Nose surgery

Nose surgery and important points :

Nose surgery and important points :

Those who need rhinoplasty ?
Rhinoplasty and plastic surgery have become a dream for many people.

A wish that the doctor must determine whether it can be achieved without any problems or not?

Although these days no one pays attention to these words and goes under the razor blade for more beauty and attractiveness.

The number of applicants for rhinoplasty is increasing day by day, but experts say that only a few people need to have rhinoplasty. .

Who needs rhinoplasty?
A nasal plastic surgeon confirmed this:
“Nasal deviation can be described as two forms of external nasal deviation and internal nose, which what we refer to as nasal deviation, is in fact the deviation of the middle septum of the nose.

It has deviations that these deviations are not considered as nasal deviations and internal nasal deviations are considered as part of plastic surgery.

He considers one of the most important intranasal problems in plastic surgery to be the deviation of the nasal septum and believes: In many patients, the external deviation of the nose is associated with different degrees of deviation of the inner septum of the nose.

If the patient goes for rhinoplasty and has a nasal polyp, he should be treated first and then have rhinoplasty.

Does any deviation of the nose require rhinoplasty?
However, in a number of patients, without any deviation in the appearance of the nose, the inner septum of the nose is severely deviated, and this type of deviation can be detected only by careful examination of the nose.

According to rhinosurgeons, surgery can remove the deviation of the middle septum inside the nose, but the apparent deviations can not be eliminated.

Some patients think that if the middle septum of their nose is repaired, the apparent problem of their nose will also be corrected, and to correct this thinking, the surgeon should inform the patient before surgery.

Rhinoplasty does not require surgery when the rhinoplasty does not cause respiratory problems and does not interfere with breathing. If a person intends to have rhinoplasty in addition to rhinoplasty, it is better to do these two surgeries at the same time.

However, according to experts, the deviation of the nasal septum in both categories needs to be corrected during surgery, so that at the beginning of surgery, before starting cosmetic procedures and changing the appearance of the nose, the surgeon must do his best.
Eliminate the deviation of the nasal septum and open the airway, and after ensuring that the natural way of breathing is established, proceed to the second part of the surgery, ie correcting the appearance of the nose.

Rhinoplasty and swollen extra tissues
The third most common problem that causes breathing problems before and after rhinoplasty is the presence of nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are swollen extra tissues that originate in the sinuses that grow slowly and enter the nasal space through the sinus duct, blocking the airway.

According to experts, if a patient goes for rhinoplasty and has a nasal polyp, his polyp should be treated first and then he should have rhinoplasty, because rhinoplasty should be performed in patients who have a problem with rhinoplasty. Does not, it aggravates the disease in them.

Experts recommend that due to the great delicacy and sensitivity of endoscopic sinus surgery, which is one of the most difficult surgeries in terms of surgical technique, in these patients, it is better to have rhinoplasty at another stage after treatment and improvement of sinus condition. .

People who need to have rhinoplasty
According to this ear, nose and throat specialist, of the three most common causes of respiratory problems in patients volunteering for rhinoplasty, two of them, namely nasal septal deviation and overgrowth of nasal tentacles, can be corrected at the same time as rhinoplasty. But the third cause, which includes nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis, is best treated in a separate stage, before rhinoplasty, because if any of these respiratory problems are diagnosed correctly and accurately, with proper treatment, the patient will volunteer. Rhinoplasty can ensure that your nasal breathing problem and health are resolved after surgery.

Nose surgery

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