Muscle growth forum

Muscle growth forum

Muscle growth forum : Dr. Jordan Shallow comment on muscle growth forum

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The Muscle Doc joins us again for a great conversation on how to build your fitness avatar through the pillars of strength, hypertrophy and stability.

 Jordan teaches us how to manipulate those pillars to achieve the goals of bodybuilding or hypertrophy.

We also discuss Ben and Jordan’s upcoming muscle camps in Australia, training the autonomic nervous system to get the most out of every set and the accessory work that powerlifters should be doing to prevent injury and lift as heavy as possible.

Harpreet Rai comment on muscle growth forum

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Joining us today is Harpreet Rai, CEO of the Oura Ring.

In this episode Ben and Harpreet dive into how he got involved with Oura as well as what makes it different from other sleep trackers out there.

They take a deep dive into HRV and analyze Ben’s numbers on the air.

He shares the future of the company and the concept of Own the Night.

Find out why Harpreet not only wants to give you a good night’s sleep, but the best quality of life!

Dr. Rob comment on muscle growth forum

muscle growth forum

Dr. Rob Wildman joins us to dive deep on protein consumption for trained individuals.

  We discuss the limitations of current RDA values, how protein synthesis works, and what is optimal vs recommended.

  Dr. Wildman gives us his optimal timing around workouts, best protein sources and much more!

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Dr. Evan Demarco comment on muscle growth forum

muscle growth forum

Dr. Evan Demarco joins us today to discuss the latest CBD research!

 These days you will hear a ton of out there claims about CBD for just about every ailment out there. 

That is why we brought on one of the country’s top CBD formulators to breakdown what we can and what we can’t expect when taking CBD supplements.

 Dr. Demarco presents us with some of the latest research on CBD and cortisol, the benefits of taking CBD with Omega 3s and breaks down the legality of buying CBD in the US.

Scott Nelson comment on muscle growth forum

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Joining us today is the founder of Joovv Light, Scott Nelson. 

Scott brings us all of the latest research on red light and near-infrared light therapy and the benefits that it brings.

 We dive into the fascinating topic of deuterium and how it’s accumulation may lead to increased risk of cancer and other chronic illness.

 We also discuss how research is showing benefits ranging from increased collegian production, increased stem cell growth, benefits for exercise, and positive impact on mitochondria and

micro biome. Sun light may be the greatest health hack that has been found and similar light therapies are a close second.

 Listen all the way through to hear how proper light exposure can improve everything from your workouts to your sleep.


The guys at Joovv have been so gracious as to giveaway a Joovv Solo to one lucky listener who subscribes and reviews this podcast as well as shares on social media!!!

Visit Instagram @bpakfitness for more details on how you can win this $1995 system from Joovv!!!

Dan Pardi comment on muscle growth forum

 Dan Pardi

Previous guest, Dan Pardi, returns to illuminate even more when it comes to sleep.

 Ben and Dan dive right in with discussion of his research of treating sleep disorders with GBH.

 They also discuss more natural ways to hack sleep including proper light exposure and timing, melatonin and CBD supplementation and more. 

Lastly we wrap up with talk of the effects that lack of sleep can have on brain function.

 If you struggle with getting enough sleep this is definitely a must listen.

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Dr. Zach comment on muscle growth forum

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Welcome back Dr. Zach Bush! 

Our last episode with Dr.

Bush was one of our highest downloaded ever so we decided to bring him back on to talk about how to limit our exposure and the effects of glyphosate.

 Dr. Bush is researching the effects that Monsanto’s chemical has on our cellular health and communication network. 

Dr. Stephanie comment on muscle growth forum

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is an expert in many areas, the MIT staff researcher’s focus has been on interfacing human communication with technology. 

Her background also includes a degree in biophysics which is where her focus has circled to more recently. 

Dr. Seneff has been studying how glyphosate molecules interact with amino acids, in particular, glycine.

 Dr. Seneff believes that glyphosate molecules are attaching to glycine receptors and causing many major health complications including infertility, autism, and DNA damage. 

Today we kick off our discussion on Monsanto’s popular pesticide and whether it is responsible for our declining health as a human race.

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Dan Garner comment on muscle growth forum

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We sat down with Dan Garner last weekend at the S.W.I.S conference to talk health optimization from a performance standpoint.

 Often we find that the largest hinderance to improvement particularly in trained athletes is underlying health conditions.

 In this episode Dan walks us through his though process when analyzing anyone from your average Joe to world class athletes.

 We discuss food sensitivities, gut health, digestion, underlying pathogens and of course finding your optimal ranges.

