Lower back pain causes female

yoga instructor – Doctors Gave Up Fixing This Yoga Girl’s Back Pain, But… In Less Than An Hour, She’s Doing The Downward Dog Again


By Ian Hart, CSCS

Lower back pain causes female

lower back pain causes female

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After helping 100’s of people who suffer from lower back pain and battling it myself when I was younger…

I can you tell there’s probably no more aggravating form of pain.

Sometimes you can’t sit. Sometimes you can’t stand. Sometimes you can’t walk or drive. Or lie in bed. Or even twist your neck.

The pain is simply wretched.

A couple days ago, someone came into our clinic on her hands and knees. It was the only way she could find relief.

She was in tears. The pain radiating down her legs was unbearable.

She actually inspired today’s article. Today I’m going to tell you what I told her…

Every week in fact, my clinics and programs are a destination for people from all walks of life who suffer from back pain.

The first thing you should appreciate is back pain is not your main problem.. That’s right.

lower back pain causes female

Allow me to be clear about this, because it’s important:

“Back pain” is not a diagnosis.

If you’re seeing a doctor and they’re telling you that’s what you have, you’re not being told the whole truth.

(I have doctors who are in pain visit my clinics, so I know.)

Let’s put it this way:

Back pain is a symptom. The doctor is only labeling a symptom. They’re not telling you what is actually wrong!

Now when they put a label your pain, I totally get how good that makes you feel in the moment.

What happens next?

They prescribe some heavy duty Ibuprofen to calm the inflammation, maybe ship you off to a physical therapist, and then they’re onto the next patient.

And you already know how that works, don’t we?

Let’s face it:

The Reality is a Lot of Doctors Fail to Fix Their Back Pain Patients

They return repeatedly with the same pain, the same issue, the same cry for help.

The doctor eventually begins to wonder whether the patient even wants to get better.

Imagine that! It doesn’t quite occur to them it could be the treatment that’s not working.

And that’s because their “back pain” diagnosis just becomes an easy way of sending the patient home happy.

For the record, any number of things can be the true cause of your back pain…

  • A disc irritating, compressing or pinching a nerve…
  • A facet joint at the back of a vertebra which is out of alignment…
  • A strained back muscle spasming and painfully squeezing a nearby nerve or nerve sheathe…

lower back pain causes female

Multiply these issues by the number of vertebrae and muscles in the back and…

You can appreciate how much work it can be to accurately diagnose the root problem. Even with technology like MRIs.

Which is why most doctors feel they’re doing the best they can with the resources available.

That’s why I prefer to take a more self-directed, holistic approach to fixing back pain.

So… How Do We Fix the Pain and Stiffness?

Recently, a successful yoga instructor came to my clinic and…

Even after decades of yoga, for some reason, she still suffered with back pain.

I don’t know about you, but I was under the impression that yoga instructors and their active, stretch-filled, muscle-focused, posture-perfect lifestyle…

… Would be the LAST PEOPLE ON EARTH to experience back pain.

Actually, I was rather shocked.

If a 45-year old, healthy yoga instructor can be dealt a crippling back pain blow…

What does this say about the rest of us?

Here’s Michelle’s inspiring story in her own words.

I think it’ll inspire hope if you’re also suffering…

lower back pain causes female

How did we help Michelle? Or maybe more aptly, how did Michelle help herself?

She did 8 specific movements…

These 8 movements are totally unlike “the sheets” of exercises you get from chiropractors or doctors.

Instead, we “wake up” certain muscles and restore muscle balance. 

That’s key.

Then in certain areas of her back, we jump-started pathways so vital oxygen and nutrition could get in and help her heal.

That’s the holistic way to relieve and remove back pain.

It’s not uncommon, but in Michelle’s case, it took just two 30-minute sessions.

Two 30-minute sessions and she was completely out of pain.

Yes, there are ways to get out of pain. They don’t require medication, surgery or injections. They don’t require months of physiotherapy.

You just have to restore your body’s natural functional movement and muscle balance and allow it to heal naturally.

THIS ARTICLE IS FOR​: Men and women of all ages and walks of life who want ​major relief from back pain ​in ONLY 16 MINUTES

This Unusual 16-Minute,
8-Movement Method…

…Relieves Years of Upper AND Lower Back Pain, Forcing Your Body to Gently Yet Naturally “Rebalance” Itself

Bonus​: Releases a Flood of Biochemicals in Your Body Designed to Finally Heal Your Back for Good!

Here’s Proof:


If you suffer from chronic back pain and TRIED EVERYTHING to get rid of it over the years?

Right now, I want you to do just one thing.

And that goes DOUBLE if you’ve ever found yourself incapacitated for days, confined to your Lay-Z-Boy, Barcalounger or bed.

Hi I’m Ian Hart, and… you’re about to hear a life changing story…

…about how a 49 year old nearly-crippled bus driver… told by his doctors he needed to change careers or end up in the wheelchair…

…went on to completely transform his body, becoming totally pain-free something doctors said was impossible…

You’re Not Alone…

Did you know… more than one-third of Americans in their mid-50s and older have chronic pain in their neck or back?

And a similar percentage report chronic knee or leg pain.

In fact, more than one in five adults in their late 40s through late 80s has some other type of recurring pain.

Chronic pain conditions increase rapidly from about ages 25 to 60.1

All without any prescription drugs…. invasive, expensive surgery or steroid injections… or other over the counter “remedies.”

I’ll also show you how you can use the exact same 100% pain relief method he did to experience not only pain free movement, but…

…stronger muscles, better posture, and more flexibility in the next 16 minutes.

(I’ll even share with you the cause of your pain and the remedy right inside this article.)

