pre workout

pre workout

pre workout

The forbidden and wrong things that most of us do pre workout
There are some forbidden things you should not do pre workout because it can have terrible consequences.
If you aim to exercise, you should also avoid simple tasks such as drinking coffee and dress appropriately.

Either way, with the right routine, your body will be able to function better and you will be closer to your goal.
In this section on Updatebody, we are going to introduce the most common similarities pre workout, as well as the solutions you should use.

pre workout

1- Do not exercise on an empty stomach
Some people do aerobic exercise on an empty stomach.
The goal of this exercise is for the body to use fat and carbohydrates as energy, which will ultimately lead to more weight loss.

However, if you do not eat for a few hours before exercise, your body may use protein as fuel.
This means that you will have less protein to repair and build muscle. If you want to burn fat for energy, know that your body burns more calories.

2- Do not drink too much water before exercising
It is important to stay well hydrated before exercising, but be careful not to drink too much water as your blood tries to balance salt levels. In this case, your cells may swell and you may experience symptoms such as dizziness, pain and even vomiting.

It is best to drink 1-2 hours before exercise (1-2 cups) and 15 minutes before the start of half or a cup of water.
If you sweat a lot or the weather is hot you may need to drink more water.

3- Do not nap for too long
It is a good idea to take a short nap before exercising, as long as it does not last more than 30 minutes.
This is a “power nap” and can increase your focus and energy. However, a longer nap can backfire and cause more lethargy.

4- Do not do static stretching
First of all, static stretching may reduce your performance and negatively affect your running speed, reaction time, and energy production.
In addition, if your body is not warming up well, it may lead to muscle damage.

This does not mean that you should completely forget about static stretches, but that you should do them after exercise because they will bring more benefits.

5- Do not wear formal clothes and do not exercise with little clothes
Even if you are exercising on the coldest day of the year, you should not dress too much because it will lead to body warming and sweating more.
This way, if you are hit by a cold wind, the sweat will evaporate quickly and you will feel cold.

Conversely, on hot days, choose clothes that are comfortable and cool for exercise, allow you to move freely, and the type of fabric of your clothes should be such that it allows the skin to breathe.
Choose cotton pants and shirts because they are the best at absorbing sweat.

  1. Do not start exercising without proper rest
    Rest days are important for body repair and recovery.
    Regardless of your level of exercise or fitness, this is an important part of your workout plan.
    Exercising on your days off can also cause fatigue and excessive stress.

Resting gives your muscles a chance to recover and grow, prevents fatigue, helps you sleep better, reduces the risk of injury, and increases your level of function.

7- Avoid drinking coffee
Caffeine is the most common ingredient in pre-workout supplements and may help you work up more energy and may even increase your motivation and concentration, but all of these events are temporary and do not work for long.
Caffeine digestion Leads to contraction and contraction of the large intestine, which can increase the likelihood of bowel movements and defecation.

This means that you will go to the toilet frequently during exercise.
But this is part of the side effects of caffeine because it can cause restlessness, insomnia, rapid or abnormal heartbeat, anxiety, heartburn and high blood pressure.

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