Eric Seifert comment on muscle growth forum

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One of Ben’s top mentors, Eric Seifert, joins us today to talk training!

 Eric is a master of exercise execution, injury prevention and one of the top M.A.T. practitioners in the world.

 Today Ben and Eric sit down and discuss some of the most common mistakes people make in the gym as well as how to fit exercises to your body.

Eric shares the wisdom that he brings to countless professional athletes and clients to help you train pain-free.

Dr. Greg Potter comment on muscle growth forum

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Joining us today is Dr. Greg Potter of Human.OS. 

Dr. Potter’s Ph.D. focused on researching the influences and mechanisms of the circadian rhythm.

 Today we go way beyond the sleep-wake cycle into meal timing, how light can positively and adversely affect your sleep, and how each of your systems operate on their own cycle that is linked to your brain’s master cycle.

 If you want to live the greatest life in your greatest body this is an episode you can’t miss.

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Andy O’Brien comment on muscle growth forum

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Today we have Ben’s best friend, Andy O’Brien, the strength and conditioning coach for the Pittsburg Penguins!

 Ben and Andy dive deep into optimizing performance no matter what your athletic endeavor is.

 We discuss the role of the CNS in athletic performance and how to determine your optimal state for performance.

 We also dive into exercise and drill selection to train for speed, power, and movement, the correlation between strength and performance and how to optimize recovery when there are variables that are out of your control.

Dr. Nicole comment on muscle growth forum

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Dr. Nicole Avena has dedicated her career to understanding the obesity epidemic and the neuroscience behind it.

 In this episode, we dive into the mechanisms that contribute to food addiction and how to develop positive habits around food. 

We also discuss in depth nutrition for children and how the early years of a child’s life are the most influential when it comes to developing good nutrition habits.



Bedros comment on muscle growth forum

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Ben recently sat down with Bedros to discuss his new book, Man Up.

 In this bonus edition of the Muscle Expert Podcast, we dive into Bedros’ greatest tips for leadership and clear communication and decision making.

As a special bonus for you all we are giving away signed copies of Man Up! All you have to do is leave a review for the Muscle Expert Podcast on iTunes.

 We will announce the winner on 10/18’s edition of the Muscle Expert Podcast.

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Cory Schlesinger comment on muscle growth forum

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Cory Schlesinger, the sports performance coach for Stanford Basketball, joins us to discuss the strength, conditioning and life skills that he trains into college athletes. 

Cory is one of the most forward-thinking strength coaches in college sports, today he teaches us the importance of working from the ground up.

 Working with outliers has forced him to evaluate mobility, movement and strength before diving into skill acquisition

Listen in to learn more about becoming great by building basics before skill.

Dr. Anthony Jay comment on muscle growth forum

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This is a very different episode of the Muscle Expert Podcast!

 Today we have Dr. Anthony Jay on to tell us about his latest research at the Mayo Clinic and to decipher Ben’s DNA.

This conversational episode starts with a discussion on the incredible results Dr. Jay is seeing from infrared light therapy with the Joov light.

From there we dive right into Ben’s DNA markers and how he is programmed for detoxification, performance and more.

Dr. Stephen comment on muscle growth forum

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Joining us today is Dr. Stephen Cabral, author of the Rain Barrel Effect and the host of the Cabral Concept Podcast.

Dr. Cabral brings us a different thought process when it comes to protein, what is the minimum effective dose for health and longevity?

 Dr. Cabral came to naturopathic medicine after a childhood autoimmune condition showed him that an integrative approach to treating disease was the best place to start.

 In this show we discuss macro balancing for longevity, the effects your DNA has on what you should be eating as well as the concepts that he covers in the Rain Barrel Effect, how to reduce the toxic burden on the body.

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Dorian Yates comment on muscle growth forum

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Dorian Yates’ is a man who needs no introduction.

He is a 6 time Mr. Olympia and one of the greatest physiques of all time. 

Today we steered away from the usual career topics and dove deep into Dorian’s life after bodybuilding.

 We talk briefly about why he decided it was time to retire and then we dive deep into the spiritual journey that Dorian has had since his bodybuilding days were over.

 Be sure to check out Dorian’s retreat in Costa Rica once this episode is over.

Judith comment on muscle growth forum

Joining us today is Judith Pennington from the Institute of the Awakened Mind.

 Judith has spent her life researching what is physically happening as your brain enters different states of consciousness.

 In this episode we dive deeper than just what the dominant frequency of your brain is and discuss the patterns of frequencies you see as someone is in a creative flow state, heightened consciousness and much more. 

