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More health : 23 of the most important points

More health : 23 of the most important points

Key points to keep your body healthy – More health

1- If you cough too much, eat honey

2- Putting ice on the face increases blood flow and helps prevent the signs of aging and skin wrinkles.
Massage a few pieces of ice on the face for at least twice a week to make the skin glow naturally.

3-You feel pain or inflammation in your joint, try to rest the joint for 12 to 24 hours and do not put too much pressure on the joint.

4-Your skin is not clean, there is no chance for the cells to breathe, so the first point in the beauty of the skin is to clean it properly.
You need to use creams and powders during the day, it is better not to use these chemicals as much as possible.
At least give your skin a chance to breathe overnight

5- During adolescence and youth, these interdental surfaces are more prone to decay.
So it is no exaggeration to say that at this age, flossing is more important than brushing.

6- You live in big cities with polluted air, such as Tehran, it is necessary for you to eat a glass of milk on a daily basis, because one of the causes of air pollution is lead, which is prevented by eating milk.

7- Garlic, although it does not contain any vitamins, absorbs germs and toxins and is finally excreted.

8- Consumption of green tea increases the body’s metabolism and helps to lose weight.
This useful drink has anti-cancer properties and prevents cardiovascular disorders.

9- Children’s clothes should be chosen from bright colors.
These colors not only absorb the least heat, but also colors such as blue, pink, green, orange and purple are effective in the happy mood of children.

10- To prevent graying of black hair, apply some olive oil on the scalp, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes 2 or 3 times a week and wash at the right time.

11- Collect some cucumber peel and place it in the kitchen and in places where you think these insects will pass.
Many ants naturally hate cucumbers and avoid them.
Bitter cucumbers work better.
This solution along with your comfort; Allows creatures to live too!

12- Walnut is one of the nuts that helps you gain weight very quickly and naturally.
The amount of omega 3 in this substance is very high and prevents various diseases in your body.

13- Mango is a tropical fruit that is great for health because of its countless nutrients.
The antioxidants in this fruit are useful for preventing cancer, promoting eye and skin health, digesting food easily, combating anemia, and so on.

14- Drinking each glass with fresh lemon pulp and low sugar can fill the stomach and prevent overeating.
The best dose is up to three glasses daily before each meal.
In addition, consuming this drink, due to its sour taste, causes the stomach to contract and prevents overeating.

15- Putting the foot in peppermint water eliminates fatigue and swelling of the foot.
It is necessary to prepare 2 pans, one containing hot water and a little peppermint oil and the other cold water containing peppermint oil.
First put your foot in a basin of cold water and after a minute, put your foot in hot water.

16- Protein and zinc are two effective factors in increasing height in boys are the highest rate of height increase from 13 to 20 years old and in girls from 11 to 18 years old.

16- People with dry skin should use bath oils and emollients after bathing so as not to aggravate their dry skin.

17- Be sure to see your dentist if you have the following problems, as you probably have gingivitis (gingivitis);
• discoloration of the gums; For example pink, red or magenta
Swollen and spongy gums
The gums are receding, the teeth look bigger, part of the roots of the teeth may also be seen.

18- You see your child leaning forward to carry his or her backpack, consider it heavy, regardless of its weight.
Also, causing pain, tingling in the limbs, especially the hands and shoulders, or any other problems such as excessive fatigue and numbness of the limbs also means the need to reduce the weight of the backpack.

19- Look for foods rich in antioxidants, probiotics and vitamins;
Just avoid extra sugar.
Or better yet, the next time you go shopping, buy these 6 foods that help you lose weight and boost your immune system:
citrus fruits, kale, yogurt, garlic, tea and honey, chicken soup!

20- Green tea contains a significant amount of catechins, which have a direct effect on the fat around the eyes.
In addition to eliminating belly fat, this tea reduces blood lipids, cholesterol and its antioxidant status reduces the risk of free radicals that cause cancer.
21- Researchers have also found that consuming chocolate can increase “vision” in people, because chocolate improves blood flow to the brain, and by increasing blood flow to the “retina”, people gain stronger vision than in the past. .

22- Disposable, clear plastic containers are only suitable for cold foods and beverages and should not be used for hot drinks and foods.
Disposable white plastic containers are also suitable for cold, hot and wet foods, but should not be used for hot foods.

23- Failure to treat hypothyroidism in the long run can damage your peripheral nerves.
Symptoms of the disease include pain, numbness, and tingling in various parts of the body.
It can also cause muscle weakness or loss of muscle control.

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