Hair health

Hair health 100% : What is the best hair health test ?

Hair health 100%

Hair health test with simple and interesting home methods
When our hair is wet, it stretches 30% more than ever.

However, only healthy hair has such power and damaged hair shafts are not easily pulled and broken in this condition.
You may not notice the health of your hair at first glance.

For this reason, in section of Updatebody, we will introduce you to solutions through which you can diagnose the health of your hair.

  1. Follicle test
    You do not need to consider too much hair loss to know that your hair is generally healthy.

Instead, you should check the hair roots first.
Separate one strand of hair and gently pull the other hairs aside and try to follow this strand to the end to reach the roots of the hair.

Examine the follicle.
The end of the hair follicle should normally look like a bubble, and if you see this bubble, it means your hair is healthy, but if you do not see any bubble shape in it, it means that your hair is weak and needs care.

How to prevent hair loss?
Eat a Mediterranean diet that reduces the risk of hair loss.
Do not tie your hair too tight.
Leave your hair open while sleeping.
Use vitamins and minerals.

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Hair health
Hair health

  1. Sink test
    Through this test, you can find out how porous your hair is.
    Healthy hair absorbs fluids faster than damaged hair.
    To do this test, do the following:

Remove different parts of the hair shaft, such as the tip, middle and around the hair, and place it in a glass of water.
Healthy hair shakes easily and flows into the water.

Relatively healthy hair sinks slightly into the water, and damaged hair sinks completely into the water.

How to treat damaged hair in this test?
Use different natural oils to keep moisture inside your hair.
Apply moisturizer after each wash.
Do not forget apple cider vinegar and aloe vera to balance the pH of your hair.

  1. Hair stretch test
    This test can measure the flexibility of your hair and you can do it from the following simple steps:

Gently and carefully pull your hair shaft a little, do it from both sides.

If your hair is stretched and back in place, it means it is healthy, but if your hair shaft breaks, it means you have weak hair.

What can we do to improve hair flexibility?
Let the open air dry your hair.
Reduce the use of high heat appliances.
Massage your hair with jojoba oil.
Use some honey for the hair shaft, which is a natural conditioner and keeps moisture inside your hair.

Hair health
Hair health

  1. Porosity test
    With this test, you can check the condition of the hair cuticle, whether it is damaged or not, and then go through the following conditions:

Grasp the hair shaft between your index finger and middle finger and wrap it around your fingers, from the bottom of the hair to the roots.

If you feel any stiffness or roughness, your hair is probably damaged, but if your hair was soft, it means you have healthy hair.

Hair health

How to treat damaged hair?
Creatine treatment can be useful for you and removes hair and makes it shiny.
Reduce hair dye, babylon and hair dryer.
Wash your hair with rice water.
Research shows that rice water can take care of hair.

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