

• Protein is not a magic pill that will melt away pounds minute increase their protein intake. it is still important to control calories, exercising and eating healthier.

Protein is an essential nutrient, but it is important to prevent the fall of the myths. For best results, maintain a healthy and balanced diet with many types of nutrients and exercise to keep fit.

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Protein in diet

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