Health and fitness : How can I improve my health and fitness?

Health and fitness

How can I improve my health and fitness?

Tips for Increasing Health- health and fitness


1- Drink plenty of water

health and fitness : Adults should drink about one liter or more of water per day (six or eight glasses) in addition to drinking tea and coffee.

Water keeps the human body at a good temperature and removes toxins,
The toxins that result from the inevitable metabolism and product of industrial life.

Consuming high-fat foods is very important for keeping the body healthy.

2-Eat good food – health and fitness

Depending on your work or study program,
A breakfast of organic ingredients will keep you up to lunch when accompanied by a snack.

The best time to have a light and healthy dinner are between 5 pm and 8 pm.

It is best to avoid snacks at midnight because snack time will bring extra calories into your body and disturb your sleep.

If you follow a consistent diet plan,
your body will feel more comfortable.

Keep in mind that not all fats are harmful to your body.

Fish oils such as salmon and tuna and foods such as avocado,
Nuts and olive oil contain useful fats.

Healthy Body …>

How can I improve my health and fitness?Health and fitness

3- Have a healthy diet

A diet containing fiber,
Lowers your cholesterol,
Adjusts your blood sugar level,
It improves bowel health and prevents overeating.

The recommended amount of fiber intake is 30 grams per day for men and 21 grams for women.

After the age of 50, it reaches 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women.

Some fiber sources include fruits and vegetables
(With skin) Whole grains and legumes.

Get the right body weight.

Everyone’s body shape is different in size and weight.

A large person weighs more than a small person.

Avoid any strict diets.

There is no magic plan to lose weight.

Slowly changing your eating is better and diet long-term is greater for your health.

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4- Strengthen your immune system

Always rest well,
And don’t keep your body too tired.

5-Use more sunlight – health and fitness

We spend most of our time indoors today, lack of sufficient sunlight can cause vitamin D deficiency,
It causes bone problems.

Use sunlight for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day.

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How can I improve my health and fitness?Health and fitness

6- Exercise

Slow walking is the best way to exercise and it doesn’t cost.

One kilometer of slow walking a day has a great impact on your health,
Use aisles instead of elevators Where possible, avoid lifts,
Because using stairs is beneficial for your heart and blood circulation.

If you use 1 or 2 floors of stairs you won’t be harmed,
This is a simple exercise to do at work.

The general recommendation is to exercise 150 minutes a week.

7- Don’t let TV and the Internet reduce your sleep

Do you feel a lack of sleep?

You spend a lot of time on TV and the internet.

You need sleep every day,
If you don’t have enough sleep,
Its effect is on your behavior and ability to focus.

8-Avoid risky behaviors – health and fitness

immense risks,
Harmful to both the body and the soul,
the devastating consequences will last long.

Endangering the body seriously and permanently may indicate an acute psychological problem,
In this case, you should see a specialist doctor.

What are fitness and its benefits?

1-Enhance physical fitness
Like increasing muscle strength and endurance,
Cardiovascular endurance, flexibility,
Agility, speed, and bone density.

2-More health with fitness – health and fitness
Fitness increases the strength and size of the heart,
Pump more blood,
This, in turn, results in lower blood pressure and longer lifespan.

By pumping more heart oxygen to the body,
The brain and muscles that are at risk of heart disease,
Reduces heart attack and stroke.

Increasing blood flow means better nutrition for the tissues and better elimination of waste products in the body, which helps maintain your health and fitness.

Increases useful cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol.


How can I improve my health and fitness?Health and fitness

3-Strengthen bones with fitness
Strengthens ligaments and joints.

Physical activity can strengthen our bones and muscles.

By weight-bearing to suit your physical condition,
It causes the bone density in the person.

By doing strength training,
There is pressure on your joints;
That this pressure to strengthen the tissue,
A stronger and more flexible tissue helps the joint.

4-Keeping your body in perfect weight with fitness
Fitness improves muscle strength and fat loss and thus weight control.

5-Improving sleep habits With fitness – health and fitness
Studies show that people who do regular exercise and fitness,
They have easier sleep than those who do not exercise.

Because after exercise your body will cool down a bit,
Your body temperature drops and you are led to a comfortable, deep sleep.

6-Increase energy levels with fitness
By improving blood flow and sleeping habits,
Your energy levels increase throughout the day.

Exercise fitness especially in the morning,
It gives you the energy to handle everyday tasks.

Improve the look and feel of your body.

This is especially important for women.


How can I improve my health and fitness?

7-Fighting Depression with Fitness

Because the blood flow to the brain increases,
Endorphins are released.

It is endorphins that make you feel better and fight stress and depression.

Experience relaxation and stress relief with fitness…

Conclusion – health and fitness
The best and most important wish for yourself and others is to maintain a healthy body.

Because nothing can be done in the absence of health.

Until the body’s health is at stake,
We do not understand the importance of health.

Many people who have serious illness just to spend a day in good health,
Are willing to give up everything.

Your health is your greatest asset.


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