immune system

immune system

Tricks to boost immune system in 10 seconds:

One of the ways to prevent various diseases is to strengthen system, for which we will introduce you to simple methods in this part of updatebody,
methods that are effective.

immune system
immune system

Since a strong immune system in the body is the secret to health and happiness in life, so pay close attention to these tips and advice and use them.

An interesting and extremely effective way to strengthen system in 10 seconds:
To strengthen your immune system, choose a plastic or steel pelvis the size of your feet.

Pour 10 to 15 small ice cubes inside

Add a glass of cold water

Now it’s time to put your feet in the dish.

Keep your feet in a fixed position for 10 seconds so that the effect is well transmitted to your body.

For best results and the correct method, you should do this method once a day.

The best time to perform this trick is to strengthen system in the evening, that is, the time when you return home from work and before going to bed at night.

Putting your tired feet in a container full of ice and water is like a shock that enters your body and thus strengthens its immune system.

Why is this method recommended?

To explain this, Russian professors say that this method puts the body in a state where they are ready to fight diseases.

In addition to the points mentioned, studies have shown that a cold shower increases the number of white blood cells in the body and strengthens the body to fight disease.

When the body is in a position of cold water shower, it starts to work to keep itself warm, so the metabolism will increase and the immune system will be more active.

Experts also recommend that you try swimming in cold water once a month to strengthen your immune system.


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