learning chess

learning chess

learning chess

Chess teaching techniques;
How to play chess?
Chess is a purely intellectual sport for which concentration is one of the main factors.
But if you are interested in chess, you can train and practice so that you can become a professional.
It is never too late to learn to play chess.
This game is one of the most popular games in the world.
It is very easy to learn the rules of chess, we have mentioned the most important ones in this section of Updatebody.

Chess teaching
learning chess

Introducing the chessboard, the clock and the pieces of this intellectual sport
The chessboard is an eight-by-eight square board, one in black, with a total of 64 cells;
It has 32 black houses and 32 white houses.

learning chess
This is a two-player game with 32 pieces;
16 white beads and 16 black beads are done.
Success in chess depends on the ability to analyze and understand the abstract mind.
In front of each player are vertical columns that are alphabetically and from left to right, from A to H, to the right of the game screen, and also horizontal rows are stacked on top of each other, numbered from 1 to 8, so that the row In front of each player is the number 1 and the row in front of his opponent is the number 8.

Helthy body …

16 white beads in 16 houses are placed in two rows one and two and 16 black beads are placed in 16 houses in two rows 7 and 8. The placement of the chessboard should be such that the first cell to the right of both chess pieces is white.
The price of a chess board depends on the type of quality.

Chess training from beginner to professional
Chess clock
Chess time is important in the tournament and is to determine the time between two players to finish their game in a limited time, the person whose time ends earlier is the loser of this match.

Types of chess pieces
Infantry or soldier chess pieces, elephant, horse , castling and minister are king.

Start a professional chess training for beginners
Open the chessboard.
Learn to move the beads.
Read about specific rules.
Learn who should move first.
Learn the rules of winning.
Learn basic strategies.
Learn other chess games.
Now in this section we will explain each of the above steps.

How to set up a chessboard?
When we open the chessboard, each player has a number of black and white square houses in front of him.
Chess pieces are always arranged according to a rule, and the second row must be filled with soldiers.

We start from the corner and put two faces in the corner on both sides, and then on both sides of the horse, then two elephants, and then the king and the minister.

The white king should be on the white square and the black king should be on the black square and the minister should be on the remaining square.

How do chess pieces move?
Each of the six different chess pieces moves differently. The pieces can not pass the other and that they can not take the place of the other piece and if one of the pieces is out of the game, they can take its place.
The beads can move in such a way as to defend themselves.

How to move the king in the game?
The king is the most important piece in the game, but in fact he is the weakest.
The king nut can only move one house but in any direction.
Up, down, right and left or zigzag. The king should not be included in the game as much as possible, and when the king has no defense, it is called Kish.

learning chess

How to move the minister in the game?
The minister is the most powerful nut, and he can move in any direct direction, and even though he goes through the house, he cannot cross the opposite nut.
The minister can be attacked like the other pieces in the game, and in the following you can see how the white minister throws out the black minister and then the black king is forced to move.

How to move the castling in the game?
It can move as far as the house wants, but the point is that it is only allowed to move forward, backward, left and right.
castling are powerful beads and can play an important role in caring for other beads.

How to move the elephant in the game?
The elephant can walk around the house, but only has the right to move obliquely, provided that the elephant should only be on the house that is the same color as him and should only stay on it.

How to play chess
learning chess

How should we move the horse in the game?
Horses are slightly different from other vertebrae and they have to move two houses in the same direction and their movement must be L-shaped.
Horses are the only vertebrae that can pass through other vertebrae.

How to move the soldiers?
The movement of the soldiers is a bit unusual and they can only move forward but be attacked obliquely.
Soldiers only have to move one house forward, but they are only allowed to move two houses on the first move, and to attack the soldiers, they only have to move forward and they can never retreat.

Special rules in the game of chess
There are a number of special rules in chess that may not seem logical at first glance, but they have been created for more excitement in the game.

How to upgrade soldiers?
Soldiers have another special ability, and that is that if the soldier succeeds in completing the path in front of him completely and safely and reaches the other side of the game screen, he can become another nut in the game.
The soldier in this mode can play the role of any other nut.
Some people think that a soldier can only replace the removed nuts, but this is not true and he can usually play the role of a minister, and only soldiers can use this law.

learning chess

How to have a castle in chess?
Another special rule in chess is castle building.
This rule allows you to do two things in one go:
take care of your king and re-enter the game, and this rule applies when you move the king two houses to the left or right and then Bring it from the right corner to the right of the king, and of course, the following items should be observed :

It must be the king’s first move.
It must be the first move.
No bead should have moved between the king and the Castling.
The king should not have converted to Kish or even rejected Kish.

How do we know who should move first?
The first move must always be from the white bead, so that the white bead is always moving and the black is following him, and in fact the white bead has an extra chance and can attack the black with vigilance.

How to win the game of chess?
There are many ways to win the game of chess, including cheating, knocking out pieces, withdrawing, making mistakes, and so on.

How to confuse the other side?
The goal of the game is to confuse and confuse the opponent, and this happens when he becomes the king of Kish and cannot save himself.

