How to maintain healthy lifestyle

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle ? (19 important points )

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle ? (19 important points )

Key points to maintain body health

1– Mountaineering releases the adrenaline hormone produced by your body from a stressful work week, which reduces your stress and anxiety.

2– When it comes to getting enough calcium, most people think of calcium pills and supplements. While we should know that the problem can be easily solved by adding enough foods containing calcium.

Although everyone knows milk is one of the best sources of calcium, did you know that yogurt has 30 to 40 percent more calcium than milk?

3– Garlic strengthens the immune system.
Garlic fights invasive bacteria, including bacteria that cause gum disease in the mouth.

4– You are looking for an effective way to get rid of sleep completely, we suggest you take a morning bath, which is a great way to gain vitality to wake up completely, but be careful not to take a bath with hot water.
On the contrary, it can make you drowsy and lethargic.

5– Dandelion prevents water retention. Its diuretic properties expel excess water from the body and as a result, foot swelling disappears. This flower can be consumed as a tail

6– You snore at night, be sure to limit your salt intake to get a better night’s sleep, both for yourself and those around you.

7– Consumption of cinnamon and especially cinnamon tea is one of the most important drinks to reduce muscle aches and headaches. According to studies, this analgesic plant has the same effect as painkillers such as profen and can reduce pain.

8– As much as eating sweet and sticky foods can increase the rate of caries, consuming some other types of foods will be effective in reducing caries. Eating fiber-rich vegetables and fruits that are low in sugar or have the least amount of sugar (such as apples, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) will help reduce tooth decay while providing the body with essential nutrients.

9– When lifting and carrying objects, do not walk in a bent position and with the help of your other limbs (hands, arms, etc.) avoid direct pressure on the back.

10– Sujuk method can be effective in preventing diseases and having a healthy life in all areas. In Sujuk, the disease is treated by stimulating points in the hands and feet and there is no specific medicine.

11– Animal proteins such as meat, fish or eggs and dairy products to maintain muscle mass.

12– Chicory renews strength and physical strength. Chicory is good for nerve weakness, eye weakness and high blood pressure.

13– You drink cold water after eating a pear, you will definitely bloat.

14– Balanced intake of calcium and dairy prevents kidney stones

15– Apple cider vinegar with proper diet and physical activity will help you lose 500 grams per month. So if you want to lose weight, you can count on vinegar. Of course, be careful with the amount of consumption; Excessive consumption of vinegar to lose weight may cause you problems.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

16– A human can withstand up to 45 units of pain and a “woman” can withstand 57 units of pain during childbirth, which is something like breaking 20 bones at the same time.

17– Comfort is one of the most important elements of comfort, such as the right temperature, comfortable chair and comfortable clothes and shoes

18– In fact, many doctors believe that Mitella patients with high blood pressure, who are also overweight, should be encouraged to fast so that they can both lose weight and control their blood pressure.
These patients should also consult a physician to confirm the appropriate amount of medication to take

19– Nutritionists believe that the amount of fat that enters the body through food should not be more than one amount of energy needed by the body, so it is preferable to identify fatty foods.

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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