Mountain : How to start rock climbing near me?
Interest is not just what you need. You must have good physical strength and fitness, be well equipped and have the basics to learn
 Climbing mountain peaks is slow and steady.It may take a few hours to go up slowly and then go back.
 Chance of unexpected events, You need to be able to maintain your blood pressure.
 Going with people who have already had climbing experience can be good

rock climbing near me
 I started from rock climbing near me, I am very interested in mountaineering and climbing, this exhilarating sport and give you my own experience.


mountaineering meaning  and climbing a mountain
One of the most energetic and most popular sports among the youth and climbers is rock climbing.

But if you’re practicing and rock climbing in nature, you need to be very careful and keep track of possible damage by doing a series of tips.

Eli Gasht magazine teaches safety tips in rock climbing for those friends who travel to nature and climb climbing.
Also, many of these tips for the nature of friends who climb or go berserk also useful and come to their work. Rock climbers use all of their body organs.

In climbing rocks, almost every part of the body, hands, wrists, shoulders, spine, pelvis, knees, ankles and legs are involved.

If your body and muscles are not ready, you may damage your body parts or endanger yourself. In any case, the incident never tells you.

So it’s best to get safety tips for climbing.


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Do not hurt yourself by using too much muscle

Whether you are doing rock climbing or having come back to climbing after a long break?
 do not use too much of your muscles.
Generally, those who are not fit for fitness in their fitness clubs can easily seriously harm their own body. Always work with a trainer.
If you’ve been doing rock climbing since the last time in nature,
then you need to take a long time so you’re ready for rock climbing.
One of the safety tips for climbing is to prepare the body and muscles and not use too much power. Know your body.
Also, remember that many of the muscles that you use in the natural environment, mountaineering and rock climbing are not used in sports clubs or during training.

they are weak. So do not get too hard at the beginning of everything.

Go ahead step by step

Damage to the fingers, hands, and elbows

Anyone who tracks rock climbing knows that the most common injuries to the fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows are due to the fact that these parts of the body are used when climbing more than the other parts and The result is more damage.
training for mountaineering and rock climbing became a science, climbers were working out on the outskirts of the city, lifting weights using devices such as Ladder Baher.
 With such exercises, many climbers were unaware of climbing safety tips, and as a result of their exercises, they suffered serious injuries, such as damage to the tendon, or ankle and elbow.
In order to prevent such damage, you should observe safety tips in rock climbing and do not practice when you feel pain.
Do not hurry anyway. Give your body time to rest.
 To do mountaineering and rock climbing again

Use the tools for climbing a mountain

Naturally, every mountaineering and rock climbing need professional equipment to enter nature and climb cliffs.
 Also, one of the most important tools you need for your tendons in your arms and legs is the ribbons that help the tendons.

Close these strips around your wrists and arms and fingers.
This is one of the most important safety tips in rock climbing and climbing.

If you pay for rock climbing at the club, Without auxiliary tools, do not perform complex movements.
 Also, when you buy such mountaineering and rock climbing equipment, pay attention to their quality. Never buy cheap and Poor quality equipment.
These devices will save your life in nature. Use clamps, ropes,  and climbing equipment of high quality

 Do not forget the daily rest

It is very important that you do not practice each day.

There should be an interruption between mountaineering and rock climbing exercises.
 Give your body time to relax.

If you are practicing today, rest tomorrow or have lighter exercises.
 Also, if you go on road trips, set hours for rest.
 The best program for road trips and nature rides along with rock climbing is to climb and travel for a period of two days and rest for one day.
Camping for one day in one place.

A place that gives you a very beautiful view.
 Keep in mind that safety tips on climbing. So relax a little. Take a tent near the lake or above the mountain.
Cooking on fire and do some good sports and enjoy


Do a variety of sports

Those who are interested in rock climbing and mountaineering should know that they should n’t only play one sport.
 You have to go to other sports too. You do not want to become a robot climbing only a cliff.
 So, do sports such as walking, jogging, weight loss, doing yoga exercises, mountain biking, and cycling, skiing and snowboarding, some of the group’s sports, such as basketball or ice climbing.
 Each of these exercises will make you a perfect athlete and make your body and muscles stronger.

By doing such exercises,  thus increasing your stamina.
 Then go back to climbing and nature trails

Try different rock climbing programs

If you are nature-surfing, climbing and rock climbing, go to new areas every time.
 Just do not miss the familiar mountain or cliff.
 Try a variety of rocks and learn new moves.
Set up regular meetings with your friends for weekly climbing, nature riding, and rock climbing.
If you encounter a problem with the movement, give yourself some time to rest and think and then practice it again.
 Diversifying the environment in which you perform rock climbing and climbing can give you the ability to cope with various problems and situations.
 It even prepares you to deal with life-threatening problems.
It also gives you the strength to your friends.

More climbing a mountain equipment
The expensive items are not always indicative of their suitability.

If you once go for climbing you don’t need climbing equipment, but if you want always to go climbing up, you should also buy professional equipment that is not usually cheap.

The names of climbing a mountain equipment
You have equipment such as a backpack, a Gortex jacket or a polar jacket, a jumper and a flashlight, a GPS, glasses, two pairs of gloves, a seasonal hat, a windproof, a sock, a water bottle, a knife, and a spoon, Forks, tents, sleeping bags, gas ovens, water disinfecting tablets, headscarves.

Conclusion: Simplify your sport

If you fail every time you climb, do not be hard on yourself in the next series of climbing.

Learn how to get started first
 In sum, most of the sports activities that are done in nature require much training in indoor clubs with a lot of safety features.
Take climbing safety tips first learn by doing basic training in the clubs with the presence of a coach. After that, enter into nature with rock climbing groups.

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