Motivation on weight loss

Motivation on weight loss

Maintain motivation on the path to weight loss and slimming

Motivation on weight loss ; It goes beyond choosing a diet and exercise program.

Your success depends 100% on your motivation and perseverance. The wrong diet will definitely deprive you of the opportunity to lose weight, and improper exercise can get you back and forth, or it may even cause injury and you may have to give it up altogether.

Most importantly, your mind must be perfectly steadfast. In this section , we introduce the factors that will help keep you motivated in your weight loss path.

Identify your reasons for losing weight – Motivation on weight loss

Many clients of weight loss campaigns talk about the reasons for losing weight.

The first and most important step in being motivated is to state exactly your reasons and remind yourself whenever you are frustrated. Make a list of reasons why you should change.

reasons for losing weight
motivation on weight loss

for example: – Motivation on weight loss

I have to lose 20 kilos before the wedding to have more confidence in my photos.
I need to lose weight to relieve depression and fatigue.
Write the above examples and your reasons on a piece of paper and make a copy of it and put it in your bag.
Or write them on your mobile phone and refer to it whenever you are unmotivated and tired.

Have realistic goals and motivations -Motivation on weight loss

Maybe one mistake will hold you back, so your goals need to be realistic.

For example, take the opportunity to lose a kilo a week, so do not expect too much. Most experts set a standard for weight loss per week, and you should not expect more than that. If you have big goals and you do not succeed in achieving them, you will definitely lose motivation over time.

Put aside self-criticism -Motivation on weight loss

Set realistic goals that will help you avoid frustration. If you fail, set aside self-criticism because it raises your level of anxiety, which certainly increases cortisol and adrenaline, and may itself be a factor in gaining weight and increasing your cravings for harmful foods

Weigh yourself once a week and write the average
Most people think that in the process of losing weight they have to weigh themselves every day but your weight goes up and down during the day for different reasons and it depends on when you do it. So do not do this every day because it will make you unmotivated.

Do this one day a week, at a specific time each time. It is usually best to weigh yourself in the morning and then record the average weight loss over the past 4 weeks.

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Just do not pay attention to your weight number -Motivation on weight loss

There is a common misconception that people think that healthy weight loss is just weight loss, but this is not the case. Losing a healthy weight means losing body fat. Exercise reduces your body fat, but it also builds muscle. So your weight shows more that you should not confuse it with being overweight.

When you burn calories, your body starts burning fat to get energy, and as a result, these fats are eliminated and the muscles replace them, and you become stronger.
So instead of measuring your size, try to measure your body fat loss.

Be honestly grateful for the body you have -Motivation on weight loss

People who are overweight usually do not go in front of the mirror because they are not satisfied with their appearance. You need to change this habit. Studies show that women who are honest about themselves, hug their bodies and take care of themselves are better off in terms of fitness and eating habits.

So next time, stand in front of the mirror with confidence and try to accept yourself as you are and love it and take more care of yourself.

Make smart choices for foodMotivation on weight loss

Most diet programs use similar techniques, eliminating some foods altogether and banning some drinks.

So try to make a smart choice for your food and Stick to the right lifestyle and do not just focus on food.
Keep track of your expenses
Always have an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle is more than just devoting time and energy. Be sure to be a regular member of the club and keep track of your fitness status. You can even hire a tutor and pay for it yourself.

If you spend money and your situation still does not change, you are probably on the wrong track.

motivation and perseverance
motivation on weight loss

Look for teamwork -Motivation on weight loss

One of the most effective ways to get rid of clutter you don’t need is to stay in the group, so join a group that has similar goals and stay motivated. Try to use their experiences. When you work in a team and a group, you will definitely feel better in terms of motivation and trying to lose weight.

Have supportive relationships -Motivation on weight loss

If you are lucky, your friends will be interested in this issue and you can do your job better with them, so set goals. These people can be close friends or family members with whom you can build a supportive relationship and be together along the way and motivate each other.

Be adventurous -Motivation on weight loss

Look for new solutions and do not focus too much on the future, next week and month and pay more attention to the present.

Try to do your job properly today and also have an adventure with him: Motivation on weight loss

Ride a bike with your friends every week.
Walk the path next to them.
Take a backpack and go mountaineering.
Attend swimming classes.
… and use different solutions.

