Everything about paintball and everything you need to know to get started
Maybe you have friends who play this, or maybe you like it too. Paintball, like any other sport, is fun as long as no one is hurt, and that ‘s why we’re here – to make sure what you do when you’re on the field.

What is Paintball?
As the name implies, this game contains bullets that are full of color and is a great outdoor activity, very fun and suitable for those who live for the thrill of hunting.
The object of the game is to “remove” the opposing team members by spraying them with water-soluble paint.

However, there is more to the “Bang-Bang” than the kids do, and of course there are tactics, equipment, and weapons, and each of these components can give you a specific point on the ground.

Healthy body…

about paintball

Where does the sport of paintball come from?
There were machines in the US Department of Agriculture in the early 1970s with a pump attached to the back that threw paint over long distances, marking trees that needed to be cut down or pruned.

Paintball has been officially played for about fifteen years, and it has been 5 years since it was introduced to the International Olympic Committee to enter the Olympic Games as a new sport.
The new form of paintball is being studied by the International Olympic Committee under the name is an x-ball.
Paintball is known as live chess in the world.

What is a paintball field like?
The paintball field contains many natural or artificial obstacles that can be turned into a special forest or urban environment or can even include historical content.

Smaller fields, such as speedball fields or competition fields, can contain obstacles and boulders that can be inflated.
Commercial areas can include facilities such as shelves for recreational areas responsible for maintaining air tank fillers and restaurants.

The racetrack must be a flat and level ground with dimensions of 55 55 33 meters and in a non-sloping area, to reduce the number of accidents and be completely enclosed by a grid approved by the association to ensure the safety of the racetrack.
In the playground, at least 25 obstacles are placed at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the lines around the field.

The flag station is at least 2 meters wide and is located in the middle of the transverse boundaries of the ground.

Do and Don’ts of Paintball:
Rule number one:

The purpose of paintball is to get the other team out of the game, but how can you do that in a safe and completely fun way?

In different movies, you might see people wearing protective clothing, body armor, knee protection, and things like that.
Paintball (not to be confused with Airsoft) is not deadly but can cause serious injury.

So the first rule is:
never take off your protective gear, although colored bullets are sprayed when they hit the skin, but they can leave some nasty bruises.
Be very close and chaotic attacks (hitting your opponent with a rifle butt) are also not acceptable.

Rule No. 2:

Always remember to wear long clothes such as sports pants, long-sleeved shirts and depending on the floor and boots.
Yes, we know you sweat a lot during the summer, but they give you an extra layer of protection during the race.

And now, the most important, scariest thing you want to call it, the law – overkilling is not quite good.
One shot is enough to kill a player and anything more than two bullets for one person, overkilling said.
So with these things in mind, let’s talk a little bit about accessories.

Step 2 – Paintball weapons and equipment:
If you are a newcomer, it is a good idea to rent your own equipment to see if you like this type of sport.

Now, there are three things to play with:
ammunition, weapons, and protective equipment.

  1. Ammunition:

Paintball ammunition consists of light spheres covered with a water-soluble paint and a thin membrane of gelatin.
You can find these at any sports store or you can buy them from where you rent the rest of your equipment.

Colored balls are designed to spray paint on the firing point and be careful where you point the gun!

What is Paintball

Becoming a bully is the last thing you want in a game, and they usually come in two forms:
Caliber-68 or Caliber-50.

  1. Weapons:
    Paintball weapons:

It consists of a high-pressure CO2 cylinder that uses this engine to move at 205 miles per second, and your gun has four parts, which are:

Compressed air tank – which is close to the handle and depending on the manufacturer, the tank can be filled with hectopascals, nitro, compressed air or CO2, and the type of gas tank determines the speed or slowness of the whip.

Funnel – This is a large, funnel-like part that sits on top of the gun and is where the ammunition explodes.

Marker / Gun barrel – Helps to move with the whip and the barrel ensures that the bullet passes through the proper air when it comes out.

Device Blocker – Like a real weapon, the paintball gun is secured to make sure your weapon is not accidentally unloaded.

If you are looking to buy a beginner rifle, do not look for powerful and expensive weapons and instead, choose one that matches the rifle you are training with and check it carefully before buying.

Paintballs look more or less the same, and of course, additional customization is available (e.g. a capacitive air tank, a larger funnel).

  1. Protective equipment:

Before firing on the ground, do not forget about protection, and obviously the most important thing is the mask.
It’s kind of like one of those gas masks, filter minuses with a wider viewing hole.
For the first match, renting it will be cheaper than buying it, and again be careful not to take the paintball during the match because you definitely do not want it to stain your eyes.

For extra protection you can use body vests, gloves and knee pads, and now, for the first shot, we recommend moving with full accessories, and then you can do one or more things (anything but a mask) Delete!

Section 3 – Rules, Tactics and Winners in Paintball:
As we said, the rules are simple – shoot, run and win.
However, this does not mean that every match has to follow the same rules (which will be boring!).
For example, instead of teaming up, you can compete for one for all – with the last standing man winning the prize.

Place the flag in the middle of the field and the team that brings the flag to its base wins the match.
The game of death – the fight continues until the last person and there is no winner here.

Bomb Disposal – Just like counterattacking.
One member of the team puts the bomb on something and the other has to defuse it.

Other rules to keep in mind when playing with:
No camping – means hiding in some hard-to-reach places to see and snip anyone nearby.

We do not have to erase the color – just because someone hits you, does not mean that you have to cheat by fading the color and be an athlete and accept defeat.

Always aim for the upper body – do not shoot anyone in the head, legs, groin or hands.

Pay attention to your surroundings – if you are the team leader, do not think that the area is safe and before sending the whole team, find someone and you can walk in ambush.
Always have extra ammunition.
Do not shoot at close range.
Listen to what the referee has to say.
Paintball competitions for beginners are usually supervised by a local employee known as a referee, who will tell you what to do and what not to do.

Maintain the safety of the gun until the race begins.
If you are part of a team or have been appointed as a leader, then it is definitely a good idea to try a few tactics, here are some suggestions:

First watch and then shoot.
If you can not get over your position, instruct some members of the team to leave.
Move slowly but be very fast.
Do not stay outdoors.
If you hear something moving, get to work.
Never imagine that there is a safe place.
Forward attack is never a good idea.
Retreat means advancing in another direction.
Ask your team members to wear camouflage clothes.
Squatting always gives you better accuracy than standing.
No team or player has the right to make any changes on the pitch.


Paintball is about having fun and connecting with friends, and consider renting a paintball field the next time you plan to meet your friends.

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