Hot and cold food

Hot and cold food : important points

Disadvantages of consuming very hot and cold foods:

Balance is recommended in all parts of life.

This balance should be observed in eating.

That is, the amount of food we eat should not be too much or too little, and that the food we eat should not be too hot or too cold, because eating food , Cold or hot hits the body and has a negative effect on health.

“Extremely hot food can burn the taste buds and damage their function,” said , a nutritionist.

He added: “If burns of the taste buds occur, the person loses the ability to recognize the taste of food, while the sense of taste informs us of the leftover or poisoning of food.”

The expert added: to maintain health in the long run, it is recommended not to eat very hot food.

He added: “Using very cold foods can also be associated with dental injuries and sometimes sudden and severe vascular spasms in the head and face for a person.”

Acknowledged: “It is better to eat cooked food in the same meal and the remaining amount should be kept in the refrigerator as soon as the temperature is balanced, to prevent the growth of bacteria on it.

If the food stored in If the refrigerator is heated and stored 3 to 4 times, it will have microbial contamination while losing salts and minerals.

Of course, leftover food has less nutritional value, which means that the amount of vitamins in it is greatly reduced, and also the quality and health of leftover food is lower than fresh food.

For this reason, researchers insist that as much food as possible be eaten fresh and cooked every day, because eating leftovers not only has poor health and nutritional value that may cause poisoning, so eating leftovers is not recommended at all.

Fresh food also means that every food is eaten at the same meal as it is cooked.

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