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Japanese beauty

The secret of beauty, health and slimming of Japanese women
What old-fashioned secrets do the Japanese, who are known around the world for fitness and health, know about the secrets they have kept for centuries?

Life expectancy in Japanese women is so long that they often live to the age of 90 or older.
To know the secret of health and beauty of Japanese women, join this section of Updatebody.

slimming of Japanese women
Japanese beauty

Maintain a balanced diet – Japanese beauty
Today, the younger generation tends to eat modern foods, while traditional diets such as the Japanese diet are more beneficial for the body’s health.
This diet includes large amounts of seasonal fish and vegetables, as well as soy cheese and seaweed.

The Japanese diet contains omega-3 fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and isoflavones that help maintain hormonal balance and absorb minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
Adding these foods to your diet is important for maintaining a healthy and beautiful weight.

If you want to follow this style of diet, you should balance the consumption of macronutrients and include protein, fat and carbohydrates in every meal, such as fish, rice.

Balancing the diet lowers blood sugar and insulin, thus preventing weight gain and aging.
Because studies have shown that high blood sugar levels cause premature aging.

The second advantage of the traditional Japanese diet is that it includes low-fat foods with a variety of seasonal ingredients, meaning that each meal has about 30 ingredients.
Finally, many macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and photochemicals reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Consume more fermented foods – Japanese beauty

A variety of fermented foods and beverages and seasonings are popular in the Japanese diet and are important not only for health but also for maintaining weight balance.
Fermented foods and macronutrients in the diet of people increase intestinal health and strengthen the immune system, and also help prevent obesity and metabolic syndrome.
Combination of soybeans, bamboo leaf powder, green tea leaves and cereals are supplements.
Fermentation is popular in Japan.

Camellia oil:

The use of camellia oil for skin beauty in Japan is several hundred years old.
Due to its rapid absorption, hypoallergenic and comedogenic bread (does not clog pores), it is recommended to use this oil daily on the face, neck and chest, thus preventing the signs of aging on the skin.

Drinking green tea:

Replacing traditional Japanese green tea with coffee is a worthwhile endeavor because green tea is a powerful source of a photochemical called catechins, and prevents UV damage and skin aging, as well as weight gain and body mass index.
It is recommended to drink 4 cups of green tea during the day.

Consume seaweed to have healthy hair and nails – Japanese beauty

Nutrition plays a more important role than the use of creams and treatments in the beauty and health of skin and hair.
Seaweed is one of the foods used to shine hair in Japan. Seaweed is a rich source of minerals to Especially calcium, iodine and iron, all of which are important for shiny hair and healthy nails.

Using the fumigator – Japanese beauty

Most Japanese women moisturize their skin with a fumigator and clean their face from any dirt and makeup.

Sunscreen does not make your face look gray – Japanese beauty

Skin care in Japan, such as brushing and flossing, is a routine.
But the secret to having beautiful skin in this country is massaging the skin, steaming it with a personal steamer and moisturizing masks and sometimes covering it with plastic foil.

If you go to a pharmacy in Japan, you will encounter a lot of skin moisturizing masks.
Some women cover their entire face except the eyes and nose with plastic wrap for 20 minutes to keep it moist.

secret of health and beauty of Japanese women
Japanese beauty

Lymphatic massage for Japanese beauty

Lymphatic massage is very popular in Japan and people can massage it at home by hand or with a special device.
In addition to the skin of the face, the neck can be massaged with serum, earlobes, clavicle and armpits with oil and lotion to lead To stimulate lymph flow.

Collagen drinking for Japanese beauty

Collagen drinking is very popular among Japanese women.
Many of these drinks contain undesirable compounds such as corn fructose syrup with artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and sucrose.
Therefore, they should be examined before use.

Avoid sun exposure:

Not only the Japanese but also all experts around the world recommend to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight in order to prevent aging and wrinkles.

4 Important Japanese Women’s Slimming and Health Laws

  1. Heat balance:

The food we eat is converted into energy.
During the summer, eating fruits and vegetables cools the body and balances the body temperature, and on the other hand, the food you eat during the winter has more calories because the body It needs more heat.
Raw foods have many properties, but try to eat hot foods.

  1. Promises:

The Japanese believe that drinking has a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract when eating.
Drinks are cold and absorb heat.
Drinking water neutralizes stomach acid, so the digestive system must expend more energy on digestion.

The best source of fluids: Soups, fruits and vegetables.

  1. If you eat like a sumo wrestler, you become like that:

They do not eat breakfast, they exercise hard as soon as they wake up, then they eat a heavy lunch and then take a short nap.

They do not eat more than two meals a day, and those meals are heavy.
Rest assured, even if you exercise regularly, you will gain weight if you eat a lot.
The fact is that overeating and fast food have a greater impact on obesity than exercise.
Eat well and sleep well.

  1. Hot bath:

Bathing reduces stress, blood circulation and comfort of the body.

The Japanese believe that it helps digestion and refreshes the skin of the face, and experts believe that the ideal temperature for the body is 10-100 Fahrenheit.

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