Overweight 100% : 17 of the most important causes of overweight

17 of the most important causes of overweight

The main reasons that make you obese
Overweight remains a mystery.
Many people who can not lose weight are often disappointed.

Although they try different diets, they do not see the positive effect.

Why do you think this is happening?

In this part of Updatebody, we will explain about this…

In a poll in 17 parts of the world;
People were asked why do you think you gained weight?

The people who took part in the survey had different body sizes, but most of them were obese.

It is interesting to note that some of the most common answers included the following:


Reason No. 1;
Not exercising and not having physical activity
All people who are obese and overweight should accept that the first and most important reason for their obesity is lack of physical activity and exercise, so accept that the main cause of obesity is lack of activity and inactivity.

Many people today are sedentary at work, sitting at desks for long hours and doing little physical activity.

Even many children are sedentary due to living in apartments and are constantly playing computer games and watching TV, which is why obesity is on the rise in today’s society.

People who are sedentary and do not exercise burn fewer calories, and gradually their extra calories are stored in the form of fat and become obese.

To prevent obesity, it is recommended that these people spend 2 to 3 hours each week on aerobic exercise or sports activities such as cycling, walking, or running.

Medical condition or problem
One of the causes of obesity and overweight in some people is disease and medical problems, so all overweight people should see a doctor to get acquainted with the medical problems that lead to overweight and they To treat.

Some of the medical problems that lead to overweight people :

Reason No. 2

Another cause of obesity is genetics.

Genetics affect the hormones involved in the regulation of fat production and fat burning, and genes affect the amount of fat stored in the body and where that fat is distributed.


Reason No. 3
Psychological factors

Psychological issues are also involved in obesity.

Some people become overweight in stressful situations and others lose weight in stressful situations.

People who are overweight in stressful situations turn to overeating to relieve stress.

Neurogenic abnormalities such as lesions or tumors of the hypothalamus, deficiency of neurotransmitters, and abnormal neural circuits in the human nervous system can also cause obesity.

Reason No. 4
Insulin resistance

Insulin is a very important hormone for regulating energy stores.

Research shows that one of the reasons for obesity is high insulin levels.

Stopping or reducing the consumption of simple or refined carbohydrates and increasing fiber intake is one of the best ways to reduce insulin.

Reason No. 5
Taking certain medications

Taking certain medications that are prescribed to treat diseases can cause weight gain.

For example, antidepressants and diabetics speed up metabolism and increase appetite.

Reason No. 6
Leptin resistance

Leptin resistance is another cause of obesity.

In the case of leptin resistance, leptin does not cross the blood-brain barrier and increases appetite.

Congenital leptin defect caused by mutations in the leptin-related gene is one of the genetic factors associated with obesity.

Leptin is produced in both fat cells and placenta and sends a signal to the brain causing a person to eat less.

Obesity occurs if the body is unable to produce enough leptin or is not stimulated by a mutation in its receptor hormone.

Reason No.7
Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome is another cause of weight gain that causes excessive production of male hormones in the body and irregular menstrual cycle and ….

Reason No. 8
Kidney problems

Kidney diseases such as liver failure or nephrotic syndrome can also cause sudden weight gain or swelling.

If the kidneys do not work well, the body retains fluids, resulting in weight gain.


Reason No. 9
Heart failure

Heart failure also causes sudden weight gain and swelling in certain parts of the body.

If the blood flow does not reach and leaves the heart at a constant rate, the function of the rest of the body is disrupted and fluid accumulates in the body tissues and the weight increases and the body becomes swollen.

Reason No. 10
Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the liver is another cause of obesity, in which fluid builds up in the abdomen due to the formation of scar tissue.

Reason No. 11
Thyroid disorders

Thyroid disorders reduce the body’s metabolism and thus weight gain.

Hypothyroidism affects the kidneys and causes fluid to remain in the body.

Reason No. 12
Cushing’s syndrome

Cushing’s syndrome is another condition that causes weight gain.

Cushing’s syndrome is usually associated with increased swelling in the abdomen, neck, upper face and back.

Reason No. 13
Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in menopause cause weight gain because during this period the production of estrogen decreases and the menstrual cycle gradually stops and weight increases and the thighs and abdomen become fat.

Hormonal changes at this age cause a decrease in metabolism. Body and thus gain weight.


Reason No. 14
Heavy exercise

Research has shown that people who do strenuous exercise may gain weight.

Doing heavy exercise not only builds heavier muscles and increases weight, but also increases appetite.

These people consume more food than before after exercising due to the high rate of metabolism.

If the amount of calories received by the body is more than the amount of calories consumed, the body begins to gain weight.

Reason No.15
Eating unhealthy foods

Another cause of obesity is eating unhealthy foods.
Unhealthy foods are usually high in calories and their constant consumption over time can lead to overweight and obesity.

Fast foods, fried foods, and sweets are high-calorie foods that are high in energy and can easily cause obesity and weight gain.

So if unhealthy foods make up a large part of your daily diet, you are at risk for weight gain and obesity.

Reason No. 16
Lack of healthy routine and wrong sleeping habits

To have a proper body, it is also important to pay attention to sleep hours, because if you sleep less and sleep irregularly, the secretion of hormones that control appetite is disturbed and the hormone leptin (satiety factor) decreases and ghrelin hormone (hunger factor) increases.

Excessive sleep will also lead to obesity, inactivity and miss meals breakfast and as a result you will eat more during the day.

If you get enough sleep, that is, 8 hours, you will feel less hungry and you will be safe from overeating.

Reason No. 17
Excessive food intake and overeating will also cause weight gain. On average, men need about 25,000 calories a day, and women need 2,000 calories.

Our body will receive too many calories and the body will store extra calories as fat in the body, especially in the abdomen.
Overeating can lead to weight gain, especially if the diet is high in fat or sugar.

To prevent obesity, you need to balance your calorie intake and burn and do not overeat.

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