Military diet plan

Military diet plan 100% – The Best Military diet

Military diet plan

Military diet plan : Does It Really Work? + An example of this diet

Military diet plan : The one-week weight loss diet or diet is currently one of the most popular weight-loss diets in the world.

It is said that this diet will help you lose weight immediately, about 2.5 kg in a week!

The military diet is a no-cost diet and you do not have to buy a book or buy expensive food and supplements.

But does this diet really work?

And is there anything you can try?

What is a military slimming diet ? – Military diet plan

A military diet that is also called a three-day diet is a weight loss diet that helps you lose about 2.5 pounds in a week and reduce your abdominal fat.

The Military Weight Loss Program has a three-day diet plan and four days of no free exercise, and this weekly cycle is repeated over and over again until you reach your desired weight.

Proponents of the diet claim that US Army Nutritionists designed the diet plan to get the ideal soldiers faster.

But the reality is that this diet is not affiliated with any government or military establishment.

The military slimming diet has many names, such as the Navy, the Army, and even the Ice Cream Diet.

How is the military slimming diet ? – Military diet plan

The three-day military diet is divided into two parts over a two-day period.

For the first three days, you have a pre-set, low-calorie schedule for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you don’t want any snacks.

The total calories consumed in these three days are approximately 5 to 5 calories a day, well below the daily calorie intake for an adult.

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Military diet plan
Military diet plan

For the remaining four days of the week, you’ll be eating healthy and maintaining your calorie intake for the first three days.

Proponents of this diet claim that you can repeat this cycle as many times as you need to reach your desired weight.

Military diet plan:

Day One: This program is for day one and has about 2 calories

Breakfast – Military diet plan

A slice of toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

Half a grapefruit

And a cup of coffee or tea (optional).

Lunch – Military diet plan

A slice of toast

Half a ton of fish

And a cup of coffee or tea (optional).

Dinner – Military diet plan

85 grams of meat with a cup of green beans

A small apple

And a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day 2: This program is for Day 2 and has about 2 calories


A slice of toast

A boiled egg

Half a banana

And a cup of coffee or tea (optional).


A boiled egg

A cup of cottage cheese

Crunchy biscuits

And a cup of coffee or tea (optional).


Two hotdogs without bread

Half a cup of carrots and half a cup of broccoli

Half a banana

And half a cup of vanilla ice cream.

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Day 3: This program is for Day 3 and has about 2 calories


 One 5g slice of cheddar cheese

 Crunchy biscuits

 A small apple

 And a cup of coffee or tea (optional).


 A slice of toast,

 An egg (baking method, free),

 And a cup of coffee or tea (optional).


 A ton of fish,

 Half a banana,

 And a cup of vanilla ice cream.

You are free to drink coffee or tea because you do not add sugar and cream to these drinks. Drink plenty of water too.

Four days left

You’re in the diet for the remaining four days of the week.

Eating snacks is free and no food groups are banned from you. But you should limit the amount of each serving to less than 2 calories per day.

There is no other law for these four days.

in the military diet those with dietary restrictions can eat other foods in the first three days instead of the recommended foods, but these alternative foods should have as much calorie intake.

For example, if you are allergic to peanuts, you can consume almond butter instead. Also, if you’re a vegetarian, you can eat a few almonds instead of just one fish.

Ultimately, the goal is to keep your calorie intake the same.

If you change every promise made in the program for any reason, you must calculate its calories.

Proponents of a one-week diet plan to drink hot lemon juice, but avoid drinks that contain artificial sweeteners.

Of course, there is no scientific proof that this is a good idea!

Does a one-week lean diet have scientific backing?

No studies have been conducted on a one-week slimming diet. But an average person is likely to lose a few kilograms a week because of their limited calorie intake in one week.

If the calorie intake in fat tissue is less than the calorie intake, fat burning will occur.

Proponents of the diet believe that the varied dietary composition in the program makes it a slimming diet because the dietary intakes of the diet increase metabolism and fat burning, but there is no truth to the claim.

Coffee and green tea contain compounds that can increase metabolism to some extent, but no dietary compound that has had such an effect has been identified.

If you take a look at the foods in this program you will find that it does not look like a fat burner.

Foods that contain high protein increase metabolism more than any other food.

But most of the lean diet foods are low-protein and low-carbohydrate, which is not a good combination for weight loss.

Some also claim that this diet has similar benefits to intermittent fasting. But there is no similarity between fasting and the military lean diet, so this claim is false.

Is a military lean diet safe and traceable?

A one-week slimming diet does not pose a risk to the average person because it is too short to cause lasting harm.

But if you want to continue this diet for several months, limiting your calorie intake may put you at a loss for nutrients, especially if you don’t eat vegetables and other nutritious foods regularly during your free days.

In addition, eating hot dogs, crisp and salted cookies and ice cream each week may increase the likelihood of metabolic problems.

Chewing gum should not be a constant leg of your diet.

As for the follow-up to this diet, we should say that the military diet is relatively easy to use and does not require long-term changes inhabits, and you only need to be willing for a short time.

That is, it probably won’t help you maintain weight in the long run because it won’t help you change your habits and lifestyle.

Can you really lose 1.5 kg in one week?

The military slimming diet has gained popularity because it claims you can lose four and a half pounds in one week.

Theoretically, this amount of weight loss is possible for overweight people who severely restrict their calorie intake.

But much of this weight loss is due to dehydration, not fat!

By reducing glycogen storage in the body, the weight of water drops immediately, which is what happens when you limit carbohydrate and calorie intake.

This may be nice when you go on the scales, but when you return to your normal diet, this lost weight will come back.

A one-week slimming diet is useful, but not for long!

If you are going to lose a few pounds more quickly, then a lean military diet is right for you.

But you should know that losing weight is coming back very soon.

For this simple reason, a one-week slimming diet is not good for your long-term goals.

If you really want to lose weight and maintain it after you get to your desired weight, there are many weight loss methods that are much better and more beneficial than a weight loss diet.

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