Low Vitamin D

Low Vitamin D

Low Vitamin D

What is Vitamin D and what is the way to lose weight with this vitamin? -Low Vitamin D

Low Vitamin D : Vitamin D is an important micronutrient that has many health benefits that will improve the body’s immunity and strengthen bones.
There is a lot of evidence that this vitamin can also help you lose weight.
In this section take a deep look at the effects of this vitamin on weight loss.

this vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be obtained from foods rich in this vitamin or supplements.
The body is also able to make it through exposure to sunlight.
Vitamin D is essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth – maintaining a healthy immune system and facilitating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

this vitamin is not naturally present in many foods, which is why most nutritionists recommend exposure to the sun for at least 30-50 minutes a day or taking a recommended daily allowance of 600 IU (15 micrograms).

What is Vitamin D
Low Vitamin D

Unfortunately, 50% of the world’s people are deficient in vitamin D. Some people at risk: -Low Vitamin D

People with dark skin
Those who are exposed to limited sunlight.

The link between obesity and vitamin D deficiency
Obesity is another risk factor for this vitamin deficiency, but interestingly, there is some evidence that this vitamin can also be effective in weight loss.
People who are overweight have low levels of this vitamin.

Studies show that higher body mass index and body fat percentage are associated with lower blood vitamin D levels.
There are several other theories about the relationship between low this vitamin levels and obesity.

Some claim that obese people tend to eat fewer foods rich in vitamin D.
Others point to behavioral differences, noting that obese people tend to be less exposed to sunlight, so they may not absorb the vitamin from the sun.

In addition, certain enzymes are needed to convert this vitamin to its active form, and levels of this enzyme may vary in obese and lean individuals.
According to a study; When the vitamin levels in obese people are adjusted to body size, there is no difference between levels in obese and lean people.

This suggests that the need for the vitamin depends on the size of the body, which means that obese people need more the vitamin than normal weight people, and this may explain why obese people are more deficient in this vitamin.

Interestingly, weight loss can affect your vitamin D levels. According to this theory, reducing body size means reducing the need for the this vitamin.
One study found that even slight weight loss leads to a slight increase in the vitamin levels in the blood.

In addition, some evidence suggests that increasing the vitamin in the body can reduce body fat and increase weight loss.

The relationship between the vitamin and weight loss
High levels of vitamin D may help you lose weight, some evidence suggests that getting enough vitamin D can help you lose weight and lose body fat.

At least 20 ng / ml (50 nanomoles per liter) of the vitamin in the blood is considered to strengthen bones and overall health.

In one study, 218 overweight women were studied over the course of a year and you read in updatebody , all were on a low-calorie diet and exercise, but half of them took vitamin D supplements and the other half took a placebo.

The researchers found that those who took the vitamin lost more weight and lost an average of 3.2 kilograms.

In another study, obese and overweight women took the vitamin supplements for 12 weeks, but in the end they lost no weight and instead increased this vitamin levels reduced their body fat.

this vitamin can be associated with weight loss.
A study of more than 4,600 older women over 4.5 years found that high levels of the vitamin were associated with lower weight gain among participants. In short, increasing this vitamin intake may lead to weight loss. However, more research is needed before the results can be confirmed.

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How does vitamin D help you lose weight? -Low Vitamin D

Reduce fat accumulation: – Low Vitamin D

Studies show that vitamin D can potentially prevent the formation of new fat cells in the body.

It can also prevent the storage of fat cells and effectively reduce the accumulation of fat.

When the amount of vitamin D in your blood is sufficient, the function of fat cells to store fat slows down, but low amounts of this vitamin increase the levels of parathyroid hormone and cholesterol.
High levels of these hormones encourage your body to store fat instead of burning it.
High levels of parathyroid hormone in men over 40 cause weight gain.

Burn more belly fat: -Low Vitamin D

Vitamin D causes fat burning throughout the body.
Vitamin D burns fat in the abdomen because this vitamin along with calcium reduce cortisol production; Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes fat to build up in the abdomen.

Treatment of sleep disorders: -Low Vitamin D

In addition, this vitamin can increase the level of the hormone serotonin (a neurotransmitter that affects mood and sleep).
The optimal amount of sleep for humans is 7 to 8 hours a day, and people who sleep very little and people who sleep a lot actually gain weight.
Too little sleep increases the production of the hunger warning hormone ghrelin and decreases the production of the satiety hormone leptin.

Appetite control and rapid satiety: -Low Vitamin D

Regarding the properties of vitamin D that vitamin D plays an important role in controlling appetite by increasing serotonin levels and can increase the feeling of satiety, and as a result, will lead to weight loss and calorie absorption.

When your body has enough vitamin D, it will release more leptin. Leptin is a hormone that sends a message of satiety to the brain. Vitamin D deficiency causes insulin resistance, which results in overeating and overweight.
Vitamin D deficiency means less leptin and an increase in waist circumference.

Increased testosterone: -Low Vitamin D

Finally, high levels of vitamin D may be associated with high levels of the hormone testosterone, which can lead to weight loss.

According to a study of 165 men – who took this vitamin and placebo supplements for a year. The results showed that those who took the supplement had more testosterone.

Numerous studies also show that high levels of testosterone can reduce body fat and help maintain weight loss for a long time.
By boosting the body’s metabolism, it burns more calories after a meal and prevents new fat cells from building up in the body.

Low Vitamin D

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