Ovulation And important points about older woman

Ovulation And important points about older woman

Increased ovulation and the chances of older women becoming mothers
Many women do not have the ability to conceive and become pregnant due to their inability to ovulate at a young age, but there will be opportunities to become mothers at a later age.

Artificial insemination specialists in the UK have applied to the Human Reproduction and Embryology Authority for permission to conduct a clinical trial on 20 women, which could be carried out next year.

Ovulation of older women
Unlike men, who can produce fresh sperm throughout their lives, women are born with all their eggs, which get older every year, making it harder for them to give birth.

But scientists have shown that it is possible to rejuvenate older eggs with changes.

All cells carry packets of energy, called mitochondrial DNA. Meanwhile, a type of cell called an oocyte progenitor cell has much younger mitochondrial DNA that can be collected and transferred to an older egg to provide the energy it needs.

“There is a lot of scientific evidence that the mitochondria of the eggs of some patients who produce low-quality embryos after artificial insemination are part of the problem of obtaining live embryos for them,”

The new approach can offer new and revolutionary options for women who want their children.
This method, called “Augmentation” therapy, was developed by the OvaScience Fertility Laboratory but has not yet been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, so the UK could be the first country to test this groundbreaking treatment.

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