Pre workout meal

Pre workout meal

Pre workout meal and Workout Nutrition

Pre workout meal : Regarding optimal performance and hypertrophy,

there are two basic protocols that I find particularly effective for maximizing the results of my workouts:

The one I use most often is going no carb pre-workout.

From experience, this is the most effective strategy for maximizing mental focus,

energy and drive. What that means to me is that it gives me BALLS!

I go into the gym ready to attack the weights.

Grabbing the weights with an assertiveness and aggression that simply just doesn’t come when I overdo carbohydrates pre-workout.
Carbohydrates pre-workout

Carbs can make you feel tired and lazy, not always mind you,

but we have all had a case of the sleepies going in to train at one time or another;

it’s often a result of a serotonin spike from carbohydrate ingestion.

Another notable benefit of the no carb pre-workout is it allows for the natural GH spike initiated with intense exercise.

Carb ingestion has been shown to negate this.

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pre workout meal
Pre workout meal

An example of my pre-workout meal is:

8oz of lean meat (usually chicken or turkey breast)
1-2 cups of green veggies
40 grams of fat from coconut oil, butter, or MCT oil (any combination depending on what body-part I’m training. 
I avoid butter before legs cause it makes my breathing a bit laborious).
1 cup of black coffee

Another feasible option for pre-workout is the “slow carb” protocol.

If you tend to stay on the leaner side and have a hard time building muscle,

slow carbs pre-workout can be a great idea.

I avoid simple carbs for the reasons stated above.

Slow carbs like brown rice, veggies, beans, whole grain oats, sweet potatoes etc.

can provide just enough insulin activity to negate any muscle breakdown while increasing cell swelling and hyperemia.

Cell swelling and hyperemia are well known to be highly correlated with muscle growth

, optimizing them is vital to your success.

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One of my favorite slow carb pre-workout meals is:

8oz of lean meat
2 cups of sweet potato mash with cinnamon
2 tablespoons of coconut oil

A great little tip, or “trick”, I use to optimize the best of both of these two worlds’, is to stick with the non-carb pre-workout,

then after about 20-30 minutes of HARD exercise (special emphasis on ‘hard’),

I add in some simple carbohydrates in the form of “Vitargo” with 30 grams of BCAA’s. This will still allow for the GH release,

the neural drive to start the workout, plus finish the workout with the cell swelling and hyperemia.

This works really well for me 80% of the time.

Electrolyte supplementThere are still many days when I wait until after the training session has finished to consume any carbs.

Examples being on days when I know training intensity is down, or perhaps when fat-burning is the primary goal.

In these specific scenarios, carbs can wait until after training.

On the days when I choose to hold off on intra-workout carbs, I still take in BCAA’s, plus actually often add a little extra (up to 40 grams total…

keeping in mind my offseason weight is 300lbs!).

Another one of my favorite pre and peri-workout supplement tricks is to add a balanced electrolyte supplement to my pre-workout or peri-workout drink.

This adds massive amounts of value for literally pennies,

increasing hydration, cellular uptake, muscle contractibility, negating cramping and possibly even decreasing the chances of injury.

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