Hair whitening

Hair whitening 100% ! Important Facts About White Hair

Hair whitening 100% ! Important Facts About White Hair

Important facts and misconceptions about hair bleaching
Hair whitening
: There is a clear link between white hair and stress.

It is widely believed that bleaching may not happen overnight, but there is a scientific explanation that stress destroys hair pigment-producing stem cells because they stop hair follicle staining.

causes hair bleaching
Hair whitening

What causes hair bleaching?
Experts say that genetic predisposition, environmental factors and aging can cause gray hair.
The human body has millions of hair follicles that are located on the skin and create hair and color that over time, these hair follicles can lose the ability to produce color that leads to hair bleaching.

This happens when the body stops producing melanin.
Also, with age, the cells in the hair follicle secrete a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (a metabolic by-product), usually an enzyme called catalase, which breaks it down.

It is in water and oxygen, the level of catalase decreases with age, and this allows hydrogen peroxide to form in the hair follicles, damaging melanocyte cells or hair pigment-producing cells.
And destroys them.

Everyone’s body produces melanin for a certain amount of time, so there is no set time for graying hair, and one person may turn white at age 25 because they do not produce melanin, and another person may still have black hair at age 50.

Melanocytes lose 10-20% of their dye production capacity every 10 years.

Does hair turn white overnight?
Marie Antoinette syndrome or sudden graying of hair will give a clearer answer to this question.

Marie Antoinette Syndrome is a rare and special syndrome in which a person’s hair turns white all at once due to anxiety and severe stress.

The syndrome is named after Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, whose hair allegedly turned white the night before she was beheaded.

This syndrome is not a common disorder and in fact, only 0.2% of the general population have experienced Marie Antoinette syndrome.

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Does stress cause hair to turn white?
One of these external factors is hair whitening, stress : studies show that hair pigments may be lost during stress.

In addition, stress can cause conditions called telogen, which causes hair loss to be about three times faster than normal.

As people reach middle age, regrowth hair may turn white instead of colored.

Oxidative stress in the body is associated with hair bleaching. Oxidative stress causes the body to become unbalanced when free radicals damage cells.

about hair bleaching
Hair whitening

When there are not enough antioxidants to counteract the damaging effects of free radicals, it can lead to aging and diseases such as blemishes.

Instead of stress, you can focus on other factors that cause hair to turn white.

Lack of nutrients such as vitamin B12, folate, copper, iron and calcium as well as smoking are causes of hair whitening because it adds to oxidative stress and a high-sugar diet.

A gene called IRF4 (regulator of interferon 4) has been discovered to cause graying of hair, but the IRF4 gene makes up about 30% of white hair and environmental factors, including stress, make up the rest.

The link between infection or stress and gray hair
There is a link between the immune response genes and those that regulate skin and hair color, which means that a severe infection can accelerate the hair whitening process.

Not surprisingly, infections that severely affect the body are stressful.

The body must adjust to adaptive mechanisms that allow it to survive and not give in, and if it adapts properly, it will overcome stress.

hair bleaching
Hair whitening

Misconceptions about hair bleaching
By plucking white hair, other hairs become white?
Lack of melanin production eventually causes white hair to grow, and plucking one white hair does not whiten the rest of the hair, so this is a misconception and has not been scientifically proven.

Is white hair growing more?
Studies have shown that hair growth rate is not different and the phases of hair growth in white and colored hair are the same, but research has shown that white hair grows faster than colored hair.

Are white hair thicker than colored hair?
It has not been scientifically proven that with bleaching hair, its diameter increases, but in some people, white hair is healthier and less loose, so this belief is somewhat true.
The reflection of light may make white hair and its strands thicker.

Are white hairs actually gray?
It is interesting to know that human hair is yellow without creatine and melanin, but depending on the type of hair, this yellowing can be lighter and tend to be white, so white hair is not gray, and the combination of black hair with white creates this illusion in vision.

Does smoking whiten hair?
Hair bleaching is genetic and inherited.
Research has shown that smoking can cause premature aging and premature graying of hair, so this belief is somewhat true.

Can not dye white hair?
This belief is wrong and in addition to chemical dyes, hair can also be dyed with some herbs and henna.

Can white hair return to its previous color?
White hair does not normally return to its previous color, and white hair cannot be restored to its previous color without medication, a special diet, or hair dye, so this belief is wrong.

Does the sun whiten hair?
So far, no research has shown that ultraviolet rays can cause aging and white hair, but the sun can lighten hair and change the color of light brown or red hair.

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