Obesity : 1 important technique

Obesity : 1 important technique

Talking to obese people like this makes them obese
For some, being kind has another meaning in the treatment regimen, because years ago some experts believed that embarrassing obese people would help them lose weight, but this view is now completely rejected after extensive studies.

In a study of 2,944 adults in the UK over a four-year period, researchers found that more and more people who were referred to as obese were eating more and more.

Experts warn that people who often talk about their overweight with a disrespectful tone and attitude are more prone to being overweight because these tones and behaviors can lead to eating disorders and overweight.

Puts on the path of growth.

Dr. Sarah Jackson, a researcher at the University of London, blamed the humiliation on the language and warned friends and family members.

He continued: “All overweight people are aware of this problem, so there is no need for a reminder because this reminder does not help solve the problem and will have worse effects.”

“Research and studies have clearly shown that this type of behavior is considered an antidote to the treatment regimen and is not a solution,” said Professor John Wardell, a researcher in the British Cancer Research Division.

In one study, one in 20 participants spoke about the abuse, and a four-year study of these individuals showed an average gain of 1 kg over a short period of time.

However, people who survived these bad behaviors lost 700 grams of weight in the same period.

At the end: – Obesity

Increased appetite and overeating, especially in relation to the consumption of unhealthy foods is one of the reactions of these people to the stress resulting from these behaviors, which are full of behavioral discrimination.

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