Going from…

  • Excruciating pain, bedridden, confined to a Laz-Z-Boy for days on end…
  • Not being able to work…
  • Taking pain killers that leave you feeling sub-human…


  • Pain-free
  • 100% off medication…
  • Able to work a normal shift without discomfort of any kind
  • Restoring back strength and flexibility
  • Flooding the back with healing nutrients


Here’s what’s really weird…

You’ll be shocked when you read his story and discover the easy solution that freed him from a life of pain and agony.

Even after trying everything short of risky surgery to find a remedy.

So if you’re struggling with back pain, if you’ve tried workout programs and diets and seen little in the way of real results then this article could change your life.

That’s because…

These 2-Minute “Miracle” Movements Are So New, and So Different, You’ve Never Seen Anything Like Them Before!

And… in the next few minutes as you read this short article, you’ll discover:

  • Why you’re in pain, even though you did nothing wrong. (It has nothing to do with your bones.)
  • Why yoga, pilates and even other basic stretching exercises may be doing you more harm than good.
  • The easy way to “trick” your body to unlock a spasming back. The relief you’ll feel is immediate and wonderful…
  • And… how doing these simple movements regularly can GUARANTEE you never suffer back pain again…

But More Importantly Than All Of That…

Reading This Article To The Very End Reveals EXACTLY How You Can Use These 8 Short
2-Minute Movements To Help You
Get Out of Pain In Just ONE Session…

Your entire back is flooded with pain-relieving nutrients and oxygen… reducing inflammation… increasing overall flexibility… naturally correcting your posture… and relieving nagging aches and pains!

As you’ll see below, these uniquely sequenced movements have been privately tested and proven to work on men and women of all ages, body types, skill levels and in any physical state of health…

…quietly used all around the world “underground”… because these routines are based on the physiological mechanics of the body!

And… if you’re skeptical about getting out of pain, then I encourage you to keep reading.


You’ll discover everything I say is backed up by scientific study and research. Without a shadow of a doubt, the method allows your body to naturally unlock and release the pain for good.

The best part is…

These 2-Minute “Miracle” Movements Will Work For You With Zero Equipment… No Expensive Patches, Braces or Uncomfortable Girdles… and Most Importantly No Over the Counter or Pharmaceutical Drugs!

Before we go any further however, it’s important I give you fair warning:

The information in this article flies in the face of what you may have been told in the past about back pain.

Instead of giving the natural pain relief you need, mainstream healthcare professionals profit keeping you hooked on…

  • Mind-numbing medications…
  • Expensive, non-essential surgery…
  • Painful corticosteroid injections…
  • Supposedly therapeutic massages…
  • Expensive electrical stimulation machines…

They know that when you learn real solutions exist like these 2-minute movements? You’ll NEVER have to spend another penny on their back pain procedures again.

OK… now that I have your undivided attention and I know you’re serious about eliminating back pain from your life using these 2-minute “miracle” routines, let me share with you a quick story about one of my clients…

It All Started With A 49-Year Old Bus Driver
Who Came To Me As His Last Resort.
His Pain Was Unbearable…

(Warning: What’s described below is
NOT for the squeamish)

At 49, Jim walked like a feeble, old man. Hunched forward, hand on his back, every step an effort.

“Can you help me, Ian?” he asked.

When he first stepped foot into my fitness studio, Jim was a bus driver getting close to retirement and his well-deserved pension.

Only one problem. He was in EXCRUCIATING pain.

I dare not ask Jim to touch his toes or do some other type of exercise to gauge his condition.

I immediately had him gently position himself on the floor, put a pillow under his head and guided him through the 1st of 8 healing, pain-relieving, 2-minute movements…

Like most service industries and professions, bus drivers are put in an incredibly difficult situation. Forced to sit uncomfortably all day for years, stressed out from traffic and customers, the job more often than not, results in the slow motion demolition of their spine.

(All the while they’re in pain, they’re told to smile.)

To make matters worse, as they get closer and closer to their retirement, their company does something rather devious. They look for every reason to lay the drivers off, rather than have to pay their future pension and healthcare.

Imagine Jim’s anger when he was told he would lose everything he worked so hard for.

It’s a SHAMEFUL way to treat a loyal employee at the end of their career. But the truth is? It’s not uncommon.

So when bus drivers aren’t able to do the job, hard working people like Jim, who gave their adult lives to the company, serving their local community, are often denied their rightful pension as well as healthcare.

They get old and they thrown out. Like garbage. It’s incredibly sad. It’s not his fault. But such was the predicament Jim found himself in. He was desperate.

Jim simply HAD TO WORK till retirement. He had no choice but to prove to the company he was able to drive a bus, so he could ultimately collect his pension.

Jim’s pain had started a couple years earlier, when electrical shooting pains, called sciatica, developed in his right leg.

He continued to work, but the shooting pains persisted. Then one day after work, the pain was unbearable. He went to the emergency room.

The news was not good.

An MRI scan showed a noticeable rupture of a disk below the fifth lumbar vertebra.

You see, disks—the spine’s shock absorbers—are sheathed in a fibrous casing called the annulus, which protects their gelatinous core. When a disk ruptures, bits of it break through the casing.

The MRI scan showed that the protruding edge of Jim’s ruptured disk was pressing up against the right nerve root as it exited the spine.

Unfortunately, the MRI showed something else disturbing. Some narrowing of the disk immediately above—an early sign of “degeneration.”

Jim was given different pain medications at different times, including Vicodin, Percocet and Darvon which he could only use when he wasn’t driving. Instead, he occasionally received epidural steroid injections. But his pain persisted.

Then, about nine months after Jim injured himself, an orthopedic surgeon performed a procedure called a discectomy, where a fragment of the ruptured disk is removed.

For 75% of patients with sciatica who undergo discectomy, the procedure helps relieve pain. In Jim’s case, his sciatica went away, but the pain in his lower back INCREASED.