There are three ways we can save the Shah from Kish:
Take it out of the state of Kish and move it.
Let’s close the way to Kish with another nut.
Attack the bead that worshiped the king.
If the king can not escape from Kish and Mat, the game is over and in fact the king can never be thrown out of the game.

Some basic rules and strategies in playing chess

Four simple rules in the game that everyone should know:

Watch out for the king
Take the king to safer parts of the game, and no matter how close you are to the opponent, you must be careful not to kill the king at the last moment.

learning chess

Do not remove the nuts
Do not miss the beads carelessly, because each bead is valuable and can play a role in cult and obscurity, and if we want to determine the value of each bead with a number, we must say this:

Soldier Value 1

Horse worth 3

Elephant value 3

Rook value 4

Minister of Value 9

King of Infinite Value

Check out the chess center:
You have to pay full attention to the game center and the pieces, and by taking care of the game center, you have more movement and a higher chance of attack.

Use all nuts:
It is better to enter more pieces and increase your chances of movement and reduce the other side, which will give you more opportunity to attack the minister.

Improve your skills by increasing the number of games:
One of the most important things that makes you an expert in this game is the high frequency of the game.
It does not matter if you play this game at home with a friend or family member, or play online, only in both cases your skills will increase.

Symbol and written shape of beads:
The pieces are shown in chess with special letters. The letters of the beads are as follows…

Soldier ( Pawn) with the symbol P

Horse (Knight) with the symbol N

Elephant ( Bishop) with the symbol B

Rook with the symbol R

Minister ( Queen) with the symbol Q

King ( King) with the symbol K

Draw in chess
A game of chess sometimes does not end with one side winning, but may end in a draw.
The 5 reasons for a draw are:

Players agree to a draw.
There are not enough pieces on the chessboard to do the matte cult.
Repeat a specific position for the beads 3 times.
50 consecutive moves, but no player moves his troops or removes the opponent’s pieces from the game.
The position of the pieces should be such that it is the turn of a player to play, but his king is not in Kish mode and no other moves can be made for his other pieces.

learn to play chess
learning chess

Basic tactics
Teaching basic chess tactics will prevent any mistakes and is essential for everyone.

Ann Prize:
Catching an opponent’s defenseless piece is one of the most basic tactics we call this prize.

To restrict the movement and movement of the opponent’s pieces, there is a very common tactic called touch, in which a piece attacks the opponent’s piece, and if the opponent’s piece is moved, it’s an important piece behind the opponent It beats.
For example, if the king is behind the opponent’s piece, the opponent’s piece is not allowed to move and this type of touch is called “absolute touch”.

Sometimes a piece like a horse can attack two pieces of the opponent.
In this case, a fork is created.
For example, if the horse is in a position to attack the king and the minister, the king is forced to move to a safe house and the horse can hit the minister.

skewer :
In skewer tactics, by attacking an insider’s nut on a valuable opponent’s nut, the opponent’s nut is forced to move and the insider’s nut can hit the opponent’s back nut.
For example, if a face is given to the opponent’s king and there is an opponent minister behind it, the king is forced to move and the face can hit the opponent’s minister.

Special gestures:
There are special moves in chess that are against the rules of chess, but by knowing it, you can play an interesting game on your pieces.

Castle :
The movement of the castle speeds up the game and helps the defense.
In this movement, Shah and Rook can move at the same time. The king moves the two houses towards Rook and Rook comes to the other side of the king.

learning chess
But it is impossible to do this in the following cases:

The king was moved before making the move.
The Rook is displaced before moving.
There should be pieces between the king and the Rook on the chessboard.
Be the king of Kish.

In Pasan:
This pass is a special move in chess in which a soldier can beat an opponent’s soldier under special rules.
If a soldier moves two houses forward in his first move and by doing this move exactly next to the square next to the opponent’s soldier, the opponent’s nut can throw him out of the game.
The soldier should be placed in the square behind the bead that is two houses forward, then that bead is removed.

The move of that pass must be done immediately after your soldier and the opponent are together, and if you move another piece, that pass is no longer allowed.

The invention of this move in chess dates back to before the fifteenth century, when the rules of the time were such that a soldier in his first move could not move two houses forward.
By adding the rule that a soldier could move two houses forward in his first move, En Pasan also added to the rules of chess.

Development :
A soldier can become a stronger nut.
This move is called progress if the soldier moves forward enough on the ground to reach the back row of the chessboard in which the opponent’s king is located.

The strength of each open chess is determined by a point called the rating.
This number is determined based on the official games played by each player.

Teach children chess
We must say that chess is useful for every human being in terms of spirit and personality, and in a way, he considers chess to be the mother of sports.
Chess is a mind game and requires strategies and tactics that with proper training and further study can turn you into a good open chess player.
Chess does not know age.
You can play at any age.

If you want your child to be responsible and accept the power of making mistakes, it is best to introduce him to chess.

Do not rush to teach your child chess.
Start with simple movements and do not go for complex movements for a while.
Six- or seven-year-olds and even some four- or five-year-olds can learn chess.

To learn chess, go to the chess classes that are organized under the supervision of the federation and determine the level.

Chess is at three levels:
amateur, intermediate and advanced, each with its own level of training and tactics.

learning chess

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