Listen through to the end to hear how you can train yourself to recall those brain states at will!

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Kute Blackson on muscle growth forum

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One of the thought leaders of our time, Kute Blackson, joins us today to share his story. 

At a young age, Kate found himself thrust into a familial role that he didn’t see for himself. 

Today Kute is an international speaker on self-love and living your purpose. 

Listen in to hear Kate’s amazing insight on how to face the hard truths and find your purpose to live an amazing life.

Dr. Chad Waterbury on muscle growth forum

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Dr. Chad Waterbury joins us today to talk training! 

Dr. Waterbury shares his advanced knowledge of exercise physiology and the nervous system.

 He and Ben discuss building a workout, execution mastery, and the role of training on your nervous system.

We also dive deep on motor unit recruitment, optimizing recovery, and the balancing act that is avoiding overtraining.

Greg Roskopf on muscle growth forum

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Greg Roskopf the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques joins us today to discuss the role the neuro-muscular system plays in preventing injuries and performance. 

MAT is focused on hacking the nervous system to address muscular imbalances and relieve muscle pain. 

Ben and Greg discuss the benefits Ben has seen from MAT as well as the biological function behind it.

 Lastly, we discuss the next phase of Greg’s understanding of the nervous system that he has gained since a terrible accident left him rehabbing both brain and body.

Dr. David on muscle growth forum

User comments on muscle enlargement - muscle enlargement

Joining us today is Dr. David Carpenter, one of the worlds leading researchers on environmental pollution and an environmental advocate.

  Dr. Carpenter warns of the dangers of EMF pollution and upcoming 5G towers. 

From there we dive into more traditional environmental pollution and how to minimize your exposure to toxins such as PCBs which have contaminated most foods and are highly present in animal fats.  Listen through to the end to hear David’s take on how to best minimize your exposure and live a long and healthy life. 

Please reach out to Ben on social media if you would like to join the Muscle Intelligence movement to reduce pollution and live your greatest life!

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Dr. Gerald on muscle enlargement

User comments on muscle enlargement - muscle enlargement

Dr. Gerald Pollack is one of the pioneers in the research of the fourth phase of water, a structuring of water that lands between liquid and solid.

This fourth phase of water lives inside our cells and helps to keep our bodies negatively charged. 

Ben and Dr. Pollack dive deep into what structured water is, why it is necessary for health and how to maintain high levels of structured water as we age.

 Lastly, we wrap up with the future of Dr. Pollack’s research of structured water including the possibility of holding data in water molecules!

Daniel Debaun on muscle enlargement

Daniel Debaun is a former telecommunications engineer who has shifted his focus to eliminating exposure to electromagnetic radiation caused by modern technology such as cellphones and wifi.  Daniel invented a product called Defender shield to help his family, as well as others, avoid dangerous EMFs.

  In this episode, Daniel walks Ben through the mechanisms that cause EMF and the best practices to mitigate health concerns. 

Tune in for some great take-home advice to protect your self and your family from excess radiation exposure.

Darin Olien on muscle enlargement

Darin Olien is a man of many hats, some would call him a biohacker or maybe a healthy living enthusiast, but most call him a superfood hunter.

  Darin has traveled the world in search of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. 

Today on the Muscle Expert Podcast we talk to Darin about what the daily habits and nutrition look like for a man obsessed with the healthiest foods on the planet. 

We also discuss his most recent finding, Baruka nuts, a favorite here at the Muscle Expert Podcast.  Tune in to learn about this amazing new superfood that Darin is harvesting from the wild of Brazil.


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As you all know, this podcast has evolved beyond focusing on just muscle building.

  Today we tie together everything Ben has learned in the last two years into the MI40 Six Pillars.  Living a great life in a body you love goes far beyond just your time in the gym and your time in the gym is greatly influenced by what you are doing out of it.

So today we discuss what you need to be doing to achieve optimal health and fitness.

Congrats to our ATP Labs Giveaway winner Aaron Olszewski!!!

We are giving away some fantastic prizes every time a new episode drops! 

To enter make sure you have subscribed to and reviewed The Muscle Expert Podcast on your favorite platform. 

Then follow our Instagram giveaway posts each week to enter!

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Foundational Training for Muscle-Building Success (Part 1)

Pre and Peri Workout Nutrition part1

Pre and Peri Workout Nutrition part1

What are the tips for building muscles?

What Exercise essentials needs to be done in bodybuilding?

What gives someone the right to teach exercise?

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