Perforation of the stomach

Perforation of the stomach 100% : What are the signs and symptoms?

Perforation of the stomach 100% : What are the signs and symptoms?

What is a perforated stomach?

Perforation of the stomach occurs when a cavity forms all over the stomach, large intestine or small intestine, which can be the result of various diseases such as appendicitis and can also be due to Surgery, such as stab wounds or gunshot wounds Guns happened.
Perforation of the stomach also occurs in the gallbladder, which has symptoms similar to perforation of the stomach.

stomach perforation
Perforation of the stomach

A perforation of the stomach or gallbladder occurs when any of the following enters the stomach:

stomach acid
Part of undigested food

What are the symptoms of a perforated stomach?

Severe abdominal pain
When this problem occurs, the cells of the abdomen become narrower and the pain increases with the touch of the abdomen and its movements, which in addition to the general symptoms,

It can also have the following symptoms:

Lack of urine, feces or gas
Rapid heartbeat
Shortness of breath

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What are the causes of stomach perforation?

The appendix is ​​more common in older people.
Digestive diseases
Bile infection
Inflammation of the intestine and intestinal diseases
A severe blow to the abdomen
Insert a knife or shoot a gun into the abdomen
Abdominal surgeries

Gastric or peptic ulcer:

It is the result of medication or any other cause
Eating foreign body
Smoking or drinking alcohol
Endoscopy or colonoscopy

A wound that causes a perforation of the stomach
It is important to know that gastric ulcers can puncture the stomach if left untreated.
As we mentioned in the previous articles, gastric ulcer causes scratches in the mucous layer and under the gastric mucosa, which are caused by many factors.
One of the most common causes today is gastric germ or Helicobacter pylori infection, which is due to A strong enzyme breaks down the gastric mucosa and in some people causes stomach ulcers.

How is a perforation of the stomach diagnosed?

Check for signs of infection such as white blood cell counts
Evaluation of hemoglobin level indicating anemia.
Evaluation of electrolytes
Assessment of acid in the blood
Evaluate kidney function
Evaluation of liver function
The doctor uses X-rays and CT scans to evaluate these organs.

What are the treatment options for gastric perforation?

In most cases, surgery is the first option, the goals of surgery include the following:

Improve the anatomy problem
Improve the cause of inflammation
Remove any extra and foreign objects in the abdomen
Of course, the doctor may refuse surgery and prescribe antibiotics.

What are the difficulties associated with perforation of the stomach?
These difficulties can be named as follows:

Poisoning is a type of bacterial infection that threatens a person’s life.
Swelling of the abdomen
Infectious wound
Intestinal infarction that causes the destruction of part of the intestine.
Wounds that never heal.

The following can increase these difficulties:

Malnutrition or poor diet
alcohol consumption
Drug addiction
Poor health
Infectious poisoning
Kidney failure
Accumulation of blood outside blood cells
Type 2 diabetes
Steroid therapy
Use of biological agents

What is the long-term outlook for this disease?

The success of this surgery depends on the size of the cavity created, and the chances of recovery and recovery increase if diagnosed early.

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