Multivitamins and important points

Multivitamins and important points

Things to know about taking multivitamins
Taking multivitamins among mothers who are expecting their baby or who are planning to become pregnant should be very sensitive and careful about nutrition and medication.

According to the bdf institute, most of the multivitamins produced do not have labels or descriptions of the dangers of consumption for some people, which means exposing the patient to the risk of worse problems.

The main fear is related to women who decide to get pregnant because these multivitamins are dangerous for the health of the fetus.

It should be noted that vitamin A among vitamins is not useful for the fetus at all and can even be a problem, and some multivitamins contain this type of vitamin and threaten the health of the fetus.

The Daily Mail wrote:
Researchers in the United States and Denmark have found that mothers who take multivitamin supplements six weeks before fertilization are one-third more likely to have an abortion than other mothers.

This is the result of a study of 35,000 women who took an average of multivitamins.

Studies show that these women are 32% more likely to have an abortion.

Although more studies are needed in this area, experts believe that if you are planning to become pregnant, be sure to consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplement.

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