Yet another MRI showed that the disk the surgeon had operated on had started protruding AGAIN. This time pressing up against both the right and the left nerve roots.

The surgeon told Jim that the next step would be TO FUSE his lower vertebrae together, which supposedly had become “unstable.”

The surgeon’s new plan was to remove Jim’s degenerated disk or disks that were causing the pain and mechanically brace the spine with metal rods and bone grafts.

Cost? $150,000.

First however, the surgeon wanted Jim to undergo an incredibly painful procedure called a discography–an invasive process that determines how much of his pain was coming from the lower protruding disk and how much from the upper, narrowed one.

This information would help the surgeon decide if one or two disks should be completely removed.

Regardless, the discography was performed at the hospital. Jim was asked to lie on a long metal table with his lower back exposed.

To Jim, what was about to happen next was nothing short of… MEDIEVAL TORTURE.

A radiologist trained in the technique, explained that he would be applying increasing amounts of pressure to his injured disks. Jim’s job was to try to discern whether the pain he felt during the procedure was “familiar,” or “different” from his current pain.

First, the radiologist administered an anesthetic just under the skin, so he could insert a needle called a “trocar” into Jim’s lower back.

Following his progress on a device called a fluoroscope monitor, he slowly advanced the trocar until it reached the edge of the disk, just above the ruptured one.

Then, the doctor inserted a fine-gauge needle into the trocar and pushed it slowly into the disk.

Initially, Jim let out what could only be called a primal scream. “There are lots of nerve fibres in the annulus,” the doctor said. “I’m really sorry.”

It gets worse.

The radiologist took out an instrument resembling a huge syringe and fastened it to the fine-gauge needle, and began pressing on the plunger into Jim’s degenerating spine.

“Now, tell me if you feel any pain,” the radiologist said. “And whether the pain you’re feeling is the familiar pain you are suffering from.”

Can you imagine the anguish this surgeon planned on putting Jim through?

If Jim didn’t feel his familiar pain, this disk would serve as a control. A series of red neon digits raced across the monitor—20, 25, 28, then 30—representing the pounds per square inch of pressure that he was applying within the disk.

Jim gritted, screaming through his teeth, with each new increment. At 100, the doctor withdrew the trocar, while the technician recorded his reaction.

The doctor THE REPEATED the procedure an inch or so down Jim’s spine on the adjacent disk that was protruding into his spinal cord.

This time, when the pressure hit 30 pounds per square inch on the monitor…

Jim cried in pain… “Oh, God! Oh, God! Stop!”

”Is that your familiar pain?” the doctor asked.

Jim said the pain was like his lower spine was being crushed in vice. He also felt taser-like electric shocks into his butt and his thighs. At 49, Jim sobbing at this point, said his was familiar pain.

”Ok, you can relax, we’re done” the doctor said as he exhaled. He told Jim that he had done very well.

But to Jim? He really WAS done. After that ordeal, there was NO WAY he was going through with fusion surgery.

Especially when he learned the stated odds of success were merely 50/50… and that it could also leave him permanently disabled.

Leaving the hospital, the futility of it all set in.

And now today, Jim was in my fitness studio. Looking for hope. In order to get out of pain, keep his bus driving job and collect his pension, Jim needed nothing short of a miracle.

Relieving Jim’s back pain, especially after years of abuse, injury, and medication was a tall order…

Could I help him?

I have to admit, Jim was in pretty bad shape.

He came to me because I’d been recommended. Jim heard about the incredible results I’d produced with a couple of his bus driving buddies, adding years to their driving days.

So if he believed in me and my unusual method, I was willing to try.

Because not only had my method helped his colleagues… but years ago, I had experienced similar back trauma playing basketball. And I would have given ANYTHING to get out of pain.

From that day on, pain haunted me every single day. Doctors suggested I give up exercise–something I’d grown to love.

Over the years, in an effort to find relief, I tried just about every available therapy and treatment there was. Including…

  • Massage therapy…
  • Pain medication…
  • Acupuncture…
  • Ultrasound…
  • Electric stimulation (TENS)…
  • The “sheets of exercises” from physical therapists…
  • Yoga…
  • Chiropractors…
  • Pilates…
  • A stress relief therapy called alphabiotics…
  • And even Kinesis Myofascial Integration (offered at a whopping $125 per session)

I drew the line at surgery.

Then one day, after almost 10 years dealing with pain on a daily basis, I met a brilliant man that would forever change my life.

His name was Bojan. He was from Serbia.

One day, Bojan saw me hobbling and asked me what was wrong. I told him my story.

After asking a few general questions, he said in his best broken English…

“I have beautiful program to fix back pain and prevent it from happening again. You will like.”

That’s when he pulled me aside and guided me through 8 simple movements that amazingly, relieved my back pain. In less than 16 minutes, my pain was gone–doing for me what years of treatments and thousands of dollars could not do.

And I’ve run thirty miles a week ever since and have never experienced back pain again.

Where Did Bojan Get This
Pain Relief Information From?

Most people have no idea where Serbia is, let alone the fact it’s produced a very long list of Olympic athletes.

Bojan (pronounced Boh-yan) possesses impressive training and credentials…

  • He studied under the very same professors responsible for coaching those world class athletes.
  • At the University of Belgrade, (considered by many the “Harvard” for his area of study,) he finished at the top of his class and ultimately graduated with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.
  • Upon graduation, he was recruited to join the University faculty as well as become part of the coaching staff of the Serbian National Soccer Team.

The most important part of Bojan’s story, however, is his unique discovery during his time at the University.

His discovery was so revolutionary, it won him the prestigious “golden seal of approval” at his university.

The Real Cause Of Back Pain

Bojan’s discovery requires an understanding of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology at a level most healthcare professionals simply don’t have. At least, not yet.

Which makes this method rather controversial.

