how to maintain weight loss

how to maintain weight loss

how to maintain weight loss

How do people around the world lose weight?

What are the secrets of fitness and style of people in European countries?

What slimming diet do the Japanese and East Asians get fit?

The answer to each of them is their weight loss secrets that you will read in this section of Updatebody.
Almost every culture has its own customs, some of which will help you lose weight.
In this section, we will introduce 18 countries and their customs in slimming, which are not very difficult and complicated secrets, but they themselves believe that the secret of their fitness and health is these simple points.

how to maintain weight loss

how to maintain weight loss
how to maintain weight loss

The fitness secrets of the people of the world

  1. Europeans drink enough water:
    If you dine at a restaurant in one of these countries, the waiter will generally place a bottle of mineral water on your table, but if you dine at a restaurant in any other country, you will have to order a bottle of water.
    Instead of water, they bring you high-calorie drinks, which is quite tasteful.
  2. Thais eat spicy foods:
    Thai food is one of the most spicy foods in the world.
    The presence of hot peppers in these foods increases metabolism and, most importantly, causes you to eat slowly.
    When you eat fast food, you actually overeat until the satiety command reaches your brain.
    Eating slowly is an important weight loss strategy and eating spicy foods will be one of the easiest ways to do this.
  3. Poles like food at home:
    Poles usually spend only 5% of their budget on restaurants, while other countries spend 30% of their budget on fast food.
    People who spend their time eating fast food in restaurants do not actually eat healthy food and will become obese.
    In addition, this issue is related to the increase in the number of women working outside the home, as a result of which the obesity rate in this country has decreased over the past 30 years.
  4. Brazilians eat rice with beans:
    Brazilians enjoy eating this traditional dish and lose weight at almost every meal.
    A healthy diet consisting of rice and beans has reduced the risk of overweight by 14% compared to Western foods, and this is because this type of Brazilian food is low in fat but high in fiber.
  5. The Dutch ride bicycles:
    According to statistics, the number of bicycles in this country is more than people because the population of this country is 16.
    5 million people, while the number of bicycles is 18 million.
    Numerical statistics show that 40% of Dutch people go to work by bicycle, while the number of people traveling to other countries by bicycle is 1.2% !!!! Traffic lights in some parts of Amsterdam are synchronized with the speed of bicycles.

Going on a mission or a short tour by bicycle will burn 500 kcal, and if you travel long distances or pedal faster, that number will reach 1000 kcal.

According to statistics, the Dutch cycle 34 km a day, which makes them lose weight.

  1. Germans eat breakfast:
    Surprisingly 75% of Germans eat a breakfast of whole grains, bread and fruit.
    Recent studies have highlighted the importance of eating breakfast, and British researchers have found that those who do not eat breakfast are irritated by eating high-calorie foods and become obese.
  2. The Swiss eat muesli:
    The contents of this delicious porridge are barley, fruits and nuts, which are all related to health and weight control.
    More than 100 years ago, muesli was used as a hospital meal, but today the Swiss like it for breakfast or a light snack.
    Muesli is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps reduce the body’s cholesterol by 10%.
    In addition, the available fiber makes them not feel hungry for a long time.
  3. The British eat small bites:
    From World War II onwards, the British became accustomed to turning food into small bites.
    Because nutritionists in this country claim that eating food in large bites and slices will cause obesity.
    Most of their foods are high in calories and fat, but due to their small size, they will prevent obesity.
  4. The French speak during food:
    The French habit of serving and chatting with family when eating meals.
    On average, 92% of French families who eat and talk together eat 33 minutes a week and 43 minutes on weekends, compared to 20 years in other countries.
    The number of meals served with the family has dropped dramatically.
    However, it seems illogical that the longer the serving time, the less food you actually eat because the brain will usually command satiety after 20 minutes.
  5. Indians do yoga:
    Most people in the world consider yoga as an anti-stress sport and suitable for body flexibility, and some do it, while this sport also has a positive effect on weight loss.
    Those who do yoga regularly have a lower body mass index than other athletes, and on the other hand, when yoga is done on an empty stomach, it will build abdominal muscles and increase metabolism, and yoga will also strengthen the mind and concentration.
  6. Russians grow their own consumer products:
    Usually 51% of Russians spend their holidays and summers in the garden (most of them are gardeners) and grow their own fruits and vegetables.
    This makes their diet more nutritious.
  7. Finns take the Nordic walk:
    Nordic walking is one of the favorite sports of the Finns and at home they all have a pair of light and cheap walking shoes.
    This walk involves the muscles of the shoulders, arms, torso and legs and burns 20% more calories.
    Studies show that Nordic walking raises the body’s metabolism by 65% ​​and is a simple way to burn fat.
how to maintain weight loss
how to maintain weight loss
  1. Mexicans eat a hearty lunch:
    Instead of eating heavy, high-calorie meals in the evening, Mexicans serve a hearty meal at 2-4 p.m. If you eat less food at night, you will wake up in the morning feeling hungry and have a hearty breakfast.
    As a rule of thumb, always try to get your daily calories at breakfast and lunch and be full at night.
  2. Malaysians use turmeric in food:
    This widely used spice is grown in the forests of Malaysia.
    One of the most important components in turmeric is curcumin, which is the enemy of fats.

An experiment in mice found that mice that ate a high-fat but curcumin-free meal gained weight, while mice that ate a similar but curcumin-rich meal weighed less.
For this reason, researchers recommend that you include this fat-burning spice in your diet.

  1. The Italians prepare all the necessary materials themselves:
    Italians, like Poles, are not accustomed to going to restaurants and eating ready-made meals, but prepare all the ingredients themselves.

For example, the ;
Instead of ready-made tomato paste, they use cooked tomatoes, or instead of industrial oils, they use olive oil, but in smaller quantities.

Most of their foods are low in calories and have high nutritional value.

how to maintain weight loss

  1. Hungarians eat pickles:
    Hungarians like pickles and in addition to pickles, they also taste bell peppers, cabbage and tomatoes.
    Consumption of pickles due to acetic acid in vinegar promotes fitness and also helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar.
    Of course, note that ready-made pickles have more sodium and will accelerate the process of obesity.
  2. Norwegians spend most of their time working outside the home:
    Norwegians have a good habit of going out for a walk (in summer) and skiing (in winter) on Sundays, from toddlers to grandparents. In 2007, statistics from the rest of the world showed that they had spent less time outdoors in the past 20 years.
  3. Vietnamese consider exercise and breakfast important:
    Vietnamese are one of the brightest people in the world and have a habit of exercising and eating a full breakfast, which will help keep them fit.

Research has shown that people who wake up early are healthier than others because they go to bed earlier at night, which regulates hormone secretion and prevents obesity.

  1. The Japanese have a half-day nap:
    The Japanese tend to nap for 20-30 minutes during the day because research has shown that lack of sleep increases a person’s risk of obesity and overweight.
    The hormone leptin, which receives satiety command from the brain, and the hormone ghrelin cause hunger, and as a result, the less sleep you have, the lower the level of leptin and ghrelin.
    So a person with insomnia feels hungry instead of feeling tired, and in people with insomnia, the secretion of these two types of hormones is not balanced.
    That’s why the Japanese prefer to take a nap instead of eating a snack.
  2. South Africans drink rooibos tea:
    Rooibos tea is one of the most enjoyable drinks in the whole country, which has natural sweetness.
    Replacing your favorite coffee with rooibos tea or any hot, cream-free drink can burn thousands of calories every month.

how to maintain weight loss

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