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health nutrition

health nutrition

Nutritional mistakes that we should not make to have a healthy diet
Today, our access to information is extensive, which is information about food, and in fact, we can see the direction of the diet with these facilities.
but sometimes it is a little difficult to separate this information from each other.
but it is better That we do not accept all this information blindly and see what the experts have to say in this regard.
so in this part of updatebody, we decide to tell you the mistakes that people who follow a healthy diet.

Drink fruit juice
health nutrition

health nutrition

18 Common Eating Mistakes Even Healthy People Make

  1. Drink fruit juice for health nutrition

Juice is a rich source of nutrients such as vitamin C, but the problem is that drinking it can bring a lot of sugar into the body and also has very high calories, and in general, fruit juice is not so good for health. Of course, high quality and 100% fruit juices are good for the body, but during the processes they go through in the production process and the factory, they lose their 100% quality.

  1. Energy consumption

Usually people try to use ready-made energy sources to recover their energy, but these products contain preservatives and sugar, which are very harmful.
You can use foods such as nuts, which contain small amounts of sugar and fat, to provide energy.
And it has a reasonable amount of fiber and protein, and for sports drinks, if you exercise for less than an hour, you do not need sports drinks, which are more for professionals.

If you drink these drinks regularly, you should know that they have a lot of sugar that you will not be able to burn during normal exercise. These drinks are also too high in calories.

  1. Organic food has gained a lot of fans in recent years

We humans are looking for better foods for ourselves and our bodies, and organic products do not contain pesticides or toxins.
For this reason, one of their side effects is the possibility of pest infestation of these products, although research is still ongoing on its harms and benefits.

  1. Low fat products for health nutrition

There is still a lot of confusion about the amount of fat in the diet, and we all believe that low-fat products are healthier, but this is not absolute, and the truth is that manufacturers use sugar for low-fat products to taste it.
Remember that not all fats are bad and the body can use unsaturated fats that are low in cholesterol.

  1. Consumption of granola

Many people believe that granola is a healthy food because it is made up of nuts, barley, whole grains, and dried fruits, but remember that it also has sugar.
Granola is rich in iron and fiber, but you should also pay attention to its sugar.

  1. Consume dried fruits

Dried fruits and low in energy but can increase vitamins, minerals and fiber.
Dried fruits contain fructose and glucose, and the sugar in dried fruits can cause many health problems.

Eating habits and mistakes that should be abandoned

  1. Eat salad for lunch

If your salad contains tuna, vegetables, and yogurt, it’s healthy, but if your salad consists of just fried chicken, cheese, and red meat, it’s as if you’re eating a burger.
Salads are not always the best choice in terms of calories, and if your salad is fried with chicken, red meat, cheese and caramel, you can be sure that the calories will be very high.
Ingredients in healthy salads include fruits, beans, green and colored vegetables.

  1. Consume peanut butter

Peanut butter is definitely loved by everyone and you can get enough of it with a small piece of it, but the problem is that a lot of peanuts are used in this product and its trans fat and sugar are also high and these substances may cause disease.

  1. Eat dark chocolate

Bitter chocolate contains polyphenols that can lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of diabetes, as well as improve the mind.
Cocoa is very healthy, but because we tend to consume it more, we may become overweight and obese, and eat Cocoa after a meal if you can.

  1. Consume oranges for vitamin C.

Vitamin C plays an important role in the body as an antioxidant and this substance improves the function of the immune system.
An orange contains 100 mg of vitamin C and 70 calories, but the truth is that many other ingredients have more vitamin C and fewer calories than oranges.

For example, you can use strawberries or a red bell pepper or broccoli, and you can eat as many healthy foods as you want.

People usually do not understand why they do not lose weight by eating healthy foods, and the main point is that healthy ingredients such as nuts, avocados and barley are very useful but have few calories, and if you can not limit the consumption of these foods, you should try Use controlled packages and buy mini-packs of these materials can calculate calories.

  1. Consume celery due to lack of calories

Only one leaf of celery has 10 calories and its cellulose content is such that it is not digested in the body, but eating celery is better than potato chips, but it may cause problems for the person by overdoing it.
We have repeatedly explained in the nutrition section that sodium and fiber in celery are high, so it can cause pain, bloating or constipation, and sodium is also harmful to blood pressure, and the best way is to mix celery with other vegetables.

hot peppers
health nutrition

Nutritional misconceptions

  1. Consume hot peppers

Hot pepper raises the body’s metabolism and also increases fat burning, and there is a molecule in this substance that causes the consumption of 6 grams of red pepper to cause fat burning, but consuming too much of it will cause severe allergies.

  1. Use of coconut oil

Coconut oil is a saturated fat and its type of fat causes heart disease. In fact, until 2017, this oil was not considered useful at all, and of course, the saturated fat of this oil is not as harmful as synthetic oils, but in any case, you should limit its consumption and look for unsaturated fats.

  1. Eat small meals often

It is often said that for better health, you should increase the number of meals and reduce the amount, but studies show that there is not much difference between consuming three meals.
Our body’s metabolism depends only on the size of the meals, so when we make the meal bigger or smaller, our metabolism changes. The number of these servings does not significantly affect the total calories of the body.

  1. Salt is harmful to the body

Excess salt in the diet can cause high blood pressure and increased digestive problems or even kidney damage.
On the other hand, salt is very rich in minerals and the body needs it. So how do you balance it?
Reduce salt intake, but do not cut it completely and know that processed foods also have a very high salt content.

  1. Give up breakfast for health nutrition

We have heard millions of times that breakfast is an important meal of the day, but the truth is that people who skip breakfast have higher BMIs and these people can not get enough glucose and therefore gain weight.
They will encounter, and of course not eating breakfast does not mean that you can never lose weight.

Wrong behavioral habits in nutrition

  1. Drink water from a bottle

Bottled water is generally no healthier than tap water, and what is clear is that the water in the bottle is heavily exposed to plastic. Plastic also has many disadvantages for the person and therefore consuming purified tap water is much healthier and cheaper than bottled water.

  1. Weighing on the scales

When we exercise and eat healthy foods, we tend to see results quickly and therefore like to kill ourselves completely.
The human body is made up of a lot of fat and weight loss is sometimes due to water loss and has nothing to do with these fats and in general there are many ways to measure actual weight loss, such as measuring the amount of fat in the body that you can At the end of the day just by looking at

health nutrition

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