Well-meaning doctors and other healthcare practitioners may be able to identify muscles and bones by name… they may have years of education and experience treating your pain with drugs, injections and invasive surgery… but they don’t understand how pain is truly created in the body.2

More importantly, they don’t know how to trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms that eliminate that pain.

With Bojan’s specialized training, he acquired a very unique understanding of the back–how it is affected by movement and especially NON-MOVEMENT.

Help Your Body
Unlearn Your Pain

There’s a reason that things like acupuncture, chiropractors and massage and even surgery don’t provide lasting relief for your back pain.

Those things help to address the symptoms, not the true cause.

Bojan’s message was that in the overwhelming majority of cases, back pain is a symptom created by “muscle imbalance.”

In order to remove the pain, you must restore balance to the muscles.

You see, muscle imbalances occur when one side of your body is overworked while the opposite side is under-worked.

tug of war effect
Sitting for long periods is just one of the ways you can create the “Tug of War Effect” on your muscles.

For instance: if you sit at a desk hunched over for long stretches, the muscles on the front of your body (like your abs, lats and pecs) become tight…

…and the muscles on your back that support your spine become weak.

Sitting hunched creates a tug of war effect that puts unnecessary stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons around your pelvis, hips and spine.

The result? Stress builds up in your lower back.

After months or years of your body in this position, this imbalance grows into major issues…

  • Muscle imbalances shut off blood flow, preventing oxygen and other vital nutrients from reaching your back… and also contorts your spine over time3
  • Injuries you may not remember or you don’t even know are happening spring up throughout the affected area…
  • Repetitive work, aggravated by the absence of movement and proper nutrients, creates a severe neuromuscular disconnect, slowly shutting down normal motor control.

Imagine doing the same job, 8 eight hours a day, for 5, 10, 15 years…

All these issues “lock” your body (and your pain) in place. Your body becomes “a prison of pain.”

If nothing is done to resolve muscle imbalances, you’re setting yourself up to throw your back out, suffer a herniated disc, or even battle life-long sciatica.

And that’s when the real pain begins.

Some people would say…

“I threw my back out because I bent down this weird way.”

Now, you know that’s not true. Now you know the REAL reason…

You don’t “throw your back out” because you bent down to pick up something off the floor.

You throw your back out because the muscle imbalances and excessive tension get so bad your back can’t handle the simple act of bending over… creating aching, electric shocks and fire.

So if you want to eliminate your back pain once and for all, you need to fix the true cause: the muscle imbalances.4

And that’s exactly what Bojan showed me how to do.

This method restores muscle balance, completely RELIEVES the pain and actually HEALS your back.

The results are astounding… confounding conventional medicine:


Since those first days I met Bojan, I’ve focused my career on back pain relief…

  • I’ve become a world-renowned authority on back pain relief, with thousands depending on me for advice and guidance annually
  • I’ve developed a reputation for being the go-to guy when others, including doctors and chiropractors, are unable to get their clients and patients the results they want
  • And even with staff at multiple locations seeing clients 12-14 hours per day, we’re fully booked weeks in advance

I’m driven to help even more people. And that’s why I’m making this unique back pain relieving method available online.


Back Pain Relief 4 Life

  • Relieve Your Pain
  • Restore Muscle Balance and Flexibility
  • Increase Blood Flow, Oxygen and Nutrients to the Spine
  • All In Less Than 20 Minutes

I Was Skeptical Until I Tried It. I Came In Hobbling And Left Walking.

Dr. T. Greenwait

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is an alternative approach to treating pain that is immensely more successful (and cheaper) than the radical, costly conventional procedures.

From lawyers, doctors and dentists to busy executives… to people in the trades and service industries… to the military and police…

… people from all walks of life have benefited from this groundbreaking program.

What is the Secret That Makes The Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program So Effective?

The secret is the unique combination of 8 x 2-minute movements, which you’ve probably never seen before.

This isn’t yoga. This isn’t Pilates. This isn’t even “exercise.”

These 8 simple movements systematically address specific muscle imbalances — the real cause of your back pain.

And all you need is a place to lie down, a firm pillow or towel to put under your head, and a chair.

That’s it.

So that means you can do this just about anywhere. At home, in the office or even in a hotel room when you travel.

And the best part is a complete session takes no more than 20 minutes. It easily fits into your schedule.

In the time it takes to drive to your chiropractor, massage therapist or doctor’s office, you can be experiencing true pain relief–healing your back from perhaps decades of injury.

With the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program, you won’t need a PhD in anatomy to get results. You don’t have to read a huge book, take a class, do a self-assessment or take any kind of muscular imbalance test before you get started.

All you need is the desire to end your pain, 8 simple movements, 16 minutes and the ability to follow easy directions…

Movement #1: Begins activating imbalanced muscles, preparing them for relief…

Movement #2: “Wakes up” dormant hip muscles and continues activating imbalanced muscles…

Movement #3: Now that your body is prepared, you feel an initial wave of relief wash over you as Movement #3 starts releasing your pain…

Movement #4: Continues flooding your lower back with newfound blood, oxygen and nutrients–you feel oddly energized…

Movement #5: Decompresses the lower back–clients often visibly exhale as years of pent up tension is released…

Movement #6: Aligns the whole body, restoring muscle balance along the entire spine in addition to your lower back…

Movement #7: Finishes stabilizing your spine, back, and hips in their natural, pain-free positions…

Movement #8: Gently compresses the spine to flush old blood out of your discs, then pull in new blood for even more healing, pain relief and recovery. (Clients faces soften and a smile crosses their lips as Movement #8 “locks in” healing)…

It Feels Like Someone Got In There and Oiled My Joints… I Have Absolutely No Pain Now.


Afterward, you notice more flexibility, relaxed yet strong muscles and a distinct absence of pain.

