Live longer

Live longer : 8 of the best tips

Live longer : 8 of the best tips

To have a long and healthy life, do the following ways.

1- Do not overeat
Scientists at the University of Louis found that filling 70% of the stomach during starvation allowed better and easier digestion without putting pressure on the gastrointestinal tract and heart to prevent damage to these organs.

long and healthy life
Live longer
  1. Turn off the TV – live longer
    Sitting too much in front of the TV is a big risk to the health of the body as well as the soul. It is better to know that watching TV for more than four hours increases the risk of death by 46%.
  2. Stay away from the sun
    Not being exposed to the sun helps with skin cancer and staying younger.

Remember to take sunscreen seriously.

  1. Have an adventure
    Searching and trying new things and new topics is a sign of your interaction with others and taking risks.

Of course, this creates positive energy in you and it has been proven that isolated people have a shorter lifespan.

  1. Put drugs aside
    It is never too late to give up bad habits.
    Healthy eating is the best medicine for your health.
  2. Fruits and vegetables are a strong barrier against cancer
    In all the researches found in the world by the most expert scientists, fruits and vegetables have the most positive effects.
  1. Take exercise seriously
    Exercise daily and walking 30 minutes a day is effective in strengthening the brain and individual organs. Exercise minimizes the risk of heart attack and stroke.

8- Say goodbye to fast food
Fast food alone is 40% of the risk factor for short life and endangering health.

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