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Share your goal with those around you -Motivation on weight loss

When you have a goal and no one knows about it, it is definitely easier for you to give it up, but when you tell others what your goal is, you see a level of motivation within you that makes it easier to move towards. Move forward.

For example, you can post your weight loss goal on Twitter, Instagram or social media. As long as you are sure you will stick to it.

Do not underestimate the miracle of music -Motivation on weight loss

Studies show that obese women who listen to music while exercising are more likely to stick to exercise than others. Yes! Music can help you forget the difficulty of exercising. So be sure to listen to energizing music while exercising.

Set aside fitness and modeling magazines -Motivation on weight loss

These magazines may be motivating, but they are definitely temporary because you are constantly comparing yourself to these people and you will be disappointed that you can not become like them. Instead, try to study the lives of people who have worked hard and persevered to achieve the same goal as you.

Set short-term goals- Motivation on weight loss

Long-term goals are definitely harder to achieve. If you set short-term goals in this direction and these goals are weekly and monthly, your sense of confidence and motivation in this path will increase.

Do not limit yourself too much to weight loss -Motivation on weight loss

You will have to make other choices such as cleaning the house, repairing the car, paying off debts, taking care of garden work, helping friends, etc. and be with family.

Try to increase your motivation and self-confidence by doing other daily tasks and do not limit yourself too much and get involved in weight loss programs.

Embrace the things you love – Motivation on weight loss

Maybe what you like is a pair of jeans that you want to measure again. Motivation to lose weight can overcome depression and make you more valuable to yourself.

Your goals are definitely very big and respectable, and if you achieve them, you will have a healthier life and spend more quality time with others. So keep everything that excites you in your mind and plan for it and focus on them.

So you are not going to make your small jeans stand out from others at all. Keep them in hand so that you can use them again soon after losing weight.

diet and exercise program
motivation on weight loss

Be competitive

Usually, human beings tend to be the best in every field. Of course, we also love perfection. Competitive weight loss in a team work is definitely 20% more advanced than doing it alone. So try to compete with the group that you exercise and have a healthy competition to overcome the limitations and reach your goals faster.

Be steadfast

Sometimes you are really tired and do not want to continue at all, but what do you think should be done in such a situation?

If you give up now, can you reach your goal again?
Can you start over?
How will life be for you if you give up your goal?
Where are you in the next six months and how do you feel?
By answering these questions, you realize that giving up is not the right thing to do at all, and how much better it is to move forward.

Take photos of your progress

When you exercise and eat healthy, you will definitely make changes that are very slow. For this reason, you should take a photo of yourself once in a while to notice these small changes in yourself and increase your motivation. These changes are very small and if you record them in the photo, you will notice them.

Live like someone you have always dreamed of

Do you want to change your lifestyle in terms of eating and exercising in general? Well, from now on, make your habits positive. If you want to have a healthy and active lifestyle, provide the conditions and environment for such actions today. You can even change clothes, cars, workplaces and anything to fit what you want.

Plan for surrenders along the way

We all want to be perfect in whatever goal we set, but the problem is that there are always setbacks to success, so you have to let those setbacks and weaknesses show themselves.

Then plan to improve them. You are not Superman, sometimes you need to stop. Prepare your mind for these failures and surrenders to deal with them more easily.

Do not think that your goal is the end of everything

If your goal is to lose weight and you want to get back to your previous life after achieving that weight loss, then know that you have wasted your time. Losing weight is not a short-term solution, but your lifestyle should be constantly changed because if you go back to the previous routine, your result will be the same; So you have to constantly improve your life.

Find a healthy alternative to any unhealthy habits or food
If you make a mistake in this way and consume any unhealthy food or substance, it is better to make a commitment to yourself to replace a healthy habit or food.

Use sports and food magazines

Having sports magazines will help you stick to your healthy routine, motivate you to keep going, plan and prepare your mind. You can also use the new solutions of these scientific journals.

Do not depend on anything

Humans usually adapt to their environment in life. For example, if your job is behind the desk, you will definitely get used to doing it all the time.

Do new things every day and avoid monotony and be constantly growing and progressing. Try to do your work in a newer space, which will increase your level of creativity and you will be less tired.

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