Health Tips

Health Tips : 23 important and helpful points

Health Tips : 23 important and helpful points

Key and effective tips for maintaining the health of the body

1– High blood fats increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

2– To skin and disinfect it and to eliminate toxins from the body, you should drink 8 glasses of water daily.

3– Coconut is one of the best fruits that you can use.
Coconut water has countless nutrients and is high in calories that can help you gain weight.

4– The role of milk and dairy products in brain health and prevention of diminished ability of this important organ, especially in the elderly population of any society is of great importance.
This valuable nutrient prevents brain dysfunction and some psychological problems.

5– Chickpeas are a rich source of fiber, so they are recommended for lowering blood cholesterol and reducing cardiovascular disease.
Another factor that makes chickpeas stand out in reducing cardiovascular disease and regulating blood pressure is the presence of potassium.

6– Saffron is a very good stimulant for calming the nerves due to its bitter smell and taste.
In addition, this plant increases the vitality, vitality and vitality in people and is considered by therapists as a suitable medicine to increase the depth of sleep of patients.

  1. Our brains enjoy success and rewards.
    There are parts of the brain that are responsible for analyzing these emotions.
    An addicted person activates these parts by receiving drugs, and for this reason, he feels satisfied after using drugs.
    This is exactly what happens in computer games.
    Winning every game, earning more coins and going to higher levels, stimulates your brain.
  2. The relationship between nutrition and mood is also quite complex.
    But some studies show that there is a link between certain foods and the onset and severity of depression.
    For example, according to these studies, there is a direct relationship between the consumption of fatty foods and the risk of depression.
    In general, unhealthy eating can be an important factor in exacerbating this disorder.

9- Studies show that onion calms and relieves mental and nervous tensions and due to its sulfur compounds, it can prevent the formation of “cancer cells” and reduce lung cancer.
It is worth mentioning that onion can increase health due to its sulfur and “sulfur” compounds and prevent any toxic and polluted substances in the air from entering the “respiratory system”.

  1. It is upon you to consume raisins, which removes bitterness, expels phlegm from the body, strengthens the nerves, removes weaknesses, improves morals and the soul.
    It removes freshness and sorrow.
  2. Celery can help prevent cancer The active ingredients in celery help increase the activity of white blood cells to fight cancer.
  3. People who feel aggressive due to the heat can use sedatives such as spring orange or rose.
    Fortunately, these essences are not contraindicated except in special cases, and everyone can drink them.
  4. Consumption of cardamom increases metabolism and reduces saturated fat.
    It can also help with healthy digestion.
  5. Do not leave cosmetics on your skin for more than 5 hours.
    Skin cells need to transpiration and respiration.
    At home, use loose, comfortable and open clothes as much as possible.
  6. Decreasing the amount of natural water in the body can easily lead to mental fluctuations and reduced energy levels in the body, especially in women.
    Experts say everyone should drink plenty of water.
    The famous recipe of eight glasses of water a day can solve the problem to a great extent.
  7. Itchy pimples are caused by vegetable oils, perfume or sweating.
    You can take antihistamines to get rid of it.
    Of course, the mineral waters of natural springs are also effective in reducing the pain of these hives and pimples.
    The salts in these waters cause burning and itching.

17- Garlic prevents premature aging.

  1. It is recommended that children 2 to 3 years old drink 2 glasses daily, children 4 to 8 years old 2.5 glasses and teenagers and adults drink 3 glasses of milk daily.
  2. Physical activity improves the quality of life for people of all ages in a variety of ways.
    Physical benefits include improving and increasing balance, strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance, and if done, results in improved mental health, motor regulation and diagnostic performance.
  3. Eating foods rich in protein and vitamins, such as raw and fresh fruits and vegetables, will help keep your body energized.
  4. Eating at regular intervals is very important in that it regulates your blood sugar level.
  5. Dough is one of the food compounds that is rich in calcium, protein and salt and is one of the aggravating factors in kidney stone formation.
    Consumption of fresh lemons and watermelons in summer largely prevents the formation of stones in the urinary and renal systems.
  6. Whenever you feel a headache, eat a green apple.
    Researchers believe that the smell of green apples reduces the contraction of the neck and head muscles, resulting in headaches and anxiety.

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