Healthy body

Healthy body : 18 of the most important points

Healthy body : 18 of the most important points

Key points to keep your body healthy

1- Those who are interested in their teeth should eat some bread before eating sweets;
Because it fills the bread crumbs between the teeth and does not allow the sweet ingredients to damage them.

2- Soy or soy beans is one of the most important and essential foods for women.
The reason is the quality of its protein.
This seed is mostly used to prepare various foods.
Soybeans, soy milk and soy butter are other products of this miraculous seed.

3- Tangerine, due to its high phosphorus and abundant vitamins, strengthens memory and intelligence, and is also useful for relieving anorexia and reducing instinctual body heat.
It is also fun for the heart due to its vitamins C, A and B and can regulate heart function.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy in cooking :

4- Steam, grill or boil food as much as possible.
The more food is broken down into smaller particles, the more likely it is to lose nutrients.

  • The longer the cooking time and temperature, the lower the nutritional value.

5- Mayonnaise is one of the most harmful foods for skin health and exacerbates pimples.

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Healthy body
Healthy body

6- Banana fruit, which can be called a healthy carbohydrate, is another good ingredient for obesity.
Bananas can also provide your daily energy.

7- Choosing low-fat foods does not mean eating only bread and water.
You can enjoy a variety of delicious foods.

8- Laughing boosts the immune system and promotes physical and mental health.

9- Celery can help prevent cancer
The active ingredients in celery help increase the activity of white blood cells to fight cancer!

Foods to strengthen the brain in exam :

10- Try eating a small carb snack before trying it.
Like a whole-grain biscuit and a glass of orange juice.
This snack regulates your blood sugar and increases the focus needed for the exam by providing brain nutrition.
Never go to an exam on an empty stomach

Healthy body
Healthy body

11- Do not sleep as much as possible after breakfast, because lying down will cause the substance to return to the esophagus and become sour.

12- Treat colds with thyme brew
Pour a tablespoon of thyme in 2.5 cups of boiling water and let it brew for about 10 minutes and drink it 2 to 3 times a day to get rid of your cold in 2 to 3 days.

13- The painkiller in ginger reduces muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness and inflammation by up to 63% in 2 months.
It is recommended to consume at least one tablespoon of dry jam or 2 tablespoons of fresh ginger a day for people with muscle pain.

14- The treatment of heartburn is both pharmacological and non-pharmacological. Reduces the amount of stomach acid is used under the supervision of a doctor.

15- In case of excessive consumption of pickles, in order to remove excess acid, the body inevitably removes alkaline salts, especially calcium, from the bones, which leads to its decline, and as a result, excessive consumption of pickles for women and those who are prone to osteoporosis.
They have bones or kidney stones, it is harmful and in the elderly it leads to weak respiratory system and nerves and causes severe cough.

Healthy body
Healthy body

16- A mixture of lemon juice and boiling water relieves digestive disorders such as nausea, heartburn, bloating and belching.
Regular consumption of lemon juice helps the intestines to defecate effectively.
This fruit has a blood purifying role, relieves constipation and eliminates hiccups.

17- Freshly cooked foods are the most nutritious foods, and it is much better to eat a simple cooked food than a complex food that consists of leftovers from previous foods.

18- Meat products such as sausages increase the risk of colon cancer due to processes such as smoking, salting and the addition of preservative chemicals.
However, these foods are rich in salt, fat and cholesterol and are devoid of minerals needed by the body such as fiber.

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