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Handball is a group sport in which the two participating teams each have seven players, one of whom stands in front of the goal as a goalkeeper.
In This game, players must place the ball inside the opponent’s goal to earn points.
In this sport, the hand is used to pass and shoot.


History of this game
The sport of handball has long been known as Urania, and its movements were found in 600 BC on the carved walls of Athens, Greece in 1926, indicating the exciting antiquity of this sport.
But the official formation of this sport dates back to 1890, then this sport was developed and generalized by the father of handball, Carl Schellens, and due to the cold weather in the European region, indoor handball took its modern form with seven players.

Thus, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Denmark played an important role in promoting the sport in the international community.
In 1928, the International Handball Federation was formed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with eleven member states.
Issued the entry of handball into the Olympic Games.
With the outbreak of World War II, the sport of handball was temporarily abolished, but then in 1950 the federation resumed operations in Switzerland.

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Types of handball:

Handball on the grass
Beach Handball
Czech handball
American Handball
Handball Galik
Handball for 7 people
Small handball
Handball sitting
Wheelchair Handball

Number of players This game
Each This game team can nominate 12 players, 7 of whom will be selected as the main players.
Of course, in small handball, the number of main players is 5.

Players handball
This game players can pass the ball to their court with an opponent’s pass or dribble.
Every This game player has the right to use two to three steps.
One is three steps before the opponent dribbles and the second three steps are after the dribble, after which the player must pass the ball quickly or shoot towards the opponent’s goal.

Bench player in The game
Unlike football, in This game, reserve players can enter the field at any time and in large numbers.
Provided, of course, that the player being replaced must first leave the field of play to be replaced by a new player.

Handball goalkeeper
The handball goalkeeper is allowed to maneuver and move in the designated 6-meter area.
When the goalkeeper comes out of the 6-meter area, he will be considered a player and will not be allowed to return to the 6-meter area when he holds the ball.
Also, no player is allowed to pass the ball to the goalkeeper in the 6-meter area.

Duration of playing The game
The time of playing This game varies depending on the age category of the athletes, so that in the standard game for people over 16 years old, there are 30 halves in two halves and a 10-minute rest time between these two halves.
For people 12 to 16 years old, there are two 25-minute halves and a 10-minute break between the two halves.
For people 8 to 12 years old, there are two 20-minute halves and a 10-minute break between the two halves.


Handball ball size
Size III: In the men’s game, older than 16 years
The circumference of the This game is 58 to 60 cm and its weight is 425 to 475 grams.

Size II: In the women’s game, teenage boys between 12 and 16 years old and girls older than 14 years:
the circumference of the The game is 54 to 56 cm and its weight is 325 to 375 grams.

Size I: Children older than 8 years:
Ball circumference 290 to 330 and ball weight 50 to 52 grams.

The game ground size
The general shape of a handball field is similar to a football field.
The playground is a rectangle the size of 40 by 20 metres.
The safety zone around the ground is at least 1 meter away from the longitudinal lines of the ground and in the mud line is 2 meters away from the mud line.
The width of the playing field line in The game is 5 cm, but the line between two arrows of an 8-cm wide gate.

General rules of This game
1- This game is played by two teams and in an official team, This game is played with 12 players.
2- The handball field is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide and there is a gate in each half of the field.
3- Playing time for male and female players 16 years and older is two halves of 30 minutes with 10 minutes rest between them.
4- The purpose of playing this game is to pass the ball through the goal line using a shot that is done by the hand in compliance with the relevant rules.
5- The ball can be moved with different passes (above the head, chest, etc.), dribble, three steps, etc., observing the rules on the ground to lead to scoring a goal, each goal in this The game is considered a point.

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