But that’s not all…

Beneficial “Side Effects”
You Must Be Aware Of…

When putting the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program to work to relieve your back pain, you’ll also experience…

  • Stronger abs and a stronger core enhancing your balance and stability
  • Improved posture completely transforming how you’re received by others
  • Walking taller, say goodbye to walking around hunched over like most people do
  • Increased blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to all areas of your body. You’re less sore and experience fewer aches and pains. (Many people in pain are suffering from restricted blood and nutrient flow, impairing the body’s ability to repair itself)…

Like most of the clients we work with, these are the kind of side effects you want.

After My First Session Of Back Pain Relief 4 Life, I Felt An Opening In My Back That I Haven’t Felt In A Long Time.

I Felt Stronger To My Core.

Michelle O.

I’m Doing Things Within Just A Few Weeks That I Haven’t Been Able To Do For Years.

Sue A.

I Can Even Touch My Toes Now. I Haven’t Been Able To Touch My Toes in 20 Years.


…I’m A Lot More Flexible, I Haven’t Lost Any Work Days. It’s Been Great. There’s No More Back Pain

Doug C.

I Gave It A Try And After The Very First Session I Started Feeling The Results. It Was Amazing.

Rick O.

My Pain Was Immediately Relieved. My Muscles Were Relaxed. They Weren’t Tense.

Dr. C. Tolbert

Since Doing The Program, My Life Changed Completely. I Have A Real Active Life… I Do Pretty Strenuous Workout, Three Days A Week.

Dan L.

The Complete Back Pain Relief
4 Life Program Includes:


Component #1: The Back Pain Relief 4 Life CORE TRAINING VIDEO

In this 28-minute online video, you’ll discover the unique sequence of 8 movements that are the foundation of your back pain relief.

The movements are simple and can be done anywhere and at any time. All you need is a place to lie down, a small pillow or towel to put under your head, and a chair.

You’ll also get the complete sequence, with easy to follow diagrams. So you can print them and take them wherever you go.

Remember, you don’t have to become a back expert or do any studying of any kind to benefit from this program. All you need to do is watch the short video and follow along.

Prepare to be excited. It’s common for customers to experience complete relief (like I did) during the very first session.

When it comes to pain relief,
should you get your hopes up?

I would emphatically say “Yes.” Not only based upon my experience, but the experience of other customers.

I Came In For One Session, Did All The Exercises And Now I Feel No Pain.


I Could Hardly Walk… About An Hour Later I Was Walking And Moving And Jumping… So It Was Very Effective.

Tristan G.

I’ve Had Great Results With Back Pain Relief 4 Life.

Terri P.

Everybody In The World Should Do It. I Mean, It Was Just Fantastic!.

Nancy B.

…Then I Realized That The Nagging Pain Was Gone. It’s Pretty Great!



Component #2: NINE Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

Some people want more data, more information. They’re intrigued this method changed their life and is so effective.

That’s why we’ve we’ve developed 9 short coaching videos to give you even more insight into how the program works as well as give you additional tips for getting the most out of each session of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program.

You’ll quickly appreciate why your back magically starts to respond and feel better as you ease into the first movement.

The Pain Is Gone. I’ve Always Heard the Bad Stories About Surgery And I Was Fortunate Enough To Know About This Program.


The Exercises Are Really Easy To Do, Don’t Take Long And It’s Really Helped My Back.

Susan H.

It’s Making Me Feel Better And Happier. My Back Pain Is All Gone.



Component #3: One-On-One Coaching

I want to do one more thing for you that could make all the difference.

We Realize Every Customer,
Every Situation Is Unique

Order your copy of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program TODAY and you’ll also receive unlimited email access to me and my support team. If we can’t help you that way, we’ll pick up the phone, give you a call, and you can speak to myself or one of my back pain coaches.

During your private consult, we’ll answer any questions you have, address any major issues with your back pain and help you tailor the movements to your unique situation.

Please contact us–I sincerely encourage it. It’s not an imposition at all.

Throughout our growth, we’ve remained accessible to customers. In my experience, customers are thrilled to be able to speak to someone real. Someone who, more likely than not, has gone through an experience similar to yours.

We’re happy to do it as part of our mission to end the suffering of so many people living in pain.

Today Is the Day You Can Stop Spending
Thousands Of Dollars and Countless Hours
On Temporary Back Pain Relief!

Please understand, the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is not focused on just temporary relief.

This program is focused on addressing the true cause of your back pain so you don’t have to spend the rest of your life treating it.

By following the simple online videos that walk you through the unique sequence of 8 body movements, you will finally be on the path to ending your back pain forever.

Look at it this way:

  • A single chiropractic treatment for back pain costs about $35 and up
  • A single massage session, maybe $45 and up…
  • A trip for acupuncture might run anywhere between $45 and $100…
  • And of course, things get very expensive when you get into medications, advanced treatments and surgery.

The bottom line is you could spend a lot of money doing all these things and still only end up with temporary relief for your pain at best.

That’s exactly what I did… for years.

Fortunately, I had the presence of mind (and maybe you do too,) to realize once you submit to surgery… good or bad, best results or even more pain, there’s no going back.

Whether that’s spinal fusion… a foraminotomy where a surgeon cuts away bone at the sides of vertebrae to widen the space where nerve roots exit the spine…

… or a discectomy where the surgeon removes all or part of the disc or disc replacement, YOU TRULY NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU’LL GET.

The surgery may relieve the pain, it may not relieve the pain or the pain may get worse.

And if it gets worse, what will you do then?

As you can see, given the options, giving Back Pain Relief 4 Life is at least worth a try.

What’s the price?

Now, if you were to come to our brick and mortar facilities in South Carolina, you could expect pay…

  • $347 for an off-hours emergency session.
  • $250 for a regularly scheduled private session.
  • Or $150 for a group session.

