long life

long life

Exercise for long life

Long life : A healthy lifestyle and good physical education are the key to longevity and maintaining a high life expectancy.
A new study says that exercising can actually add a few years to your life, and yet we need to pay more attention to choosing the right exercise.

Following certain exercises can affect your health in a number of ways, some of which are good for your heart, some of which prevent damage to your body, and some of which balance your stress levels. In this section of updatebody, we were curious to know which exercises can actually help your longevity, and in this list we have collected exercises that fight various health problems and thus make our body live longer.

long life

7 Exercises for long life and longer survival of your body

  1. Tennis and other team sports for more life expectancy:

A new study by researchers shows that people who do team sports live longer than those who prefer to go to the gym alone.

Experts claim that social interaction improves your mental health and increases your commitment to exercise, and that regular physical activity enhances your cognitive skills, such as good memory and concentration, and that tennis is one of the most effective sports. , Badminton and football.

  1. Callanetics for effective weight loss:
    Callanetics engages every single muscle in the body through small pulse movements, burning fat cells, and pulse beats and lateral bends, long sitting of the arms, and boards are the most common calving exercises for slim thighs.

Callanetics can be performed at any age and throughout life to ensure that your body does not bend as you age.

  1. Running to have low cholesterol and a healthy heart:
    Studies have shown that running helps to significantly reduce cholesterol in the body.

Excess cholesterol in the blood is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, and running produces high-density lipoprotein cells, helping to maintain a proper balance of cholesterol in the blood.
In addition, running trains your heart and trains it with any It makes the impact bigger and stronger, and this can prevent heart disease and therefore help you live longer.


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lean muscle

4- Anti-gravity yoga for a healthy spine:
This branch of yoga perfectly reflects the famous saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” and this helps to relieve the pressure on the spine and relieve the stress caused by sitting in the office.

By stretching the spine, you put more nutrients in the intervertebral discs and keep them healthy, which means that you will have less back pain in the future, and the nature of yoga meditation itself helps your mind.
Relax and let go of stress, but don’t miss the funny part:
We usually don’t have a chance to hang in the air like Spider-Man, do we?

5- Swimming to have healthy lungs and increase life expectancy:
Swimming is a quality exercise that improves your cardiovascular health and strengthens your muscular frame, and the greatest advantage of swimming is its ability to increase lung capacity, resulting in We get more oxygen, which is important for the brain to work and focus properly, and larger lungs mean you can handle more stress and not get tired too quickly.

  1. Stretching to have stronger muscles:
    Stretching is essential for maintaining and strengthening our muscles. Flexible muscles are more prepared for physical activity and are able to fully move our joints, and this becomes important when we reach a certain age because older people have limitations in They face mobility and it also prevents our body from being injured, and long muscles are damaged by unexpected movement.

We hope these guidelines help you to establish an effective and healthy exercise routine in your life routine.

  1. Increase longevity with exercises for burning fat in the abdomen and hips:
    Burning thick layers of fat around the abdomen and sides is not an easy task and in many cases can not be eliminated by diet alone, but these excess and annoying fats can be burned with exercise.


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