mountaineering equipment

mountaineering equipment

mountaineering equipment

The necessary equipment that you should bring with you in any mountaineering
Mountaineering is one of the sports or recreations For some, mountaineering is the main job or the required part of the main job.
Surveying technical routes in the mountains, using technical tools and engaging with rocky and icy routes is called mountaineering.
Different tools are needed to climb mountains effectively.

mountaineering equipment

There are two groups of climbers, one who is a professional and climbs with professional groups, and the other who is a novice and climbs with his family and for sightseeing.
The purpose of this article is to introduce some essential items for climbers of these two groups, including clothing, food and other essential items.
Learn about some of the most important mountaineering equipment and tips.

How long does your schedule take?
Depending on how many hours or overnight your schedule is, you will need different equipment.
Even the season and weather affect the choice of essential equipment.

In general, any mountaineering program requires the following items:

suitable shoes, mountaineering baton, mountaineering rope, waist bag for storing hand tools and backpack for placing larger items, light, comfortable and suitable mountaineering clothes for the season. Bedspreads, flashlights and extra batteries, plates and eating utensils, sunglasses and sunscreen, water bottles, dates and nuts, matches, trash bags, whistles, money and ID cards.

Healthy body…

If the program is shorter, the list of items needed will be shorter.
For example, in a program that lasts half a day and has more of a picnic, having a light meal with a flask of boiling water or tea would be a good idea.
While a one-day program requires diets and even cooking utensils.
It is also better to bring more hygiene items such as tissues or wipes and toothbrushes and toothpaste.
Therefore, the length of the program and whether it is short or long, will increase or decrease the list of mountaineering equipment.

Who are you traveling with? – mountaineering equipment
Professional climbers do not worry about the rest of their fellow travelers;
Because they know that everyone will have the tools they need.
Now suppose you are not a professional mountaineer and you are going to climb a little with your family.
In this case, it is better for someone who is older or more experienced to take responsibility for having the mountaineering equipment needed by everyone.

mountaineering program
mountaineering equipment

List of required clothing – mountaineering equipment
Jackets, pants and vests, mountaineering and mountaineering shoes, double-breasted shoes, polar jackets and pants, gortex jackets and pants, sun hat, storm and wool, gloves, two pairs of socks, underwear, gaiters, slippers and sandals, sunglasses And storm goggles are part of the clothing needed for mountaineering trips.
Remember that if you are going to travel to another city or country for mountaineering, it is good to have a suitable travel bag and suitcase to store the necessary items.

Essential items for food – mountaineering equipment
Small cooking light and frying pan, extra fuel or capsule, lighter or match, teapot and glass, sugar and tea, alcohol tablet or gel, chlorine tablet, spoon, fork and knife, water container, door opener, salt and spices, snacks, food Canned food, nuts, dry soups, and in short, any light and nutritious food that does not take up much space and does not weigh much are among the essential items for eating and eating.

Other essential equipment required
Flashlight, battery, whistle, large plastic, extra rope and thread, thread and needle, life blanket, sleeping bag, sleeping bag underlay, sleeping bag cover,tent underlay, bagbill, multifunctional knife, cordless, bag Survival, wire saw, map, mobile phone charger, insurance booklet, bank card and national card are among the other essential tools that you should bring with you.

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