Again, we’re booked solid–way in advance.

Or THE BEST WAY, no matter where you live, is you can try the Back Pain Relief 4 Life online right now for a ONE TIME INVESTMENT of just $67.

Click the button below now, get instant access to the program online, and begin using it immediately to relieve your pain and heal your back.

Choose Your Option Below to Relieve Your Pain and Heal Your Back
Physical Copy Shipped To You + Instant Digital Access + Extra Bonuses
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos DVD

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

  • Extra Bonus: Quick Follow Along Videos With Music

  • Extra Bonus: Instant Access To The Videos Online

Get the DVD shipped to your home PLUS enjoy instant digital access and extra bonuses.



Instant Digital Access
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

Get instant online access to Ian’s revolutionary program.

Obviously given the success of our program and it’s ability to provide immediate and lasting results, the price is a steal even if it was double or tripled.

But it’s not double or tripled.


Because I want to get this program into the hands of as many people who are suffering with debilitating back pain as possible.

I want to make this program super-affordable. From my perspective, putting a price on your pain isn’t something you should be forced to do.

That said, when you consider the price of…

  • Over-the-counter and dangerous prescription medications…
  • Doctor, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture visits…
  • Belts, patches and other devices designed to relieve pain
  • Invasive surgery…
  • Corticosteroid injections…
  • Time off work…

… over time the costs add up.

But then there’s the most important price factor of all to consider…

Your peace of mind

What’s the price of…

  • Being able to sleep comfortably through the night?
  • To be able to tend to your garden?
  • To be able to do your job and function at work?
  • To be be able to pick up your grandkids?
  • To be active in sports again?

The sad fact is many people have been dealing with their chronic back pain for 5, 10, and 20 years and more!

That’s no way to live. That’s no way for you to live.

I’ve been exactly where you are right now. I’ve been in the position where I’d always try to put a price on my pain anytime I heard about some new treatment that promised relief.

The frustrating thing is it rarely made a difference–no matter how much I paid. Even worse, your pain is still there! Maybe even worse.

Well, I never want you to go through that again.

That’s why we’re offering the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program at this super affordable, low price for instant online access, instead of scheduling an expensive trip to our fitness studio.

And to remove any risk or hesitation about giving our method a try…

My Life Now After Your Program Is Amazing. Now When I Get Up In The Morning And My Feet Hit The Floor, My Back Doesn’t Hurt Anymore.


Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee


In fact, we are determined to never have an unhappy client or customer.

That’s why the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program comes with an iron-clad 60-Day money back guarantee.

You are completely happy or you get a refund. It’s that simple.

If Back Pain Relief 4 Life fails to provide you with quick and long lasting relief, we’ll provide you with a fast and full refund on the spot… with no questions asked… and with absolutely no hassle.

Plus, you can even keep the entire Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program as a token of our appreciation just for giving it a good try.

Just try asking your doctor sometime if your satisfaction is guaranteed and see what they say. You’ll probably be surprised at their answer.

If you don’t get results, I don’t want your money. Period.


It Is Honestly The Best Lower Back Pain Program I’ve Ever Gone Through.

Travis S.

Choose Your Option Below to Relieve Your Pain and Heal Your Back
Physical Copy Shipped To You + Instant Digital Access + Extra Bonuses
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos DVD

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

  • Extra Bonus: Quick Follow Along Videos With Music

  • Extra Bonus: Instant Access To The Videos Online

Get the DVD shipped to your home PLUS enjoy instant digital access and extra bonuses.



Instant Digital Access
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

Get instant online access to Ian’s revolutionary program.


Special Bonus:
The “Begin Your Day” Program

I also want to include something that makes it so your back rarely if ever goes out again.

Did you know when you throw your back out,
in most cases it’s because your back isn’t
prepared to handle the movement?

In effect, when you throw your back out, it’s because you’ve “shocked” your back. And naturally, it recoils.

The Begin Your Day Program is a short but essential routine that prevents this from happening in the future. So when you do lift something heavy or twist your back during the day, it doesn’t “bite” you back in pain.

Because if you’ve been incapacitated for any length of time, you know all too well the costs financially… physically… and emotionally.

This unique routine is not the normal first thing in the morning “raise your hands above your head” or “arch your back” stretching. (In reality, these common morning stretches are actually HARMFUL to your health and pain relief efforts.)

The Begin Your Day Program pre-activates specific muscle groups, waking up your back, shielding you from unnecessary time off, doctor visits and mind-numbing medication.

Imagine never having the “twinge” of pain again.

These routines are yours when you order today.

How Long Does It Take To Relieve Pain
With The Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program?

For me, in a remarkable 16 minutes, my pain was gone.

I also can tell you clients we’ve worked with see immediate results. Others see major relief after just a couple sessions.

My Life After After 2 Sessions Is Very Awesome!… It Improved My Life And My Back Tremendously.


“Ian, how long will it take to relieve my pain?”

I Had A Prescription Of Steroids Waiting To Be Picked Up At The Pharmacy. I did Back Pain Relief 4 Life Twice And Never Picked Up The Prescription.

Jonolyn F.

While it depends on the severity of your pain, the damage in your body and how long you’ve suffered with it, I can tell you this with certainty:

Everyone who’s ever tried it, feels relief–after one session.

And, even if it takes a little longer for full relief or requires a few more sessions, it would still be worth it. Think how long you’ve been living with your pain. 5, 10, 20 years?

Now imagine living a life that is totally free of the pain that’s been with you–it’s finally within your grasp.

Just imagine what this would mean for you if you incorporated these short 2-minute movements into your life or even just your morning routine for a week, a month or 90 days…

Finally being able to relieve your pain, all the while increasing blood flow, oxygen and nutrients… improving posture, core strength and flexibility… in literally the first session!

