Love handles

Love handles

Love handles
Love handles – You diet, you exercise, you lose weight and your arms get more muscular, but you still have fat on your sides that sits right on top of your pants and doesn’t seem to be melting.

That’s why you are thinking of reading about Love handles.

Let’s see what these fats are, why they are so stubborn and how can we melt them?

You are wrong about slimming themes!
Many people who are looking for local slimming of the sides do abdominal movements.
They sleep on their side for half an hour a day and move their legs up and down.
These people hope to help melt fat by moving in this area.

Exercises like this can help strengthen the muscles in one area.
But the mechanism of fat melting is not in line with what these people think.

When you exercise and diet, fat is lost from the whole body, not just the organ being trained.

For example, if a woman exercises in all areas of the body except the breasts, her breast fat will still melt.
The only problem for this woman is that she will not be satisfied with the shape of her breasts due to not strengthening her breast muscles.

Likewise, if you only do abdominal exercises and strengthen the muscles in this area a lot, because these exercises consume very few calories, you will not be able to easily lose fat and local slimming on the side. But do not despair.
There are ways to do this that you will surely achieve the desired result by following them.


Sugar, the number one enemy of Love handles
To lose excess fat, the first step is to have a healthy diet.
And if you want to have a healthy diet, your first and most important step can be to eliminate sugar from your daily diet.

When we say eliminate sugar from your diet, we are not just talking about sweet tea for breakfast.

The human race today is surrounded by sugar.
Drinks, juices, cakes and biscuits, many ready-to-eat foods and even some low-fat dairy products are high in sugar.

Of course, sugar is also found in fruits and many other natural foods. But these foods do not have added sugar.
Sugar or added sugar increases the calories of a food without increasing its nutritional value.

Note that the source of this added sugar does not matter.
Whether sugar comes from sugarcane, dates or grape juice, it is still sugar and has extra calories without high nutritional value.

Love handles

Eat better fat to achieve local slimming on Love handles
If you are looking to lose fat, you need to think about the quality of the fat you consume.

Unlike sugar, fat is not inherently bad.
Your body needs fat to secrete hormones as well as maintain healthy skin, hair and more.

But instead of using processed fats, vegetable butter, trans fats and solid vegetable oils, you can go for healthier options.

Walnuts, avocados, fatty fish and olive oil are also high in fat, but their quality is far higher than vegetable butter.

Studies show that using a healthy diet and consuming healthy fats for weight loss is far more beneficial than a lean diet.

Only removing sugar and improving the quality of fat consumed can lead to a large loss of fat.
Although these changes can not only cause localized thinning of the flanks, but when your body loses fat, your flanks will automatically lose weight as well.


Pay attention to fiber to achieve local slimming on Love handles
Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.
If you are not satisfied with your obesity, ask yourself how many grams of fiber do you consume per day?

Colorful fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, beans, oats and whole grain breads are good sources of fiber.

Studies show that adding fiber to your diet directly reduces calorie intake.
Consuming more fiber will also reduce belly fat.

The key to getting fiber is not to eat processed foods.
When shopping, buy fresh, “single” foods.
That is, instead of buying processed tomato paste, prepare fresh tomatoes.

Increase your physical activity
If you sit at a desk all day and then drive home and sit in front of the TV, it is normal for your abdomen and hips to become fat.
At this time you are thinking about local slimming on the side.

You need to get up and move your body.
Try not to sit in a chair for more than 50 minutes.
Get up and exercise every fifty minutes.

Walk some routes.
Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
Run a little in the morning or in the afternoon.
Include dancing (even alone) in your daily routine.

But none of this is as good as weight training for Love handles.
In addition to consuming calories during exercise, weight training requires a lot of calories to repair muscle fibers and synthesize larger muscles.
Your body can borrow these extra calories from your sides.

Yes, this is a loan.
If you stop exercising and get used to sitting behind the desk and behind the wheel again, muscle mass will decrease and belly and side fat will increase.

slimming on Love handles

be calm!
Our surroundings are full of bad news!
The economic situation is bad.
The pressures are high.
We do not have enough time and patience.
All of these things cause us to be constantly stressed.

Stress has a very bad effect on the mental and physical health of people.
This condition causes the secretion of the hormone cortisol.
A hormone that has side effects such as impatience, dizziness, headache, insomnia, increased appetite and weight gain.

Insomnia is also a reason for weight gain.
Whether you want to relax with food or be less motivated to exercise is a reason to gain weight.

I do not mean to be indifferent to those around you or not to follow the news.
Rather, you need to pay more attention to the grief of others by paying more attention to your physical and mental health.

