Home sports equipment

Review of 5 home sports equipment and their dangers

Home sports equipment

Home sports equipment that may be dangerous
Home sports equipment : Indoor sports equipment not only has a lot of applications, but it can get you to your goals faster.

On the other hand, you do not have to go to a specific place to exercise.
It is enough to have the basic equipment to be able to start your work, but some of them may harm you because you can not do specialized work at home.

For this reason, in this section on Updatebody, we will introduce you to important equipment for exercising and replacing them at home:

Foam rolls that may damage the veins
These rolls may increase blood flow, increase your flexibility, and help your muscles heal faster, but if you have dilated veins, increasing blood flow in such a situation is not at all appropriate for you.

The pressure created on the body by using these devices causes pain and discomfort and worsens your condition and causes the arteries to swell and as a result you can no longer improve your condition.

A good alternative to these devices is to use your regular bike, which increases blood flow in a healthy way, acts like walking, and at the same time protects the joints from injury and makes you stronger than The day before.
It does not matter what kind of bike you use, you just have to pedal.

Home sports equipment
Home sports equipment

Improper and weak drawstrings that may be torn
Unfortunately, there are some people who, while using these straps, experience them tearing and losing their balance.
Tearing these straps during use may cause them to fall off the back and sides of the body and break the person’s ribs.
This has happened to several people who also needed surgery.

Instead, you can use sliders or gliders that target the muscles of the whole body, make your body stronger and there is no possibility of tearing or falling from them.

Balance boards cause damage to the ankle ( Bosu ball )
This simple equipment is used to train a person’s balance, but it can cause a lot of injuries.

Depending on the strength of your ankle, it can experience this injury in many forms; This situation will get worse, especially if your ankle has been injured in the past.

A safer and easier way to increase balance is to use a fitness ball and perform various exercises on it to increase your balance.

Just lie on your stomach on the ball and help strengthen the core and center of the body, then raise your opposite arm and leg and try not to move.

pull-up bars with the possibility of incorrect installation
Many homes have these bars installed, but they may not be strong enough because you are more likely to install them incorrectly.
If these rods are installed incorrectly, the resulting damage factor will increase sharply.
All you have to do is wrap a towel around the doorknob, place a mattress under you, and do the same with this simple tool.

Home sports equipment

Hand weights that move the spinal disc ( kettlebell )
These weights are great for exercising, but they can damage or dislodge your lumbar disc.

It makes your posture difficult and causes your shoulders to tilt forward.

Instead of using them, it is enough to move your body forward a little and bend one of your hands and take a normal weight in the other hand and do not use these weights and gently move your arm back and forth.

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