We have undeniable proof that these “miracle movements” do in fact work for everyone. Young and old, out of shape and fit. Literally everyone finds some major or more often than not, complete relief–even after just one session.

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program can help you relieve your pain, too, just like it’s helped a long list of others…

After The First Two Treatments, I Felt Enormous Relief… It Was Unbelievable!

Candy, the Therapist

Anytime somebody tells me they’re having back pains, I tell them about Back Pain Relief 4 Life because I believe in it that much.

Steve P.

The Next Morning I Woke Up And I Felt 100% Better. My Pain Was Completely Gone. I Couldn’t Even Tell That My Back Was Killing The Night Before.


Now that I have Back Pain Relief 4 Life, I have total comfort!

Jerry P.

It Feels Like Someone Got In There and Oiled My Joints… I Have Absolutely No Pain Now.


What Back Pain Relief 4 Life Is Not…

  • It’s not yoga, Pilates or even exercise…
  • It’s not hypnosis…
  • It’s not about pain management–no one wants to “manage” their pain, they want to get rid of it…
  • It doesn’t attempt to teach you about your pain…

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is not about causes, it’s about a solution. A single, short, 16-minute method that can begin healing your back just minutes from now.

The goal? To restore the flexibility, full mobility, nutrients to the spine and muscle balance missing from modern life.

I Was a Skeptic — It Worked For Me.

Mark, PhD in Pharmacology

Not only does Back Pain Relief 4 Life
make back pain disappear, it…

  • Floods your spine with healing nutrients
  • Reduces and even eliminates chronic inflammation
  • Improves deep restful sleep you may not have had in years
  • Improves thinking and clearheadedness
  • Enhances the mind-body connection
  • Brings more life to the entire body
  • Improves posture (and has you walking taller)
  • Increases flexibility so you feel loose and free

I Could Hardly Walk… About An Hour Later I Was Walking And Moving And Jumping… So It Was Very Effective.

Tristan G.

Choose Your Option Below to Relieve Your Pain and Heal Your Back
Physical Copy Shipped To You + Instant Digital Access + Extra Bonuses
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos DVD

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

  • Extra Bonus: Quick Follow Along Videos With Music

  • Extra Bonus: Instant Access To The Videos Online

Get the DVD shipped to your home PLUS enjoy instant digital access and extra bonuses.



Instant Digital Access
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

Get instant online access to Ian’s revolutionary program.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life
is definitely for you if…

  • You’re in severe pain and conventional treatments utterly failed you…
  • You feel less of a person because of your pain…
  • You have a job where back pain is considered a normal occupational hazard…
  • You’re concerned about the effect pain medication is having on your body and brain…
  • You’ve discovered you’re unable to do things you used to do when you were younger…

It’s Your Turn to Feel Normal Again
And In 75% LESS Time Than Regular Exercise, Yoga, Pilates or Body Weight Exercise!

You’re about to discover a revolutionary new “intelligent” approach to back pain relief, flushing the pain medications down the toilet and getting your old self back — but in a FRACTION of the time previously thought possible.

What’s remarkable about this new development is that it doesn’t matter if…

  • You’ve already had back surgery – your back still needs blood flow, oxygen and vital nutrients
  • You started, but then got fed up with long, boring exercise routines…
  • You’re frustrated because all that hard work isn’t helping…
  • You’re afraid to try because you feel you are too overweight, too out of shape, too old or have an injury…
  • You’ve got barely a minute to spare in your hectic, stressed out day…

Then this 16-minute method is EXACTLY what you’ve been waiting for.

Warning: Don’t Get
Back Pain Relief 4 Life IF…

Admittedly, this program is not for everyone. So if…

  • You refuse to take responsibility for your health and well-being–preferring to put your situation in the hands of the profit-minded medical establishment…
  • You’re ok with being hooked on painkillers and spending hours or even days, incapacitated in bed, or…
  • You’re content being confined to your Lay-Z-Boy or Barcalounger prison, unable to move for days, reliant on others…

…then our program may not be right for you.

My sincere hope is that isn’t the case. That you’re fed up with your pain and have reached a point where you realize drugs, invasive procedures, surgery and temporary “quick fix” relief are no longer viable options.

Because THEN our 16-minute program can TRULY help you.

Back pain: When you’re hurting,
minutes can feel like hours

Despite what you’re led to believe by the medical establishment, despite what you’re led to believe by well-meaning healthcare professionals, the solution to your pain DOES NOT have to be risky, painful, expensive, drawn out, hard or complicated.

I believe (and backed up by the experience of thousands of others) the movements and method used in the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program are the simplest and most effective solution for natural back pain relief ever created.

But in the end, the decision is yours.

Remember, when you order right now, you get:


  • Component #1: The Back Pain Relief 4 Life CORE TRAINING VIDEO that guides you through your short session.
  • Component #2: 9 Targeted Mini-Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief, each one guiding you through each movement
  • Component #3: One-On-One Coaching – Just contact us and we’ll be glad to assist however we can
  • Special Bonus: The Begin Your Day Program

In just a few minutes from now, you can be on your way to feeling pain-free, maybe for the first time in years. Able to once again do the things that bring joy to life…

  • Sports like golf, tennis and swimming…
  • Hobbies like gardening, hiking and mountain biking…
  • Of course, personal things like getting a good night’s sleep, holding your grandkids in your arms and even having pain-free sex again…

It’s no secret: Not being able to do the things we enjoy in life leaves us unfulfilled. Not to mention how useless the pain medications make you feel.

Whatever pain you may be feeling today can all be a distant memory in just a few short minutes from now.

I know, pain can truly suck the joy out of life. It can make us feel frustrated, anxious, irritable and depressed. Can you even remember a time when you didn’t live in pain?

It can force us to give up on our dreams.

