Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal : Examine 6 important areas of the body

Laser hair removal

Investigation of pain and laser damage of excess hair to the skin
The laser hair removal device is designed to affect the hair follicles through high heat waves.

Of course, you may not feel hot, but your skin is exposed to heat.

You may also experience a slight discomfort such as redness and inflammation such as mild sunburn after the laser.

This process is also painful and harmful for some people.

 Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal

The amount of laser pain depends on the part of your body that has undergone the laser surgery.

In part of Updatebody, we said that the more sensitive the skin, the more pain you will feel.

An anesthetic cream is usually applied to the skin to reduce the pain, depending on your tolerance, the amount of anesthetic cream will increase or decrease, but in general you will not feel significant pain when doing laser hair removal and sometimes you will not feel any abnormal sensation.

For this reason, this method is known as a painless way to remove excess hair.

1- Laser pain and damage to excess hair on various parts of the body
After discussing the pain, we will now talk about the slippery damage of excess remedies to the skin, whether this popular method among men and women will harm the skin or not.

2- Laser pain and damage to excess hair on the arm and armpits
The armpit is one of the most painful parts that bothers you during the laser because the skin in this area is very thin and does not look like the skin of other parts of the hand, so there is a possibility of laser dimension of excess hair in this area, but easily Fixed and you will not be seriously injured.

3- Laser pain and damage to the skin of the feet
Laser hair removal on the legs may cause minor damage to other areas of the body.

This is because the skin in this area is thicker, but its sensitivity is as high as the skin of the face .

Also, the amount of hair on the legs is very important and is effective in relieving pain.

The inside of the thigh is also one of the areas that are highly sensitive and the skin may be slightly sensitive in this area, but this sensitivity, which is the only reported laser damage to the excess hair on the legs, is quickly removed.

 Laser hair removal

4- Laser pain and damage to excess facial skin
The answer to this question depends on which area of ​​your face is to be laser treated.

The laser is usually more painful on the thin skin above the lips, and the pain around the cheeks and forehead is milder.

The only damage is a little redness and sensitivity that will be fixed.

5- Laser hair pain and damage to the bikini
Bikini lines are usually armpit and have a high sensitivity, and the laser pain in this area is similar to wax pain, but the difference is that the laser takes longer and as a result you may be a little more annoyed.

Sensitivity and redness are also normal and other than this, there will be no damage to the skin of your bikini area.

Laser hair removal

6- Laser pain and damage to excess hair on the abdomen and back
The skin on the abdomen is similar to the skin on the hands and is thick and the laser does not damage it much, but this does not apply to the waist.

The lumbar laser may be similar to the bikini line and armpit laser, causing pain in this area and causing tenderness.

The last word
We concluded that the laser may be a little more painful in some areas of the skin due to the high sensitivity, but the anesthetic cream still helps a lot.

After these conditions, not being exposed to sunlight and keeping the skin clean can greatly reduce the amount of damage and sensitivity.

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