Great walk

Great walk

Great walk

How to get the most out of walking?

Great walk : Unlike many sports, walking does not require special equipment, expertise or a gym and is easy, cheap and convenient to do.
Walking is also emotionally and physically enjoyable, even cheaper and safer to get to work.
If you walk for any reason, know that you are doing great exercise.

Walking at a moderate intensity for a period that fits your physical strength, which can last up to 150 minutes, is a great way to stay healthy and fit.
You can also pay attention to the points mentioned in the section on sports and moist health for maximum benefit from walking.

Walk every day
Great walk

1- Walk every day -Great walk

Some people set a goal of 30 minutes of walking a day, but if you can, walk for an hour, 4 times a week.
For example, the; A person who weighs 68 kg and walks at a speed of 5.5 km / h on a flat surface burns about 300 calories.

So you can burn about 100 calories per kilometer.
After all these interpretations and figures, walk as far as you can even if it is small because it will be better than nothing.

2- Record your progress – Great walk

A wrist pedometer or smartphone pedometer app shows you how many steps you take each day.
It is recommended to target at least 5000 steps first and reach a maximum of 10,000 steps.
Knowing and following these numbers will motivate you more.

3- Do not forget the small steps – Great walk

Prefer climbing stairs to elevators and escalators. Try to walk short distances.
When driving, park a little further from the destination and force yourself to walk the remaining distance.

If you use public transportation, get off and walk to your destination before you reach the terminal.
Take faster and shorter steps to increase your speed instead of traveling longer distances.
Continuous steps may put pressure on your legs and thighs.

4- Bend your arms – Great walk

Do you know the effect of arm position while walking fast?
Rotating the arms is a good exercise for your upper body.
Bend your arms 90 degrees at the elbows and shake your shoulders like a professional runner.

Move your arms in front of your legs – as your left foot moves forward, rotate your right arm forward -. Keep your wrists straight and your elbows close to your body.

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5- Create variety in your route and speed -Great walk

Professional runners use the trick of changing speed over time.
In fact, it is an advantage for them. Try to increase your speed or try 1-2 minutes every 5 minutes;
For example, walk one kilometer faster than the other two kilometers.

You can also change your gait levels.
While walking on the track is easier and smoother; Walking on grass or sand burns more calories.
According to experts, walking on soft sand will increase calorie burning by almost 50%.

6- Walk on steep paths – Great walk

If you are walking outside the house, choose a path that includes ramps and small hills.
Climbing slopes is a great way to improve endurance. When climbing a hill, bend slightly forward and take short steps down, bend your knees slightly, and slow down to avoid muscle fatigue and pain.

  1. Use a cane or a piece of wood – Great walk
    You can use a cane to keep your balance.
    Using this device while walking, in addition to reducing the pressure on the knees, also works on the muscles of the chest, arms and abdomen.
    When buying a cane, pay attention to the fact that its size should fit your height.

8- Hold the hand weights carefully – Great walk

If you are walking with the aim of losing weight, you can use weights if you do not have bone and joint problems.
Hand weights can help you burn more calories and increase your upper body endurance, but if not used properly, it can shake your arm and cause pain or injury.
Start with weights of 453 grams and gradually increase its weight. Never use weights over 10% of your body weight.

The use of ankle weights is not recommended as it may cause injury.

9- Try to step back – Great walk

Stepping back is an additional and new way to practice walking.
You just have to be careful.
If you do this outdoors, choose a flat surface and stay away from traffic, trees, potholes and other pedestrians.

Try to get help from a friend so that he can prevent you from dealing with something.
Do not do this activity if you are old or have balance problems.

10- Make sure your shoes are comfortable and appropriate – Great walk

With the exception of a cane, hand weights and swinging arms, all you need to walk is a pair of shoes that will prevent injury.
You should wear comfortable, medical, light and flat shoes or even shoes designed for walking.

Many shops for mountaineering, hiking and treadmill equipment will introduce you to the right walking shoes.
They can help you choose the right shoes for your needs.

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