Having gone through a similar experience, I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true: With Back Pain Relief 4 Life, imagine…

  • All those negative thoughts, feelings and emotions lifting and ultimately disappearing…
  • Being able to do the things again that make you happy…
  • Living a vibrant, fulfilled life, rich with possibility…
  • Being able to do your job again–without days off, workman’s comp or having to prove you are in pain…
  • Becoming flexible, healthy, even athletic again…
  • Being able to take risks with your body again, like skiing, surfing and scuba diving…

… But most of all, getting out of pain so you can live your life again.

This is not wishful thinking or daydreaming. This is documented in the hundreds and hundreds of success stories I see every year.

I’m Walking Again.


The Muscles Are Holding Where They Ought To Be And My Activities Are Back To Normal – Full Golf, Full Tennis, Full Everything!


I Have Had Numerous Cortisone Injections And Nothing Has Helped Until I Started This Program.


How Does Pain Affect Your Day?

  • Does it slow you down? Make you irritable or depressed?
  • Force you to take critical days off work?
  • Keep you in bed or in your Barcalounger for days on end?
  • Does the pain medication keep you from thinking clearly?
  • Does it keep you from experiencing the simple joys of life, picking up your grandkids, gardening or exercising.

There’s no reason to go through the rest of your life in pain.

Read This Immediately
If You’re “Pre-Surgery”

Why Surgeons Don’t Care About Your Back Pain…

Did you know, surgeons DO NOT measure the success of your procedure by pain removal? All they care about is whether the procedure was successfully carried out.

For example, if you have back pain and they say it’s because of a trapped nerve, all your surgeon will care about is removing that nerve, NOT eliminating your back pain.

Bottom line? The goal of surgery is NOT to ease your pain but to successfully carry out a procedure!

One last thing. It’s important.

Prior to coming upon this this article, you may be pre-surgery. Heavily weighing a back surgery decision.

Now, you and I have never met. So I can only speak from experience.

I’ve talked with many doctors, chiropractors and other health experts. And the consensus among all of them is:

When it comes to treating back pain, surgery should be considered a last resort. When all other options have been exhausted.

Doctors won’t, doctors can’t, guarantee success. They just won’t do it.

Surgery may diminish or relieve your pain, or it’s equally likely that the pain will stay the same or be exacerbated.

That’s just the reality of the situation.

Imagine going into surgery and coming out in worse shape than you went in. That’s a realistic scenario.

The good news, and prestigious institutions back me up on this, is that even though there are roughly 600,000 back surgeries a year, it’s rarely necessary.

According to institutions like the Mayo Clinic, most back pain can be resolved on its own within two months with proper attention and care. That includes challenging issues such as ruptured or herniated disks, sciatica or spinal stenosis.

That is indeed good news for people considering back pain surgery.

So I encourage you: Do yourself a favor and try Back Pain Relief 4 Life first. Just a few short minutes from now you can be experiencing that first initial wave of relief wash over you.

I can tell you this:

I have NEVER had a client try Back Pain Relief 4 Life and then opt afterward for back pain surgery. Never. It just doesn’t happen.

That’s pretty strong testimony to its effectiveness.

People who were effectively disabled, crippled even, were able to get out of pain, heal, and reclaim their life using this simple method.

And now today, I’m making you the same offer: a super affordable way to relieve back pain without drugs, surgery or injections

There’s no risk. If it doesn’t work exactly as I’ve described, just email me and I’ll refund you the full price immediately. It’s that simple.

I’m doing what thousands of doctors and surgeons can’t and won’t: Guarantee not just satisfaction, but RESULTS.

The choice is yours… either go on with your life, OR…

Go ahead and try Back Pain Relief 4 Life! Just click the button below…

I look forward to helping you finally get you out of pain and reclaim your life.

Choose Your Option Below to Relieve Your Pain and Heal Your Back
Physical Copy Shipped To You + Instant Digital Access + Extra Bonuses
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos DVD

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

  • Extra Bonus: Quick Follow Along Videos With Music

  • Extra Bonus: Instant Access To The Videos Online

Get the DVD shipped to your home PLUS enjoy instant digital access and extra bonuses.



Instant Digital Access
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

Get instant online access to Ian’s revolutionary program.


Purpose, Passion and Pain-Free,

Ian Hart, B.S., C.S.C.S.
Beaufort, South Carolina

P.S. If you’re still not sure that the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is for you, then take a moment and listen to our satisfied clients here.

Watch the videos. Every client success story you see mentioned in this article is verifiable.

We are overrun with not just happy, but grateful customers.

Listen to and read their stories and then ask yourself…

“How would my life change if
I found a way to end MY pain?”

As you’ll discover, you’re not alone. You have hope and now you have a real solution. Go ahead and choose your order option below now…

P.P.S. I can promise you’ll be amazed… if you’re willing to entertain this novel, uniquely effective approach.

Other programs that promise back pain relief saddle you with a huge amount of information to sift through. They lead you through the long process of assessing the cause of your back pain and then help you select the exercises that will help.

The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is different. We jump right in. Straight to relief.

It makes those other options look like rocket science. With Back Pain Relief 4 Life, you simply do the movements. That’s it. And in 20 minutes or less, your session is done. And you’re feeling pain relief. Maybe for the first time in years.

There’s no studying or reading or learning required.

Instead, you can spend your time on the only thing that really matters: getting out of pain.

Choose Your Option Below to Relieve Your Pain and Heal Your Back
Physical Copy Shipped To You + Instant Digital Access + Extra Bonuses
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos DVD

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

  • Extra Bonus: Quick Follow Along Videos With Music

  • Extra Bonus: Instant Access To The Videos Online

Get the DVD shipped to your home PLUS enjoy instant digital access and extra bonuses.



Instant Digital Access
  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos

  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief

  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching

  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

Get instant online access to Ian’s revolutionary program.

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