Leukemia treatment

Leukemia treatment and important points

Leukemia treatment and important points

Discover the details of leukemia treatment
Scientists use protein blockers – to stop the spread of leukemia. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is one of the most invasive and damaging cancers.

This cancer occurs without much warning and complications, and the five-year survival rate of cancer patients is only 24%. This protein is called the Hhex protein, and by stopping its production, the cancer can be preserved in the laboratory under observation.

The next step is to see if the stopping mechanism works in humans, but the early signs are promising. The researchers found that when the Hhex power supply was cut off, leukemia would not spread without control.

What is the latest treatment for leukemia?
This protein, as stated in the Updatebody section, is required for healthy blood cells, and for therapies that target Hxx and in particular are without side effects and are usually very harmful and are treated by AML. Is created, used.

“Most of the treatments available for AML are healthy cells, and unfortunately you kill healthy cells in the process. Hhex are only for leukemia cells, which means they can work without normal effects on normal cells,” said one researcher. “Target cancer cells and prevent many of the serious side effects associated with standard cancer treatment.”

The body has a self-defense mechanism to stop stress cells and keep them from multiplying – cells that may become cancerous – the Hhex protein disables this mechanism and thus Damaged cells expand.

Is leukemia a cure?
If scientists can remove Hhex, normal immune systems built into the body can be rebuilt and the spread of cancers such as AML can be examined. And Hhex regulates only a small number of genes and is unnecessary for normal blood cells.

And it allows us to kill and destroy LMA cells without side effects. We now hope to identify vital regions of the Hhex protein, which enable it to function, and allow us to design the new drugs it needs.

Now that scientists know how LMA cells grow uncontrollably, they can do something about it.

How to treat leukemia according to new research
While a drug that is available to the public may be an effective way, it can also save patients from the pain associated with existing treatments as well as improve their long-term recovery at the same time. .

The study is published in the journal Genetics.

Leukemia treatment

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