mind exercises

mind exercises

mind exercises

mind exercises – exercises that challenge the mind in addition to the body
mind exercises : Those who do not exercise are certainly not familiar with the mental focus that exercise can create for them and need more effort to stay focused.
Exercise, in fact, plays a special role for a person’s mind and builds self-confidence.

mind exercises

Exercises that also train your mind

  1. Baseball – mind exercises

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, a lot of muscle strength is used in baseball.
Visualize the best techniques you know before, during, and after your workout to prepare your muscles for each of them.
Having difficulty performing certain techniques can shake a person’s concentration, which is why the sport requires a steel mind.

Visualizing where you send the ball is just as important as being able to get yourself to the point where you need to focus again to succeed in performing the techniques.

  1. Golf -mind exercises

Golf is known as one of the most challenging sports in the world and regardless of whether you are a novice or a professional, if you have good concentration, you can enjoy this game to the fullest and play golf It is always challenging.

The whole secret of mastering the game of golf, both for beginners and professionals, is to achieve the necessary mental focus for this game, as well as patience during the game, which is very important.

How a person evaluates their performance during the game can affect their mental focus.
The slightest mental conflict can affect a person’s concentration and ruin his game, so one should keep calm and focus on the game.

3.Tennis – mind exercises

The sport of tennis is a dynamic and focused sport, and professional tennis athletes are well aware of the effects of not focusing on their game.

According to Thomas Berdych: Focus is an important part of playing tennis, and if you can not lose focus during the game like a professional athlete, you will definitely succeed. My mental trainer has taught me simple things to focus on, such as creating a system and routine in daily life that helps me do my job, and the important thing in doing this exercise is to focus my mind on Keep playing and avoid paying attention to events outside of it.

As much as you try to do better techniques in this game, you need to try to strengthen your focus in this game.

mind exercises
  1. Gymnastics mind exercises

Gymnastics is a sport that requires a high degree of coordination between memory, physical strength and concentration. The acrobatic moves performed in this sport require more power than others think.

One of the most common things a gymnast does when competing with himself is to criticize his performance for a technique he has done before but failed to do at that moment.

In this sport, a person’s movements, accuracy and timing must be coordinated, and the exercise programs of this sport are 5 days a week and include sessions of 3 hours or more. A work-out gymnastics requires complete mental focus to succeed, and losing one’s focus while performing complex movements can have catastrophic consequences.

  1. Swimming – mind exercises

Swimming is also a sport that requires a lot of concentration. Swimmers often find themselves in what is called a “seven-day sabotage cycle,” where they doubt their abilities and become overly stressed.

“Swimmers usually rely 90% on their physical strength and 10% on their mental strength in training, but in competitions they rely on 90% because they believe in their physical ability,” says Elka Graham.

  1. Cycling – mind exercises

Cycling is known as one of the sports in which a person is constantly exposed to stress. This sport requires a great deal of concentration and is not suitable for everyone. The easiest part of this sport is preparing the body for the race and creating a program, but still maintaining a high concentration in this sport is difficult.

In this sport, in order to maintain competitive pressure, there is a need for continuous psychological development, and the important point here is the ability to control the cyclist’s nerves, which will never reach its full potential if the cyclist cannot control his nerves. Pressing the pedals and moving the feet up and down for hours requires complete physical and mental preparation.

The cold blood of the cyclist in this situation is a mental skill for him and also cycling is an ideal sport to overcome failure and take more advantage of it and cyclists learn from their mistakes and they Set aside.

In addition, cycling is about strategic planning and strategic approaches.

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  1. Boating -mind exercises

It may not seem like it, but rowing requires a lot of mental strength. What people are often unaware of is that sailing is a set of psychological strengths and psychological functions that are the result of tremendous psychological effort and commitment along with mental endurance.

Some people describe sailing as a living nightmare, which makes it difficult to become a champion.
Basically, rowers should paddle about 30 times per minute, and rowing should be better each time than the last time, and each rider should try better and harder than the other, and since the movement of the rowers is related, one move Wrong can also affect the movement of others.

This cruel yet amazing sport requires constant concentration.

  1. Rock climbing-mind exercises

Most people look at this sport as fun and easy as running, but it is not easy at all and it only seems comfortable when one is completely professional in doing it.

Rock climbing is beyond physical ability and this sport is a concentration sport and many exercises for this sport include mental exercises.

This sport is one of those sports where you will learn a lot from the failures you suffer. But what is unique about this sport is that it is safe for the person to make mistakes in it, because one of the lessons of rock climbing is how to fall safely.

Rock climbing is about pushing the body to do what the mind has predicted and high concentration is a prerequisite for success in this sport.

mind exercises
  1. Combined martial arts

Combined martial arts is a full-fledged martial art. This sport is a combination of fighting techniques that may be standing and on the ground. In this sport, less boxing techniques are used.

Combined martial arts are a perfect example of mental and physical readiness, and if fighters are mentally prepared, they can fight for hours, while if they are not focused enough, they will easily fail.

In this sport, mental fitness is 90% important and physical fitness is 10% important, and in this sport, the best fighter is not the one who wins, but the one who fights in the best way.

  1. Boxing

Boxing is a sport in which two people wearing protective gloves face each other and punch each other.

Boxing is known as a free and breathtaking sport. Each stage requires concentration, strength, determination, strong will and a high level of readiness for the success of boxers.

Boxing is a rare sport that one does not know what to expect, so boxers are always preparing themselves for unfortunate events. In boxing matches, boxers use strategic moves in combat, and the sport requires a high level of physical fitness and concentration.

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