How to relieve tension headache

How to relieve tension headache (8 important steps)

How to relieve tension headache (8 important steps)

Do these things to reduce tension headaches

Many people resort to various painkillers to treat all headaches.

Tension headache is the most common type of headache that stress, anxiety and depression play a major role in causing it.

Pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods are used to treat this type of headache.

Today, the interest in using non-pharmacological methods to treat Stein in response to the overuse of drugs, side effects and high costs of their use.

In the following, you will study the massage technique to reduce tension headaches.

first stage – How to relieve tension headache
Drink a glass of water before the massage and put a glass of water next to your hand to drink after the massage.

It is very important that your body receives enough water during the massage and 24 hours after it, because drinking enough water removes toxins and excess impurities from the body, so drink enough water 24 hours after the massage to In addition to eliminating toxins with proper hydration to muscle cells, drain them well, relax and unwind.

second stage – How to relieve tension headache
Place the thumbs of both hands on the bridge of the nose, so that the softness of the finger rests on the point of the bridge;
Just where the nose connects to the forehead.

Massage these two points with a slight pressure of the hands.

This massage is a type of point massage.

The pressure on your hand should not be so great that you feel pain.

Press the bridge point on the nose 5 times, each time for 10 seconds.

Try to massage both points at the same time.

third level – How to relieve tension headache
At this point, while still your finger on the bridge point, rotate both thumbs upwards, so that your thumb remains on the point and the softness of your thumb rests on the beginning of your eyebrow.

When you have performed this technique, hold it for 10 seconds and repeat it several times.

The fourth step – How to relieve tension headache
The area under the eyebrows is another area where massage has a great effect on reducing tension headaches.

Use your thumb and forefinger to massage this spot.

Take the skin under the eyebrows and try to pull it first towards the nose and then towards the outside of the eyebrows and repeat this movement several times.

Repeat this technique 10 times and continue for 5 seconds each time.

Step Five – How to relieve tension headache
Gently place your index, middle, and ring fingers on your forehead and gently press this point for 10 seconds, then move your fingers clockwise in a circular motion to the specified point and Massage.

Step Six – How to relieve tension headache
At this point, keep your head straight and then slowly bend it toward your right shoulder.

In this case, your ear should not touch your shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds.

This movement is a natural and suitable stretch for the neck muscles that is directly related to the muscles of the head and face.

Do the same on the left shoulder.

Step 7 – How to relieve tension headache
Stretching the neck muscles is very important in reducing tension headaches because relaxing the neck muscles relaxes the head muscles and reduces muscle contractions in the head area, thus helping to reduce muscle spasms in this area.

To manage this movement, place your hand on the neck and under your ear and gently move the neck to the right and left.

You should do this movement slowly and do not put too much pressure on your neck.

Repeat this movement on both left and right.

Step eight – How to relieve tension headache
In order to fully stretch the muscles and muscles of the neck and head, in addition to the movements you make to the left and right, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the head and neck in the front and back of the neck.

To do this, you need to slowly lower your head and stick your chin to your chest.

Stay in this position for 10 seconds and then slowly move your head backwards and allow your head to remain in this position for 10 seconds until the muscles are fully stretched.

Repeat this technique 3 to 4 times, each time lasting 10 seconds.

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