Health : 20 important points

Health : 20 important points

Key points for body health:

1– Dissolve 3 tablespoons of honey with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of boiling water to make a magic solution to relieve cough and sore throat at home.

2– Thyme oil is often used for fragrance because it contains an active ingredient called carvacrol.

In a study conducted in 2013, it was found that carvacrol strengthens the feeling of well-being and happiness by affecting the activity of nerves.

3– Foods that are high in starch can cause symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, and especially bloating and gas production due to fermentation of starch.

Cabbage, broccoli, beets, cauliflower, lentils, peas and …

4– Sedentary lifestyle and weight gain are two factors that contribute to the development of fatty liver.

5– Most people think that all raw fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients, but one study found that cooked carrots have more antioxidants than raw carrots.

6– Have you ever noticed red beans?
it’s true …
It looks like a human kidney.
Research has shown that red beans play an important role in improving kidney function.

7– To treat colds, smelling some herbs and incense them helps to cure colds, for example, smelling cold smells like lotus, smelling red sandals soaked in vinegar, and also smelling barley bran with vinegar is recommended.

8– Tea alone provides pigments that you do not receive in any other way, so with a balanced consumption of this useful drink, you can create health for yourself.

9– Almonds contain significant amounts of oxalate.

Studies have shown that the accumulation of these substances in the body can lead to their crystallization and thus cause problems.

Therefore, people who have untreated kidney problems, or who have had their kidneys or gallbladder removed should avoid eating these nuts.

10- Remote control devices are one of the main gathering places for “cold viruses”. Refrigerator doors and remote control devices are the main gathering places for “viruses”.
Although “coughing” and “sneezing” can transmit the disease, everyday household items should be cleaned regularly.

Be grateful and strive for health..

11– You have sneezing and runny nose, antihistamines (such as chlorpheniramine) and diphenhydramine are effective.
These drugs are effective in drying the nasal passages by blocking the effects of histamine (a chemical that causes sneezing and runny nose), but this group of drugs has an important side effect; Drowsiness

12– Because Chinese people consume rice, their hair turns less white, they do not lose hair, and they age later.

13– People with gastrointestinal and mental diabetes should see their doctor before the start of Ramadan and be aware of their health status and then start fasting.

14– Cocoa is harmful to patients with liver disease due to its fat content.

15- In the afternoons when you are depressed, try tea, coffee, mint tea.
Peppermint tea is the best stomach reliever.

16- The muscles of the hand become tired after prolonged and excessive use of the computer mouse. People who work with computers spend a lot of time typing and using the mouse.
Rest for five minutes every hour while using the computer so that the forearm muscles feel less tired.

17– Fruits and vegetables, due to their longer shelf life in the body, while creating a longer satiety, contain a large amount of water that prevents thirst by providing the water needed by the body.

18– Chicory is useful for relieving body heat and inflammation, feeling of lethargy, paleness and jaundice of the face, especially liver laziness.

19– As much as grapes have properties and benefits, it can be called a pharmacy.

20– As teens grow older and their bones lengthen, calcium is a vital nutrient for them.

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