Exercise your whole body
As we said at the beginning of the article, you can’t melt flank fat just by lying down or doing abdominal exercises.

By the way, it is better to work on bigger muscles to do this.
Squats, for example, because they involve large muscles in the body, such as the legs and central muscles, ultimately help to lose belly fat and lose weight.

This does not happen if you mean local slimming of the sides, so that no other fat is lost from your body and only your sides are melted.
But if you want to get rid of flank fat, you need to exercise your whole body.

Do not worry about shrinking other parts such as the thighs and buttocks.
In a basic exercise, these parts also gain volume and form.
But not with fat, with muscle.

However, the notion that you do not need any abdominal exercises is also not true.
However, your abdomen and back also have muscles that can be strengthened.
Pay enough attention to your whole body.


Modify your diet
If you want to eat sweet tea, cake, lots of rice and butter, chips and puff pastry and ice cream, you will be embarrassed for dinner and lunch, but your sides will also melt, you are very optimistic.

It does not matter if you are looking for local slimming on the side or you want to fit your whole body.
In any case, you need a basic program that has a good ratio between protein, healthy fats and quality carbohydrates.

Protein intake has another property for you and that is to help build muscle.
If you want to lose weight but also maintain your muscle mass, you need more protein.

Eggs, dairy, meat, poultry, fish and shrimp, and some legumes are good sources of protein.

Do aerobic exercise
We said that weight training is good for losing fat, and by building muscle, you can have a fitter body.

But that does not mean you do not need any aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise improves blood flow and breathing, as well as improving your general health.

When you do aerobic exercise, your body increases endurance and you will perform better when working with weights.

Studies show that combining weights with aerobics leads to better and faster results than just relying on weights.

Running, walking, swimming, cycling and ropes are some of the simple aerobic activities.
In addition to helping your cardiovascular system, these exercises can help you relax, sleep better, and increase your motivation to eat a healthy diet.

Drink enough water to achieve local slimming on Love handles

Water is the best drink you can find.
Crave something cool?
Drink water.
Are you thirsty?
Drink water.
If you want to order a drink with food, water is the best choice.

In many cases, when your heart wants to eat something, you are actually thirsty, not hungry.
Usually drinking a glass or two of water, or a cup of tea or coffee will help you to get rid of this craving.
Drinking enough water speeds up metabolism and consumes more energy.
People who drink enough water are less likely to develop belly and flank fat.

Eating watery foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables also help hydrate the body.

Set aside alcohol
Alcohol is one of the high-calorie foods.
Many people who experience the constant drinking of alcohol experience problems with a large belly and fat sides.
Fatty liver is also common among people who drink a lot of alcohol due to the sudden calorie overflow.

Alcohol also causes Malnutrition.
Many people dilute their liquor with soft drinks, energy drinks or fruit juices.
This again increases the calorie intake.
But all the calories from this compound are empty calories and have no nutritional value.

It is also common to eat sweet and fatty flavors, especially French fries or chips with liquor.

But even if you do not have any of these misbehaviors, high calorie alcohol still has the exact opposite effect of what you are looking for in local slimming.

Cooking makes you thin!
In one study, people who usually ate outside and prepared food made food at home for a month.
Without any particular change in their diet, they have seen weight loss, size reduction and loss of belly fat!

I think the reason for this is clear.
You have more control over the food you eat when you cook at home. On the one hand, you prepare better ingredients, on the other hand, you can reduce the amount of salt, oil and sugar in the food.
This can be a strong step in local slimming.

Studies show that restaurant food calories are very high.
Restaurants add more salt and sugar to make their food more palatable.
It is also common to use cheap rice with high starch, low quality oils such as vegetable butter and also to use cheap food instead of nutrients in restaurants.

On the other hand, cooking at home reduces the cost of food.
With this extra money, one can get vegetables and fruits, vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as club membership.

Do not be too sensitive to achieve local slimming
It is good to pay attention to your body and plan to have a healthy diet and adequate exercise.
But many people who are looking for a way to lose weight locally are not in a bad situation as much as they are worried.

You get a healthy diet and exercise, a little fat on the side is not so bad.
Even in a well-proportioned body, a slight bulge on the side of your body makes it natural and attractive.

Constant stress on appearance, in addition to lowering self-confidence and increasing nervous tension, also causes cortisol secretion, appetite to be opened, and more fat to be stored.

Get help from an expert instead of yourself or your friends commenting on your side.
Many times your body does not have a particular problem, or at least not the main problem on the side.
Try to find the root of the problem and achieve a healthy and fit body by modifying your lifestyle.


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